Russian Patriarch Condemns Feminism As “Very Dangerous”

220px-Patriarch_Kirill_of_Moscow_As Vladimir Putin secures a new blasphemy law against critics or mockers of religion, Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill is showing that, while insulting his faith is a crime, insulting women is divine. Kirill condemned “feminism” as “very dangerous” for families and Russia, encouraging women to focus on housekeeping and children.

On April 9th, Kirill went to the church’s website to tell men to focus on their families in providing food and resources. However, he turned on women as undermining the Russian family with feminism and wrote that a woman must “always [be] directed to the inside, towards her children and her home.” He warned Russians that “the majority of feminist leaders are unmarried women who have no understanding of the importance of family life.”

A close ally of Putin, Kirill previously called for the jailing of members of the music group Pussy Riot for performing an anti-Putin “punk prayer” in Moscow’s Christ the Savior Cathedral. Again, insulting and condemning non-believers is not a crime but an article of faith in Russia.

Source: RFERL

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  1. The Patriarch have all the reason. He know the answer to bring the peace and stability again to occident.

  2. The Patriarch must think that feminists are more likely to complain about his renowned Breguet collection.

  3. this dude makes the pope look drab. wonder if he gets a patriarch-mobile to ride around in on holidays.

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