Russian Patriarch Condemns Feminism As “Very Dangerous”

220px-Patriarch_Kirill_of_Moscow_As Vladimir Putin secures a new blasphemy law against critics or mockers of religion, Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill is showing that, while insulting his faith is a crime, insulting women is divine. Kirill condemned “feminism” as “very dangerous” for families and Russia, encouraging women to focus on housekeeping and children.

On April 9th, Kirill went to the church’s website to tell men to focus on their families in providing food and resources. However, he turned on women as undermining the Russian family with feminism and wrote that a woman must “always [be] directed to the inside, towards her children and her home.” He warned Russians that “the majority of feminist leaders are unmarried women who have no understanding of the importance of family life.”

A close ally of Putin, Kirill previously called for the jailing of members of the music group Pussy Riot for performing an anti-Putin “punk prayer” in Moscow’s Christ the Savior Cathedral. Again, insulting and condemning non-believers is not a crime but an article of faith in Russia.

Source: RFERL

26 thoughts on “Russian Patriarch Condemns Feminism As “Very Dangerous””

  1. Hmmm, I think I liked the Russian Orthodox Church better when they were oppressed and less powerful.

    Justice Holmes and Mike A., Right. Putin fancies himself as a modern day czar and uses the church to reinforce his position by having the church teaching the faithful that the old ways are the best ways. The church is doing on the cultural front what Putin is doing on the political front. When he no longer needs the church he will treat them no better than the Bolsheviks or Communists did.

  2. It appears that the restoration of the Russian Orthodox Church to state approval brought the church out of hibernation and expecting an audience with Czar Nicholas.

  3. I’d have to agree with our prelate here. Superstition and its cousin, Tyranny, are always threatened by any demands for freedom. Ask Martin Luther.

  4. Wow. So in N. Carolina, Islamic prayer is terrorism; but in Russian it will be the feminists who are a dire threat to national security. And this is the 21st century? Color me depressed….or whatever color terroristical feminists might be.

  5. As Brig. Gen. Taylor said in “Good Morning Viet Nam”

    “More dire need of a blowjob than any white man in history…”

  6. Am I surprised at the stupidity…. Not at all… Some if the best women I have known are friendly and have a sense of family….. But they were also the best employers and teachers I have ever had…..

    If folks didn’t know that the month of April is Child Abuse awareness Month…. Abuse comes in many forms…..


    I think you’re right….

  7. If “god” is powerful enough to create the universe, then why is it so pathetic and weak that it can’t stand up for itself and deal with a human being giving it the finger? It can mean only one of two things:

    (1) The mythical “god” doesn’t act because it isn’t offended. Since “god” doesn’t act, the worshippers have no business “punishing blasphemy” themselves.

    (2) The mythical “god” doesn’t exist and blasphemy laws are stupid to begin with. There is no “god” to offend and no need for laws based in the occult.

    Either way, “blasphemy” isn’t a crime against a “god”, it’s a crime against humanity by religious morons.

  8. Dear Patriarch, be careful Putin used to execute people like you before breakfast.
    Isn’t it amazing that when power is in their grasp religious leaders are happy to embrace even an “atheistic communist” like Putin.

    The poor Russian people oppressed by the Church and the Czar, then Atheistic Communism now back to the Church and a man who views himself as the new Czar. We all know Christ always loved the oligarchs. The poor Russian People.

    I can see Cardina/Bishop Dollan setting up a special red phone so that he can share strategies for getting rid of this “feminists” who dare to think they might actually have rights evn though they are women with his well dressed friend in Russian.

  9. It is the goal of every female to be feminist. It is the goal of every male to malist. Without fem and mal there is not fetal.
    –Gore Vidal

  10. Hollywood needs to do a revision of Blazing Saddles which is set in Russia with this guy being the one advocating that the women be kept out of the village. After he relents I am sure he was add a caveat: But not the Irish!

  11. With an outfit like that he will gain a huge flock in this brave new world that we live in. He needs to be on Saturday Night Live.

  12. Oh Kirill’s just pissed at the idea someone might tell him he can no longer wear that ridiculous ass-hat.

  13. Free Pussy Riot…. The state, Putin and church, Krill are hooligans, engaged in hooliganism. They are criminal elements acting in conspiracy to deprive human rights for political proposes. Authoritarianism / Totalitarianism / Fascism…. Hypocrites above all… No better than Nazis……Let them go extinct…..

  14. Finally, a Russian says something American fundies can get behind.

    Especially those here who want a state religion.

  15. So I guess this means that if you support feminism, then you are going against the wishes of the church and, therefore, are committing blasphemy and can be jailed??? Wow, that all ties up nicely, doesn’t it ???

  16. its all about the power with these old line men of gawd isn’t it?

    4000 years ago when a bunch of goat herders coalesced around some ancient tales and decided they came from the Great Hairy Thunderer the world was a very different place and the ability to actually produce a child needed much more protection than the ability to produce a sperm. The testosterone certainly made that easier to do but it gave “too much” power to the egg producer so she needed to understand that she belonged to the one with the physical power to enforce the relationship.

    Now, 4000 years later, when those rules no longer apply in the real world the old power structure is terrified it might be justifiably losing its grip on power. Their death struggle is not pretty

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