Kansas Legislature Considers Ban On Funds For Sustainable Development

hedke_dennis300px-oil_wellThe Kansas legislature appears intent in stacking out the most hostile environmental record in the nation. Sponsors have introduced Kansas House Bill 2366 to ban any funds to be used to “promote or implement sustainable development.” The anti-environmental legislation is meant to prevent measures designed to balance development with the sustaining of natural resources. The main sponsor, Republican Rep. Dennis Hedke has close ties with oil and gas companies.

This act states:

“Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Kansas:
Section 1. (a) No public funds may be used, either directly or indirectly, to promote, support, mandate, require, order, incentivize, advocate, plan for, participate in or implement sustainable development. This prohibition on the use of public funds shall apply to:
(1) Any activity by any state governmental entity or municipality;
(2) the payment of membership dues to any association;
(3) employing or contracting for the service of any person or entity;
(4) the preparation, distribution or use of any kit, pamphlet, booklet, publication, electronic communication, radio, television or video presentation;
(5) any materials prepared or presented as part of a class, course, curriculum or instructional material;
(6) any current, proposed or pending law, rule, regulation, code, administrative action or order issued by any federal or international agency; and
(7) any federal or private grant, program or initiative…”

Just in case you think that sustainable development is some conspiracy cloaked in misleading language, here is how it is defined in the law: “a mode of human development in which resource use aims to meet human needs while preserving the environment so that these needs can be met not only in the present, but also for generations to come…”

It appears that that purpose fills sponsors with rage. Hedke reportedly has close ties to the oil and gas industry. Hedke is a contract geophysicist whose client list includes 30 regional oil and gas companies. Yet he told reporters that he fails to see the conflict. When asked if his working for these companies crossed his mind in introducing the legislation, Hedke responded “I can’t see why. I didn’t think about that. It really never crossed my mind.” I do not know which is worse, legislating with a conflict of interest or not even seeing the basis for a conflict. He is the chair of the Energy and Environment Committee.
His bio proclaims:

In building his career to his current position as a global geophysical consultant, Dennis has served in many leadership positions, including President and CEO of an independent energy company. Dennis will use his leadership experiences to reduce unnecessary tax and regulatory burdens in order to support the growth and development of small businesses. Dennis’ geoscience consulting activities have supported domestic, as well as international, energy exploration and development projects, affording Dennis unique experiences and perspectives in collaboration and management.

He also states that “Dennis believes children will build the future of Kansas” so long as that future does not require sustaining their environment by balancing development and resource protection.

Source: Green Building Advisor

22 thoughts on “Kansas Legislature Considers Ban On Funds For Sustainable Development”

  1. As long as I am on an off topic roll, and I have a 35 year bias towards the benefices of a well run Postal Service. The Postal Service has an infrastructure 2nd to none in the ENTIRE WORLD. (on US soil) Take that armed forces.
    I propose every post office in the country get a WiFi antennae on their roof and the Postal roads can turn into the internets roads for the entire country. ….. This is so simple and beneficial to the American public, … yet will take so much money from corporations…. I have to ask, what is the purpose of government. …. to benefit the public, or benefit the corporations.
    Is it We the People or We the Corporate bottom line.

    PS. Happy Friday evening. :o)

  2. Off Topic. PBS News Hour at halfway through its Friday report, did an overview of company named Oriel I did not see the spelling, and I did google it. Here’s what I found. http://residential.aerioconnect.com/

    PS. my spelling may be wrong, but the broadcast time is accurate. East coast time. (EST. daylight savings?) about 7:30 pm

    I may be wrong on the spelling. This company just kicked every major network (free airwaves) in the bahoongas. Or I am hallucinating. I prefer my first choice.

    They won a court decision….. which many here may know how to find.
    They were confirmed in their right to broadcast over the internet, through 1000s of small antennae all content of the public airwaves. AS IN PUBLIC AIRWAVES. They offer a menu, so viewers can choose when to watch. The major networks have threatened to go to cable… or TV by contract.

    Of course I could be totally wrong.

  3. please, when did anybody give a shite about kansas. and why does putting an ar in front of it change the whole pronunciation?

  4. These morans are the sort who see the railroad crossing and start screaming “faster, faster!” without noticing the train. Good thing their masters have already destroyed the environment or their stupidity might ave tipped the balance.

  5. No, you guys misunderstand, this isn’t to help the oil people, it’s to hurt the people who want to compete with the oil people Hurting your friends enemies is completely different then helping your friends.

  6. Kansas needs another bill: those against sustainable development are required to drink water containing benzene and plants containing dioxin or other cancer causing chemicals.

    Let Hedke and others like him be the first to experience what everyone’s food will be like in 25 years.

  7. Gene,

    Thanks… It’s kinda hard to tell when you’re on I-35 where state lines are….. But I sure thought it was after Council Bluffs….. But that’s in Iowa…. That all of those turbines were… Hey… T. Boone outta know…

  8. AY,

    In re wind power: Not yet, but they could be. The dominant energy interest in Kansas is the same as it has been for years: natural gas followed by oil in a distant second. And a room mate of mine in college? His dad was a big natural gas lawyer and lobbyist. To say they are entrenched is an understatement according to some of the stories I used to hear.

  9. What in the heck happened to these people who are so dependent on the oil and gas money that they will sell their state’s environmental soul for a few pesos?

  10. Isn’t Kansas one of the largest producers of wind turbine electricity….. If this is who he’s going after…. I do see a big conflict….

  11. When Kansas came into the Union as a Free State, not a Slave State, they were intent on not being beholden to slave interests, or foreign interests. My god they are stickin to it. The people who elected this guy certainly knew what they were doing. It takes a geophysicist to put Kansas on the right track. Just tell those wackos to stay out of Kansas City, Missoura. Damn Jayhawks.

  12. You must go back to Saudi Arabia. You must go back! There is no room in Kansas for anyone east of Kansas City, Kansas. Go Jay Hawks.

  13. Nothing like a Republican that believes in “freedom of speech” or the free exchange of ideas or even being a good stewart of the earth. He doesn’t like clean air, clean water or apparently actual living things, just EXXONMOBILE and its relations.

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