India’s “One Month Wife” Tourism Package

India flagAs women struggle with the continuing epidemic of rape in India, there is a growing abuse of girls who are forced to become “one month wives” of Muslim men from the Middle East and Africa — sham marriages allowing men to use them as legal prostitutes in arrangements with their families. In the article below, the reporter details the harrowing story of Nausheen Tobassum, a 17-year-old girl, who was sold into such a marriage by her family to a Sudanese man.

These marriages are being arranged with the help of ‘Qazis’ – government-appointed Muslim priests – with families in the Muslim areas. In the case of Tobassum, she was sold into the “marriage for around 100,000 Rupees to be the oil executive’s wife for a month. Of that, her aunt gave 70,000 Rupees to her parents, 5,000 Rupees to the Qazi, 5,000 Rupees to an Urdu translator and kept 20,000 Rupees herself. This produced a marriage certificate with fixed terms of divorce at the end of the man’s vacation.

The family threatened the girl when she refused to have sex with the man in Hyderabad’s Moghulpuri neighbourhood. On this occasion, the local police actually acted and arrested the groom, the victim’s aunt and the Qazi, and issued a warrant for her parents’ arrest.

It is truly unnerving to read of family’s selling their daughters into such veiled prostitution with the help of clerics, including the truly despicable role of the aunt. It is just another horrific glimpse into the plight of women in India and many Islamic areas.

Source: Telegraph

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  1. interesting, disgusting, and all other negative feelings and emotions that apply. men in the middle east have been raised to hate women. which puzzles me since its a woman who gives birth to him. note in islam and judaism if the father dies then the mother must accept the oldest son as head of house hold and now he gets to tell his mother what she can or can’t do. he gets to make all decisions pertaining to the house,family, and all other facets of the mothers life. the only way this practice isnt put into effect is if the mother is head and will strong and so much so that the father adhered to her wants, needs, and desires..

    smh @ the method to the madness

  2. Please title your blog:

    Islam’s “One Month Wife” Tourism Package. I think the practice is called Seggeh in Arab countries and could last even an hour.

    It is difficult for a democracy to officially object to anything Islam or Christianity does as that is termed persecution of minorities, often by US missions/ Arabs.

    Monotheistic supporters believe their deity is the true one and their tenets are true and valid for all times and hence seek to convert others. I have nothing against what they believe!

    The women and beggar kids who travel to Arabia are Muslim, sent by Muslims for money.

    Missionaries convert poor Indians by giving them money or food and then arrange ‘miracles’. A person may pray for something and the mission then places it on the church steps.

    If the missionaries wanted anyone to simply believe in Christ, surely that could be enough. They insist on baptisms / conversion and make a converted person shun the rest of his family until they too convert.This is useful for getting political strength and numbers!

    Christianity arrived in India around I AD possibly, although the character of Thomas who started it has been criticised.

    The west has spent billions over 1500 years to convert India and got perhaps 2 -4 % of the people. It is perhaps telling that even the lowest usually prefer Buddhism or Hinduism, not other religions. Many revert to Hinduism asap!

    Anyway, one solution to poverty is birth control: 350 million Indians reached middle class in less than 40 years. This was possible because of govt subsidized education and because they chose to have no more than one or two children.

  3. Sham marriages: When the true intentions are known but the law is inconvenient.

  4. This practice is still common in places like Iran where it is usually single men who get married for a day so that they can have sexual relationships with a woman. Actually, I heard from an acquaintance who traveled regularly to the Philippines have sex with young women another interesting story. Some men go and look for a young wife there and if they find one, they help the woman obtain a three month tourist visa and bring the woman to the US to, as he put it, ‘try them out’. If they aren’t satisfied, they just send the woman back and sometimes the men return to the country to find themselves another possible wife. I guess one can’t call that prostitution, but it sure seems like just another arrangement which benefits the men and not the women. Back home, in Belgium, men who can’t seem to find a wife scour the internet for women in poor countries. One of my brothers has been to Brazil a few times and tried to bring home the women but since he lives with my mom, he’s not managed to do so. He told my mom that women there are much easier to be with and that they’d do a lot to be with someone like him in spite of the small retirement he will receive. He says Western women are just too radical and too snooty. Some of these arrangements all lead to one thing: exploitation of women living in poverty.

  5. Jacob Chisela:

    were they Hindu, Muslim, Jainists, Christian or some other religion?

  6. Interesting. The young woman herself was not a prostitute since she didn’t agree to sex and she rec’d none of the money. However the pimps were her aunt and her parents and the priest.

  7. As a young African man I went to study aircraft maintenance and was attached to Air India 1977-1978. There used to be cruel men who bought poor girls for export to Arabia and babies to be used for street begging. Simply disgusting. I can still hear the babies crying.

  8. Ah India land of opportunity! We talk about India in hushed tones about its wealth and technical savvy but it has not really changed only the upper crust has gotten richer and more international and the US has become more hungry for cheap labor of the educated kind. Pitty the poor people the women inparticular in India and the world over, we are the expendables in the eyes of the .001% and the corporations.

  9. Interestingly, just finished reading the hadith (quote) of the Prophet in which he says that this practice, established in Arabia of old to enter into marital agreements for a predetermined time for a price, was abolished all the way through until the day of resurrection. No one who calls himself a Muslim should therefore take part in it. Frankly , and unfortunately, the biggest enemies of Islam are Muslims like these.

  10. Pick any fundamentalist religious belief and you will find oppression of women as a chief tenet. It seems though that examples in Islam are probably the worst, though I wonder if the others given further power would equal the depravity?

  11. The largest democracy ends up being one to legalize prostitution, like the state of Nevada, in a much smaller democracy.

  12. He said the visitors want to marry because they believe prostitution is forbidden under Islam.

    It’s always a wonder to read a line like this, and try to figure out HOW they would justify THIS, as opposed to “forbidden prostitution”!?!?

  13. In a place where it is often dangerous to be born female, actions like this are not surprising. Maybe it is more surprising no one has thought of making money like this before now. It IS a pleasant surprise to see the local police actually supported the victim.

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