Police Face Irate Mob In Arresting Teen Accused Of Anti-Semitic Attack

video18n-3-webThe video below gives an insight into the challenges that police face on a daily basis after a mob formed quickly after the police arrested a man accused of threatening a Jewish man and hurling anti-Semitic slurs. Almost immediately, a group formed accusing the police of abuse and obstructing their lawful arrest. There is no sign of abusive police conduct in the video.

The arrested teen, Stephan Stowe, 17, reportedly approached the man wearing a yarmulke with eight friends and said “Assalamu Alaikum,” or “Peace be with you.” The man ignored the greeting and Stowe reportedly turned abusive and is quoted as saying “You think you’re better than me?” The teen says “We are cousins” but the man says that they are not and told him to leave him alone. That escalated the confrontation, particularly after the man took out his cell phone and took a photo of Stowe. Stowe snatched the phone and deleted the photo. He then reportedly said “I’m going to kill you right now” and “They should have killed all of you.” That would be enough for a lawful arrest if true.

The reaction of the crowd however shows the dangers faced by police. The officers had a viable criminal complaint and probable cause for an arrest on these facts. They are quickly surrounded however by a belligerent crowd. This leads to the arrest of Sheniqua Joseph, 22, who is charged with disorderly conduct during the incident. Joseph is accused of throwing a punch and kicking an officer during the melee.

While we often show videos that display police misconduct, this is a video that seems to support the officers — an interesting twist given the trend of cases where police arrest citizens for videotaping them in public.

Source: NY Daily

39 thoughts on “Police Face Irate Mob In Arresting Teen Accused Of Anti-Semitic Attack”

  1. As a native the entire 45yrs of my life I’ve met good cops and some crude rogue cops. In this instance that lo l punk was wrong all the while around and I’m a black women had I been on that train I would have gotten in his behind HE STARTED that mess trying to impress his friends and after disrespecting the man he robbed him when he snatched his phone it amazes me how no one said one word when he was harassed the guy but when the cops showed up now they have voice UNREAL. I applaud the cops for their restraint when the lil punk resisted arrest. As for the nosy girl hope she enjoyed her room at rose m singer (riker s)

  2. I apologize I don’t why it put that picture on with the amazon click. geesh. embarrassing

  3. Nick re Bill ):
    Thanks for your interest in it Nick. Let me check it out for you.

  4. leej, I was trying to buy your book for my kindle but I’m not sure it’s compatible. The website listed Nook, ipad, etc but not kindle?

  5. leejcarrol, bill mcwilliams, a commenter here, would strongly disagree. His theory is “no harm, no foul.” That applies to driving drunk, firing guns in crowds, etc. And unfortunately, he’s allowed to vote and drive[presumably].

  6. I respect police officers but don’t like them at all. That said, the police in this video handled themselves well in the face of the chaos and confusion seen in this video and for that they should be commended.

  7. Cops behaving badly should have the book thrown through them. They not only behave in often outright criminal ways, they usually don’t receive any substantive punishment. This is not only unjust, it undermines both law enforcement and the judiciary with the public.

    Demanding justice in those cases is both just and wise.

    However, the inverse is true too. When cops handle a rough situation well and properly, they should be recognized and commended. Even rewarded in some circumstances. At the very least, the cops in this situation deserve a “good on you”. They acted professionally and defused a situation that hotter heads would have needlessly escalated.

  8. That third word above is “showed” restraint. This machine cant type.

  9. The cops should restraint. They had a right to pull the gun and fire a shot in the air when threatend from behind like they were so many times. And then pistol whip the artFay for getting too close. The reason for the arrest in the first place are obscure, but all these punks messing with the cops is too much. They would be shot dead in some cities. Pistol whipped for sure.
    And I am a liberal and in favor of video taping the cops. But not harassing them and threatening them from behind like this in crowded quarters.

  10. Kudos to the cops for handling a tough situation professionally.

    That one woman who was showing her ass and wouldnt follow directions and kept interfering… not at all upset or surprised to see her taken away in cuffs. 🙂

  11. I think the alter ego of Mr. Erb needs to appear..he’s more civil.

  12. Looks like a lot of angry leftist Obama supporters (is there any other kind?). So naturally they think it’s just fine to attack Jewish people. And, as is true of all leftists, they just love Muslims and their terrorism and support in all shapes and forms. Muslims were among the biggest cheerleaders for the attacks at the Boston Marathon. They were only sorry that the casualty rate was so low. Bernard Goetz–dubbed the “Subway Vigilante”–had the correct response to such terrorism against good citizens by low life leftists, haters, and other assorted human trash. Of course, the leftists want to take away the guns of the Bernard Goetz’s of the world who want to protect themselves from attacks from those same leftists.

    1. I won;t respond to your rabid hatred that colors all you say about the other side, just remember this is America all are allowed their opinions, even you
      As for Goetz, I lived in NYC then. it was only pure luck that no one in that subway car was killed or injured. Goetz was wrong, the jury verdict was wrong. period. You do;t shoot a gun in a crowded subway car because you feel threatened.

  13. So… blacks CAN be charged with a “hate crime”… it just has to be a Jewish victim in order to qualify.

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