20 thoughts on “You Are Better Than This . . .”

  1. krisinaustintx,

    My feline overlords, er, companions have instructed me to relay their extreme pleasure with the evidence you have presented. They would have told you themselves but they are too busy solving the P vs. NP problem and writing a mirror fugue to be bothered with typing.

  2. The only thing worse than the smell of a dog, is the smell of a wet dog. Cats, on the other hand, smell like strawberries and popcorn, just one of many qualities that make cats superior to dogs. The Court’s decision in Cats v. Dogs (2012) explicitly and incontestably affirms their superiority. This decision was based on the following analysis and presentation of facts:

  3. There’s the difference tween cats and dogs, a cat wouldn’t let a biscuit get in the way of her harboring longterm resentment. (:

  4. “That’s me in the corner bathtub, losing my religion …” – REM

    Cry, ‘Havoc!’, and let slip the dogs of war.” – (Act III, scene 1, line 270 of Julius Caesar (1599), by William Shakespeare)

  5. So who is “good” and where did you get the notion of “mandatory” bath?
    If you meant “God” for “good” then that is good except on thanks Dog with a captial D when one gives thanks. And another thing…..[censored by WordPress]

  6. I have no problem at all bathing my dog Rexx, I believe that she enjoys the shower and shampoo. I ask her to come into the shower stall and she does so with no coercion needed. She stands still while I wet her down except when I try to do her rear and under her tail. The latter parts apparently are sensitive and she backs up against the rear wall of the shower stall to prevent me getting the shower head in a position to do her rear end. She stands patiently while I spread shampoo all over her and again 10 minutes later when I rinse her off.

    1. She is treated with abundant love gently given. That is why she willingly walks in when shower time arrives. The love of the zoo calms her spirit.

  7. Professor, you truly have a superlative blog. Yes, it’s based primarily the law ; however, there is so much other variety to it. I’ve been taking a break from the heavy stuff for a while because it was just getting to me. But if you are the kind of person who would really like to know what’s going on in the world with some excellent analysis to boot, this is their place to come. And even though I’m taking a vacation of sorts for a time, I am NOT stopping this blog. It’s too blessed valuable and important. Thank you for providing this public service. Respectfully, Maggie

  8. My Belgian Terv would NOT be sitting in the tub like that. She would be out in a minute unless I held her there. She gets even by jumping on our bed after her bath and I have toweled her off.

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