Somethings Don’t Stay In Vegas . . . Like Mentally Ill People

69-D-GRAY__400X400It appears that some things or some people don’t stay in Vegas. San Francisco’s City Attorney Dennis Herrera is investigating accounts of an illegally busing hundreds of psychiatric patients to California and other states with one-way bus tickets and no food or medication. This “patient dumping” involves the Rawson Neal Psychiatric Hospital in Las Vegas.

The state-run facility has reportedly discharged some 1,500 patients with one-way Greyhound bus tickets to out-of-state destinations. If true, the practice would violated both legal and professional standards of due care. Federal violations alone could jeopardize Medicare funding and other federal support.

The practice could also be the basis for negligence actions by patients injured after being allegedly dumped across state lines.

Source: Yahoo

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  1. Messed Up. They Honestly Need To Realize People With Mental Illnesd Have Brain Disorders. Wow Your Brain ControLs Every Part Of Your Body. They Are Sick . You Don’t Treat sIck People Like That My Grandma Has ALztimer. Would You WantYour Grandmother Treated Like That????? Sick Fukkers . I Have Adhd And Honestly Nobody UnderstaDs How You Feel Like Ur Running A Million Miles An Hour And Then They PUt My Sister In Jail For Smoking Weed WHen She Has Adhd But The Shit They Have Me On AdderAll Is Legal. Both Meds Need To Be Legalized For AdhD. Legalize Marijuana It Honestly Helps Us The Ritilan Fukkin MakeD You Shake And It Sux. Then Its So Hard To Get My Med I Get Like 5 People Looking At Me Like Im A Damn Criminal Whe Without Med My Life Is Living Hell In MY Body ShaMe On Them
    God Bless ThE People With Brain Disorders And Stop Discriminating Against Us
    Peace And Love
    mAy God Bless you

  2. Wow! I don’t know why but I would think that Vegas has a much higher percent of patients in need of psychiatric care. Depression, addictions, anxiety, etc… I didn’t read the other comments but it seems like a ripe place for opening more psychiatric facilities. I guess many of the patients don’t have money or insurance for long term care? What a mess.

  3. The feds have noticed:

    The federal agency that oversees Medicaid and Medicare compliance has put Nevada on notice of “serious deficiencies” at a Las Vegas psychiatric hospital following reports of patients being improperly discharged.

    A letter Thursday from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, first reported by The Sacramento Bee and obtained Friday by The Associated Press, gave Nevada 10 days to correct problems in its mental health discharge policies at Rawson-Neal Psychiatric Hospital or risk the loss of federal funding, potentially tens of millions of dollars.

    The move follows an investigation launched by the Bee after James F. Brown, a patient at Rawson-Neal, was put on a bus alone in February and sent on a 15-hour trip to Sacramento, Calif., where he knew no one. Brown suffers from schizophrenia and depression.


  4. I’ve heard, many years ago, of county welfare offices buying tickets to another state for indigent people. This is even more egregious. I am truly appalled and not at all surprised, unfortunately.


  5. Google: George Taylor, Fulton State Hospital. Read the story in several newspapers. This guy went in as a 7 year old kid and was released some 25 years later. He had no mental retardation or mental illness. He was a problem child who got shunted off to The Biggs Unit. That was a maximum security mental facility. There are many Georges out there. Please look his story up on Google. De institutionalization of the 80’s was a very good thing. Any schmuck who thinks that what prevailed before was better are uninformed and perhaps Bloombergers.

  6. A mental patient stashed away in some so called mental hospital is a human being who has been tarnished with a harsh level of nomenclature from the DSM IV, soon to be the DSM V, by some jack leg doctor. Any one who has been so detained is much better off on the streets living out of a trash can and sleeping on a doormat than being subjected to the vile drugs and shock treatments, lobotomies or other so called “treatments” forced upon them in the so called hospitals.
    What happened here is the state got a load of people out of the hair of the locals. We know that they were stashed in the hospital to begin with to get them out of society’s hair. The humans are better off with a new life in California and Nevada is happy to be rid of them. California can adapt.
    Mental illness is in the eye of the beholder and sometimes the beholder is a devil incarnate.

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