Bulldog’s Pen: Maryland Prison Was Run By Gang Leader Who Impregnated Four Guards

480x600Maryland correctional officials are scrambling to explain how a gang got effective control of one of their prisons after more than a dozen Maryland state prison guards were arrested for assisting the Black Guerrilla Family in drug-trafficking and money-laundering. Thirteen female corrections officers are accused of a wide range of unlawful practices involving drugs, sex, and expensive cars that left four corrections officers pregnant by one inmate. It was probably not to hard to spot. In addition to the four pregnancies, two of the guards had tattoos of the inmate’s first name, Tavon. That is the first name of suspected gang leader Tavon “Bulldog” White (left). One guard had “Tavon” on her neck and the other on a wrist.

White bragged about his control of the prison. He was intercepted on a prison phone call saying “I’m dead serious… I make every final call in this jail… and nothing go past me, everything come to me.”

The guards allegedly smuggled in everything from cellphones to drugs in their hair and underwear.

What is most striking about this story is the sheer stupidity. Did these guards honestly think that a conspiracy of this size would go undetected? You have a large gang of thugs and allegedly co-conspirators — any one of which could drop a dime on the conspiracy. Then there are those rather curious pregnancies and tattoos. The first priority, after looking at the intake security at the prison, is the hiring practices. One would think that with high unemployment we could get a more intelligent (not to mention more ethical) applicants.

According to news reports, Tavon left no question as to who was in charge: “I hold the highest seat you can get,” he told another alleged member of the gang. “So regardless of what anybody say, whatever I say is law. Like, I am the law. My word is law.”

Source: Washington Post

27 thoughts on “Bulldog’s Pen: Maryland Prison Was Run By Gang Leader Who Impregnated Four Guards”

  1. Thank You Mr Spinelli @Darren you hit the nail on the head there is a site http://friendsofjustice.wordpress.com that tells about the scandals happening in prisons all over that lame stream media has a black out for. And another site named lawless america that tells about corruption in all parts of the justice system

  2. I think you are right Darren with your gut feeling. Something this widespread doesn’t continue without some money flowing uphill.
    I wonder what kind of home life those three kids are going to have? (if the female guards had the babies)

  3. lottakatz, it’s a symptom of Baltimore in general. I mean, my city is pretty famous for the “stop snitchin'” video. The only city with more corruption and underground crime activity is probably Chicago.

  4. I am inclined to believe the knowledge of this went all the way to the top. I would suspect, though I don’t have proof, the officials looked the other way as long as this gangster kept some order in the facility so the guards and more significantly the administration did not have to deal with incidents that happened or any political difficulties. It was an arrangement of mutual convenience.

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