New Zealand Infantry Regiment Says Farewell To Dead Soldier

I just saw this remarkable farewell by the New Zealand Infantry Regiment to a dead colleague. This is the Haka, which is by many in New Zealand (not only the Māori). I found this a touching farewell to a dead fellow soldier

The war Haka was originally used as a type of war cry to intimidate their opponents but is now used in a variety of ceremonial and sporting events. These differ from group to group. This is specifically the Haka used by the Infantry Regiment.

Here is the haka used by soccer team from New Zealand:

You can see the differences if you watch closely. Sometimes both teams can have do the haka in a match:

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  1. Bron,

    If you’re talking about “Born Fighting”, I have not read it but I might after I finish what I’m reading now (Walter Mosley’s “When The Thrill Is Gone”). Other than voting to extend the Patriot Act, I admire his voting record in general so I’m willing to give him a chance as an author. I do need to read something new in the history category. I’ve been reading a lot of mystery novels and science lately. I think the last thing I read in history was “Winter King: Henery VII and the Dawn of Tudor England” by Thomas Penn (a lovely gift from Mrs. Blouise I might add – also a good read).

  2. Gene H:

    That Scots-Irish is a pugnacious combination. Have you read James Webb’s book on them? I thought it was an interesting read and it gave me some insight into my personality.

  3. Bron,

    I’m an island triple threat: Scots-Irish (Mom’s side) and English (Dad’s side) but I look 100% black Irish. Ask OS.

  4. Bron, Ballbusting is indeed gauche. That’s in large part what makes it good.

  5. nick:

    We never bust balls, that is so gauche. So Sicilian, if you will. I am of English and Scottish origin and Gene H is probably English. Howington old chap just has an English ring to it. 🙂

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