Indian Father Charged After Posting Video Of Nine-Year-Old Son Driving Sports Car

Mohammed Nisham appears to have as little concern for his children as he does for his luxury cars. Nisham has been charged with having his nine-year-old drive his sports car. It was not hard for Inspector M.V. Verghese to prove: Nisham filmed his son driving the car with his brother (neither with seatbelts on of course) and then posted it on YouTube.

He has also had his son drive the family’s Lamborghini and Bentley.

One would expect at least his mother to object. Think again. She appears to be the one filming the child endangerment. Her response was to assure everyone that “proud of him. He’s been driving since he was 5.”

It might be time to keep the cars and lose the children.

Source: Jakarta Post

15 thoughts on “Indian Father Charged After Posting Video Of Nine-Year-Old Son Driving Sports Car”

  1. Well, If you believe in what you write here, lets agree for an IMPARTIAL INTERNATIONAL INVESTIGATION as a sane person rather than BIASED BASHING on the Freedom Fighters Tamil Tigers wothout blaming the racist Srilanka who did the Genocide and deny access to any Independent media let alone an independent investigation.

  2. It’s a shame that these parents have no regard for their children’s well being. The father put his children’s lives in danger. Driving a car is already dangerous enough for an adult, and to put young lives at risk, that’s just irresponsible. I hope they get what they deserve!

  3. Most adults have no business driving a Ferrari let alone children. Owning a high performance car does not mean you are a high performance driver. Driving a car that is more than you can handle can kill you – or somebody else – reallllll quick if you don’t respect the tool.

  4. Seriously, we should all get our shorts in a twist about this? I don’t think so!

  5. Djeesus.
    What is it with this ageism. If a *person* is capable of driving a car competently, what the big fkn deal.
    Socialism in action again.

  6. Whether it is on a farm or on a back road, 9 years old is too young to be driving any type of vehicle. The same mentality is seen with boats and snowmobiles and with ATV’s.

  7. They can afford 3 luxury cars but have a $30 video camera w/o steady shot!

  8. Not a big deal really. No one has been hurt and plenty of young kids drive all kinds of vehicles on farms .

    Then there was the instance of the capatain of an Eastern European airline who permitted his young teenage son to fly a new B737 when cruising. Unfortunately in that case the aircraft flew out of control and everyone was killed.

    Driving a car on a deserted roadway? No comparison really but still very much illegal.

  9. Guess none of the cops were raised on a farm….kids drive as young as them, and with stuff worth as much or more than a Lamborghini…

  10. I have not seen more of the video than what is posted here but I am interested in where they did this. There is no other traffic on the street. The kid certainly seems to be driving OK even though that is way too much car for a 9YO. That makes me believe he probably has been driving since he was 5. OTOH, having seen a ton of fake clips maybe we are all being put on.

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