14 thoughts on “Come Again?”

  1. Should be WTF ????

    This slug is the laughing stock of the US. Why do we tolerate this kind of childish idiocy?

  2. If you are talking about Palin then it is probably come once not again. No pun intended.

  3. LOL JT.

    I also got many good laughs watching the video of the President and Conan do their humor at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner.

    One catchy line was” “I am not the young strapping Muslim I once was …”

    I don’t know of any other nation that has the courage to do that event … where officials laugh at themselves and other government officials.

    It is a healthy tradition when it is done well.

  4. My daughter’s pug has that look. When Darren was here last week, I got a kick out of Darren talking to him while he had this, “What the hell are you saying, human?” look. The Pug puckers up and tries to talk, but only a bark will come out.

  5. I’ll just file this under “perplexing” and post the links here because the dog is just as cute and perplexed as can be: OTOTOT

    If you say the documentary/propaganda short “John F Kennedy: Years of Lightning Days of Drums” as I did as a youth and want a bit of nostalgia as well as a bit of perplexing silliness over the fine mess copyright and trademark laws have gotten us into read this, posted on BoingBoing:

    ” US government sends itself a takedown notice over JFK documentary: you decide what to do!”


    Then go here and download the video if you so choose, while you can:


    The originals are tape so the quality leaves a lot to be desired but still… The 90 minute original could not be distributed in the US but an abridged version was distributed in the US by a resolution of Congress!

  6. … but, the level of National approval she has, one can easily state “Sara is US” ….

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