We Are Just Not Reaching That Girl . . .

Screen_Shot_2013-05-07_at_12.56.04_PM_t618Yesterday, the photos of teens arrested for underage drinking were published in the local newspaper in Signal Mountain, Tennessee. The tenth teen seems to have missed the memo on appearing contrite for your mugshot. It reminds me of that Far Side Cartoon of the guy whistling in hell and the Devil saying “We just aren’t reaching that guy.”

In all, 17 students were arrested from the Baylor School, Girls Preparatory School and the McCallie School. The happy one at the end may need a bit of coaching for her arraignment.

46 thoughts on “We Are Just Not Reaching That Girl . . .”

  1. The most likely explanation for the smile is that she knows that daddy will take care of this problem like he’s always done before.

  2. Stories like this make me sick! American hypocrites! The smiling girl is right. She hasn´t let herself be brainwashed by the duplicitous American society into thinking that she´s a horrible person for enjoying an alcholic drink. We can send them to all corners of the world to kill people, but God forbid they have a drink.

  3. Off the topic:

    Jodi Arias found guilty of 1st Degree, Murder in death of ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander. Penalty phase: death penalty or life in prison? Arizona is a death penalty state. Defense lawyers had a chance to plea to 2nd degree Manslaughter, which would have resulted in 7-20 years in prison, including time already served. However, rumor has it that Jodi didn’t want this deal.

  4. That newspaper needs to give some space to Dog of The Week.

  5. No screamingly obvious Muslims in that line-up, so at least it’s not terrorism-related.

  6. Ain’t it special?! only 10% Afro-Americans caught in the dragnet!

  7. maybe she realized the cop taking her picture was the same one who wouldn’t give his badge number to the kid.

  8. Is it a coincidence they put the afro and jewfro together?

  9. bettykath, Good eye, you could be a PI! And I could be a poet.

  10. Gene H, I nearly lost my coffee. That has to be one of the funniest pictures I have seen recently.

  11. Totally immaterial, but all the young women have exactly the same hair style. There’s a lot more creativity among the young men.

  12. So who bought the booze and why isn’t that person’s photo shown?

  13. Seems awfully silly to me to arrest them just for underage drinking. Isn’t that just a ticket? Waste of public resources.

  14. She was smiling because she saw her lawyer out through the window and he was in the hallway talking to the opCays about her writ of habeas corpus and her civil lawsuit for false arrest. The newspaper who colluded with the opCays to defame her intentionally are next in line at the Federal Courthouse Clerk’s Office. The girl will be there with the attorney to file the lawsuit. She was smiling in the photo for being arrested for underage drinking because she was 21 years of age. No crime, now its on your dime Mister Newspaper Publisher.

  15. The Smoking Gun always has great mugshots. I have gotten probably a thousand mugshots working cases. Most are serious to scowling, but I’ve gotten some funny ones w/ the full range of emotions displayed. Of course, in the past couple of decades more and more facial tattoos.

  16. She was just being polite to the police officer taking her picture! Darren,
    I think some towns put these pictures in the paper to try to shame the kids and prevent them from drinking again. I wonder how that is working?

  17. Better than the poses bangers strike trying to look tough and all. (it gets old after a while)

    This town must have the lowest crime rate in the state for these mugshots of under-age drinkers to be newsworthy.

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