Police Officer Tells Man That He Has Planted Drugs On People In The Past And Threatens Him With False Arrest . . . But Later Returned To The Force

Recently, a video emerged showing a Canadian police officer in Durham threatening a man in 2011 with planting drugs on him and saying that he has done so before. The profanity laced tirade of the officer was posted on YouTube in which he not only threatens to plant drugs but to beat up the man. The police, however, say that the officer was “disciplined” . . . and then returned to duty. It is unclear what it takes to be fired as a police officer in Durham. The police seem more upset with the profanity than the fact that the officer is captured admitting to planting drugs and threatening an illegal act. The Toronto Star identified the officer as Constable Jamie Ebdon. Here is the punishment . . . he was docked two days’ pay. [Warning both the transcript and the video contain graphic language]

Durham officers went to the house in response to “a community safety issue” but no arrests resulted.

On the video, the officer is shown saying “I hurt people . . . and then I make their cocaine fucking appear, . . . You see how I work. . . . See what I do.” He appears to be goading the man to try to get him to get physical in the confrontation in the home in Oshawa.

The video shows the officer yelling “Shut your fucking mouth and do something . . . do something please, do fucking something . . . take a swing, so I can. . . ” The officer is heard using the f-word over three dozen times. Two other officers are standing by as this abusive scene unfolds. There is no record of the officers coming forward to report the abusive conduct.

At one point, the officer tells the man that he may arrest him simply for his “attitude.” He tells the man to show more courtesy to him and the other officers: “You see me again, you’re fucking . . . ‘Yes sir, no sir, three bags full . . . whatever the fuck you want. . . . Can I do a back flip?’ . . . Whatever I say, right? . . . You give me attitude and I’m gonna fucking drag you uptown. I’m gonna say you assaulted me. I’m gonna say you threatened me.”

The police department insists that the matter is closed with the return of the office to duty. Police spokesman Dave Selby stated “This issue was addressed and the officer was disciplined.” Selby said”[a]ny time an officer is depicted in this way in public, it’s a concern for the service. Inappropriate behaviour is taken very seriously.” This would seem more than a “depiction” of an officer. You have an officer threatening a criminal act and saying that he had committed criminal acts in the past. That should raise more than a “concern.”

Source: The Star

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  1. http://www.bakersfieldcalifornian.com/local/x1891153965/Deputies-video-confiscations-come-under-scrutiny-in-fatal-Bakersfield-beating-case

    Deputies’ video confiscations come under scrutiny in fatal Bakersfield beating case



    The death of Bakersfield father of four David Sal Silva immediately following his apparent beating Wednesday by Kern County law enforcement officers raises questions that have been asked in Bakersfield many times before — questions about the use of deadly force by police.

    Multiple witnesses have said deputies repeatedly beat and struck Silva with batons even as he begged them to stop.

    But it’s the detention of two witnesses who shot cellphone video of officers’ actions, and the confiscation of their phones by sheriff’s deputies, that raises a whole new set of questions, say local defense lawyers and an attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union. Those questions — sometimes angry, other times probing — focus on the witnesses’ Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable search and seizure, and their First Amendment right to publish the video they collected.

    “This is ridiculous,” said Bakersfield defense attorney Arturo Revelo. “The fact that local law enforcement officials think they can get away with this is scary as hell.”

    Revelo, who is not connected to the case, was referring to reports that sheriff’s deputies knocked on the door of witnesses to the incident at around 3 a.m. Wednesday. Authorities demanded the witnesses’ cellphones, the ones that had been used to capture video of the moments leading up to Silva’s death.

    The owners of the cellphones had left for home, but were called back to the apartment.

    Both witnesses agreed to return at the request of sheriff’s investigators. But once they arrived they declined to turn over their cellphones, absent a search warrant. continues

  2. What about the other two officers who periodically stepped into the frame. They obviously heard everything and did nothing, lending their tacit approval to this jerk.

  3. Police – n. Armed force for protection and participation.

  4. From: kaysieverding
    To: christine.siscaretti
    Sent: Wed, May 8, 2013 7:43 pm
    Subject: please confirm receipt of email

    Dear Christine

    Please confirm receipt of email.

    I read about the federal criminal indictment and guilty plea of Stacy Bloodsworth. I’d like DOJ to prosecute USMS employee Charlene Todd and other DOJ employees on very similar offenses. I’m writing to you because you were listed as a prosecutor of Bloodsworth and you are located in the District of Columbia where the crimes described below were committed.

    Bloodsworth was accused under 18 USC section 242 Deprivation of Rights under Color of Law because he assaulted a prisoner. That law should also cover deprivation of liberty without due process of law when one is detained without an indictment or criminal complaint or when is detained without a bail hearing. That is what happened to me.

    Someone at USMS entered non-existent criminal charges against me into the NCIC. I attached a letter from the FBI showing the non-existent charges USMS entered into the NCIC and a letter from Rena Y. Kim the FOIPA Officer for DOJ’s criminal division showing that there were no criminal charges against me.

    I complained to the USMS Internal investigations department and they falsely represented that I was detained for prostitution, obstruction of justice and bail violations. I attached a copy of USMS communications stating that I was detained for prostitution, obstruction of justice, and bail violations and therefore there should be no internal investigation. The person who said I was a federal prisoner for prostitution was Charlene Todd who is in Michael Prout’s office. I don’t know who emailed that I was convicted of obstruction of justice and bail violations but it was also someone in Michael Prout’s office so I am sure you can figure out who.

    Count Four of the Bloodsworth indictment was that he violated 18 U.S.C. section 1512(b) “knowingly engaging in misleading conduct toward other people with intent to hinder, delay and prevent communication of material information to a federal law enforcement officer and judge regarding” the deprivation of rights. The same thing happened when Charlene Todd and other USMS officials claimed that I was imprisoned for obstruction of justice, bail violations and prostitution. These misrepresentations were dated within 5 years so there is no statute of limitations defense.

    The USMS faxed a felony detainer for me even though there was no indictment or felony charge. That happened more than 5 years ago but since there was a conspiracy to cover this up they shouldn’t be able to claim a statute of limitations defense. The person who did that was a Kelly Huffman.

    The indictment against Bloodsworth said that he was charged with 18 USC section 371 Conspiracy to Tamper with a Witness for discussing and writing a false report. Charlene Todd and the other USMS staff did the same thing when they wrote a report that I was detained for prostitution, obstruction of justice and bail violations.

    The indictment against Bloodsworth said that he was charged with 18 USC section 1519 False Reporting for making “a false entry in a record and document with the intent to impede, obstruct, and influence the investigation and proper administration of the matter within federal jurisdiction”. The same thing happened when Charlene Todd and others filed reports saying I was detained by DOJ for prostitution, obstruction of justice, and bail violations, that I was charged with a felony when I was not, and that there were federal criminal charges against me when there were none.

    Please let me know how I can get these federal crimes against me prosecuted. They adversely affected me because they resulted in there being no internal investigation and therefore I was deprived of a name clearing process.

    DOJ assistant attorney David C. Rybicki also misrepresented in federal court that the Prisoner Tracking System and the Joint Automated Booking System don’t require a criminal proceeding. That conflicts with DOJ’s office notices in the Federal Register.

  5. Two observations:

    This in my view is indicative of a systemic problem with the mid to lower ranks of this agency. I would speculate this type of incident is more widespread due to the officer continuing to threaten the men and proclaim he would plant evidence when in the presence of other backup officers. He would only continue to act this way if he believed nothing would become of it.

    Also, this would be in the US the birth of a Brady Cop

    I can see every case after this the officer arrests someone and it goes to court. The defense then plays for the jury the tape where the officer says he plants drugs on people. Then the jury tosses out nearly all subsequent drug cases.

  6. Yes, he should not only be fired and possibly convicted (if evidence of the crimes he professes exists), but also anybody convicted after arrest by this thug should have their case reviewed, at minimum, and possibly overturned.

    But that undoubtedly won’t happen as it would be politically inconvenient to many. Justice, right.

  7. I was gonna say the same thing that Mike Appleton said above. Is any person in jial based on an arrest by this Law Enforcement Offender?

  8. The police department does not appear to have given much thought to the fact that this officer has effectively destroyed his credibility in a court of law.

  9. oh, yeah, he should be fired. He’s in the wrong job. Any suggestions of a good job for foul-mouthed bullies? (I can’t think of one.)

  10. Couldn’t watch the whole video, but it seems that only one showing attitude was the cop. A review should be made of any convictions made where this cop was involved where the defendant claimed that the evidence was planted. it probably was.

  11. Well the last time a cop was caught here like that he was fired, but then they started a vendetta against the kid that took/posted the video.

    There have been plenty of examples of the same thing here…AND WORSE!!

  12. AY,

    I was kinda thinking the same thing. Depending on how many times he’s planted evidence on someone (assuming he’s just not a blustering bully), I was thinking he better be sleeping with one eye open. A frame job usually comes with a complimentary vendetta.

  13. Ditto Gene….. And a good ass hopping by those wrongfully convicted…..

  14. This “officer” is owed all the respect of a jail sentence. The Durham PD may consider this matter closed but after this has gone viral, I’m sure the Canadian Public Prosecution Service doesn’t.

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