Sci-Fi Convention Erupts In Fight Between Star War and Dr. Who Fans

220px-Fourth_Doctor200px-Darth_MaulThe Norwich police was called to a public disturbance this week in a reported clash between Star Wars fans and Doctor Who fans at a Sci-Fi convention. The Sci Fi turf war reportedly erupted when Norwich Sci Fi Club treasurer, Jim Poole, a Star Wars fan, appeared at the rival club’s event at the University of East Anglia and tried to get an autograph from Doctor Who actor Graham Cole. It appears that there were no true Jedi masters who could use their Jedi mind control trick. Of course, this does not work on some species and Dr. Who is not human.

220px-TARDIS2It is a well known fact that Sci Fi can pit dweeb brother against dweeb brother. However, this confrontations involved more than a dozen fans from the rival camps. Although the Jedi have more lethal weapons, the Dr. Whoists have control of time and space. The availability of the TARDIS may explain why, when police reviewed the surveillance tapes, there was no direct evidence to use as the basis for assault.

Organiser Richard Walker, 63, (yes, 63) insisted that the Star War fans were trying to undermine the convention by posting comments on Facebook.

Below appears to be part of the security clip from the fight in Norwich:

Source: Metro

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  1. Now I’m in love with a dog 🙁

    Speaking of The Force…… two days ago (ish) two comments from me in the pressure cooker thread got swallowed by WordPress.
    Posting via WordPress account
    Clicked ‘Post Comment’
    Page refreshed with focus at the top of the page, rather than down at the end of the comments.

    FIrst time : “That didn’t happen. I must have done something wrong’.
    Second time: V e r y c a r e f u l l y…….. and same thing.

    Masterplan —- go away and come back later.

  2. These factions can be quite contentious.

    See at 4:00 and 9:39 (the rest is quite funny)

  3. LK,

    I checked the filters and your comment seems to have truly been eaten by WordPress as it was nowhere to be found.

  4. WoW, a comment I made to Gene evaporated- It looked like it posted but it’s gone now. In any event Gene, you’re right! Andre Norton is female, I forgot that, that’s the thing as you get older, first your memory starts to go and then, your memory starts to go… 🙂

  5. pete,

    “hollywood even managed to screw up john carter of mars.”

    I’m going to take issue with that. Considering that the material was a little dated and needed a touch of modernization and the constraints of a screenplay versus a novel, I rather enjoyed “John Carter” and I say that as a huge fan of the original books. They screwed up the marketing of it, sure, but I was pleasantly surprised that the film didn’t even come close to the level of suckiness that the press built up for it pre-release.

    And Lynn Collins was perfect as Deja Thoris.

  6. LK,

    Give her another chance. Andre Norton is a woman. Just a little FYI.

  7. Mike S, that you mention “everything…except for Andre Norton” is timely. Yesterday I downloaded ‘Plague Ship’ by Norton as an audiobook from I really don’t recall much about Norton from my reading so I thought I’d give him another try. There was some great Science Fiction written in the 50’s and some, well, not so great.

    Librivox has a lot of science fiction that is no longer under copyright. They have almost 50 downloadable collections of science fiction short stories (and more in the works) that can be downloaded as individual stories or as collections.

    The readers are volunteers- anyone can volunteer. Their mission is to record as audiobooks any and all books that are in the public domain and make them available for download free of charge. A noble mission.

  8. back in the 70’s after reading the hobbit and maybe one of the trilogy i decided i never wanted to hear about hobbits again.

    hollywood even managed to screw up john carter of mars.

  9. Dr. Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, It’s all science fiction to me and I love it. From Lovecraft & Verne, to Iain Banks & Stross, and everything in between except for Andre Norton

  10. Geez Louise. This sounds like the Hells Angels – Mongols dustup in Laughlin NV a few years ago

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