Satanic Tweets: Head of Saudi Religious Police Warns Citizens That Use of Twitter Destroys Chance For Heaven

640x392_46796_188122150px-Twitter_2012_logoSheikh Abdul Latif Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh, the head of Saudi Arabia’s religious police, has gone public with a renewed attack on the use of social media sites, particularly Twitter. He warned citizens that the use of sites like Twitter guarantees that the user “has lost this world and his afterlife.”

Social media sites are a growing rage for Saudi citizens and a headache for the government. Like other repressive governments, the Kingdom sees these sites as threats in allowing free speech and association.

The imam of the Grand Mosque in Mecca in April has also denounced the use of Twitter as anti-Islamic and a threat to national unity. He declared Muslims on Twitter to be “fools.” It appears less foolish to denounce a social media site as an offense to God.

The Kingdom is particularly concerned with how Twitter has been used to keep people informed of human rights activists who have been tried for the crime of free speech. Leaders on the Web have been detained while others have been charged with apostasy and other crimes for statements made on these sites.

The more that repressive government seek to ban Twitter the more they remind us of the value of this resource as a force for freedom around the world.

Source: BBC

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  2. Lol these goons claim to believd in Jesus the prophet, yet Jesus was poor and insisted his followers be poor too….so why do these guys have so much money then? They want control and are hypocrits as well.

  3. Mike wrote:
    “One of the saddest things I find about our human race is that so many spend their lives fearing death, that they never get a chance to live.”
    So true. I might add “spend their lives being obscessed with death…”

  4. how odd how GOD would destroy the world. it says the antichrists will destroy it.

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    …then there is the fact that the Prophecy about that the shape of the cross Was made known…

    as for the little boy who said that he went to Heaven, and sat on MY SONS lap. NOBODY SITS on sits on anybodys lap in HEAVEN. hell even the antichrists say that you all will be on your knees praying forever. so why did the little boy LIE. the original JESUS CHRIST WAS BLACK…
    there are no clothes in HEAVEN.
    but people like to become famous and make lots of money, even if it means they will go to hell, they choose it even at a young age.

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    the president likes to say, God bless america, and allows people to destroy the History in the united states of how the Trinity came to the earth.

    I saw a bumper sticker that said, “so many religions, and only ONE GOD… “

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