An Elderly Woman Discovers Lost Dog In Rubble . . . In The Middle Of CBS Interview In Oklahoma

Amid the horrific destruction of the tornados yesterday, CBS Evening News captured one of the most touching moments. While interviewing an injured elderly woman, Barbara Garcia, a noise was heard in the rubble just a few feet from where she was standing. It was her dog, which survived the devastation. She had just lamented how she lost her beloved pet.

With dozens confirmed deaths, it was a badly needed moment of hope and deliverance from harm.

The longer interview captures the moment and miracle at the discovery of the dog.

By the way, this is not the first such interview that led to a reuniting with a pet thought to have perished in the devastation.

28 thoughts on “An Elderly Woman Discovers Lost Dog In Rubble . . . In The Middle Of CBS Interview In Oklahoma”

  1. Humpin, I’ve seen several. One was my fav..Golden Retriever.

  2. Dogs are good at finding people in storm rubble like this. I did not see any search and rescue dogs on the tv film clips last night.

    The lady on this video is precious.

  3. That was an amazing video. I am awestruck at the pictures from Oklahoma of this unreal disaster. I can only hope that they can find everyone as soon as possible.

  4. Nick S.,

    WI is not considered Tornado Alley. Nevertheless, due to how people enjoy supporting their positions\points of view with emotional rhetoric, ‘pontification’ is inevitable.

  5. SWM, Heartbreaking photo. Dogs are more loyal than many people.

  6. RWL, We get tornados in Wi. An F5 wiped out the town of Barneveld back in June 1984. It started in North Dakota and hit Barneveld in the middle of the night, killing 13 people And, I prayed also for these victims, particularly for the families of children lost. I just don’t pontificate about it.

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