An Elderly Woman Discovers Lost Dog In Rubble . . . In The Middle Of CBS Interview In Oklahoma

Amid the horrific destruction of the tornados yesterday, CBS Evening News captured one of the most touching moments. While interviewing an injured elderly woman, Barbara Garcia, a noise was heard in the rubble just a few feet from where she was standing. It was her dog, which survived the devastation. She had just lamented how she lost her beloved pet.

With dozens confirmed deaths, it was a badly needed moment of hope and deliverance from harm.

The longer interview captures the moment and miracle at the discovery of the dog.

By the way, this is not the first such interview that led to a reuniting with a pet thought to have perished in the devastation.

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  1. Who knows, the same woman may have lost her animals in the last E-5 tornado there.

    Since our government, in its addiction to fossil fuels use, cannot change its policy regarding what has been for 150 years, and still is damaging the global climate system, at least they could change the building codes …

    Domes of concrete for public buildings.

    Smart people will do the same for their houses.

    Groundhog Day movie is here because masochists get off on repeated suffering they could prevent.

  2. Nick S: “I sent a $100 check to the Salvation Army, not the bloodsucking Red Cross. What have you done except rant about looters to insurance to lawsuits.”

    Sorry, Nick. I will do better than $100. I will send up a prayer for them.

    Nick S: “Tornado alley is just to big w/ too many people to vacate.”

    Not True. There is plenty of land in Idaho, Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico, North & South Dakota, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Colorado, West Virgina, Wisconsin….shall i go on?

  3. RWL, I have written here about how ludicrous it is for people to build homes on the coast and then cry about hurricanes. I got screamed @ by some for stating the obvious. Tornado alley is just to big w/ too many people to vacate.

  4. RWL, I’m sorry. You start saving the world right now. I sent a $100 check to the Salvation Army, not the bloodsucking Red Cross. What have you done except rant about looters to insurance to lawsuits.

  5. Nick S: “TheDisco, I’m speaking of THESE funerals for chrissake!”

    Really? What lala land do you live in? Do you know that some of the parents’ who lost children and loved ones in the Moore OK school buildings, according to MSNBC Morning Joe, have spoken to lawyers about whether or not they have a case against the school district for not building a storm shelter or basement? They are not waiting for any funerals. Both sides have discussed the possiblities of potential lawsuits.

    Do you know that the insurance companies are probably trying to find a way not to pay these victims’ claims (I used to work as a call center agent for an insurance company. Did you know that some of these victims are falesly and illegally calculating their damages to receive a higher payout from the insuranc companies)? They are not waiting for no funerals.

    Do you know that the FBI, State of OK state troopers, and local law enforcement, including the national guard, have been mobilized to prevent the looting? Looters aren’t waiting for any funerals, and neither is the law enforcement agencies.

    Do you know that more strong storms are heading for the area as we speak? The storms aren’t waiting for any funerals.

  6. Nick,

    What TheDisco said.

    However, I wasn’t in agreement with Dredd, and I wasn’t even discussing climate change or global warming. There is something greater transpiring than what Dredd stated.

    In other words, we are building homes, communities, and businesses in the path of “Mother Nature’s” (or God if you are religious) ‘Correcting the balance in the atmosphere and/or temperatures’. Why are we doing this? Why are we building communities in Tornado Alleys, Hurricane Zones, Earthquake prone areas, knowing the potential danger this could bring upon families, neighborhoods, and not to mention financial and personal loss? The 1999 Tornado almost wiped out the same Oklahoma Area. Why stay and rebuild in the path of Nature (unless of course, you have nowhere else to go… don’t have the funds to leave)?

    Did you know that hurricanes have a purpose, and play a significant role in the Earth’s Climate? Read the following:

  7. Maggincat — there’s a link in the text between the two embedded vid’s, “longer interview” that is also about the doggie.

  8. This was the second tornado in two days that on Sunday Moore escaped….then on Monday….they were hit and hit hard….

    mespo, I’m with you….

  9. Sure Nick, if we waited until the funerals were over we’d never have the discussion – because there is always funerals.

  10. It’s not about a “line of reasoning.” Only demagogues bring jump into a tragedy when they’re still finding the dead and make it about their agenda. The same thing happens w/ guns. It’s @ best classless. Start your screeds after the freakn’ funerals!! Are a few days ok. You can start saving the world next week.

  11. And the courts say the pets are just chattel. I want this lady on my jury.

    Viva the schnauzer!

  12. One meterologist explained: “The purpose of Tornadoes is the distribution of energy in an attempt to bring the temperature differences into balance. The atmosphere is continually trying to bring itself into some kind of balance.”

    With this in mind, I can understand your line of reasoning Dredd.

  13. Dogs ARE us. I would us the trite phrase DogsRus but I would not want to be weenie and you might confuse Us with Russ. Her dog was certainingly her guidance in life. One does not have to be a blind human to bond to and enjoy the guidance of dogs in many ways. Like when you are really hungry and start to eat a dog biscuit and your dog looks at you like you are nuts.
    I hope the dog, knowing the camera was there, was not awaiting his moment of stardom before making his howl.

  14. Dredd, Pretty classless. They haven’t even found all the bodies yet.

  15. This was a groundhog day movie repeat of a tornado some years back, however, this one seems to have been more devastating.

    Our hearts go out to those there in Moore who are impacted.

    One has to wonder how the global climate system scientists feel when they see this after over 150 years of warnings that have been constantly ignored and resisted.

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