Greek Politician Screams “Heil Hitler” In Parliament During Debate

This video appeared last week and shows the extremism of the “Golden Dawn” movement in Greece, which is now reaching out to other European countries. As with Nazism in Germany, the movement has emerged from the economic chaos of Greece to offer hate and violence as a way to express the frustration of the people facing high unemployment and stagnant economic prospects. In the video, you can hear a Golden Dawn member repeatedly screaming “Heil Hitler” in the Greek parliament.

This follows an earlier incident where a leading Greek soccer player gave a Nazi salute during a game.

What is astonishing about the rise of Nazi sympathies is that Greece suffered one of the highest levels of death and destruction at the hands of the Nazis. The Germans in World War II killed as many as 800,000 of his countrymen — though the precise number has been recently debated. Yet now Greek politicians can be heard screaming Heil Hitler in their parliament. It is truly chilling.

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  1. Get your facts straight. Two mp’s from another political party shouted Heil Hitler.

  2. Get your facts straight. It was not a Golden Dawn M.P. who shouted Hiel Hitler. It was two members of the leftist party Syriza.

  3. A friend of mine passed the following on to me…

    “I’m sorry to say, this is misinformed. I hate the golden dawn party and everything it represents (extreme nationalism and xenophobia openly, and neo-nazism secretly) but it has been confirmed by the transcripts of the conversation that “heil hitler” was shouted by a member of the opposing party (SYRIZA) to mock the exiting golden dawn party. Any other greek in this thread can confirm this by reading the transcripts found here[1]
    Again, as a Greek living abroad I am saddened every day i hear about the golden dawn and the terrible things they say without any shame. Even more I am saddened by the fact they are supported by 11% of our population. But at the same time, lying is not the way to fight them. More drastic measures need to be taken to eradicate racism from our country..”

    So it was someone from another party yelling at a member of the golden dawn.

  4. Some one above said that the Left embraces Hitler. Would that be Stalin? Mao? Center Left like what, George McGovern? Walt Disney? Charlie Chaplin? Lefty Hargrove?

  5. Of course, the Left embraces Hitler. As I have repeatedly pointed out, the Left and the Right are merely different halfs of the same ugly face. People who want freedom, free speech, liberty, and the like should never support the Left OR the Right. And if you think there’s a “difference,” then you would also think that the old Castellammarese Mafia war between the Masseria family and the Maranzano family was an ideological one, rather than a war over control of the turf.

    Consider this citation:

    “English writers who consider Communism and Fascism to be the same thing invariably hold that both are monstrous evils which must be fought to the death; on the other hand, any Englishman who believes Communism and Fascism to be opposites will feel that he ought to side with one or the other. The only exception I am able to think of is Bernard Shaw, who, for some years at any rate, declared Communism and Fascism to be much the same thing, and was in favour of both of them.”– George Orwell, “James Burnham and the Managerial Revolution,” 1946.

  6. Unfortunately, no matter how depraved an occupying force can be, there is always at least a few who will be willing collaborators.

  7. There is a certain insanity that prevails to world at any given moment……this just proves the same…..

  8. Comments from various dogs in the dogpac:

    If he approves of Hitler then he approves the Holocaust.

    Those who live by the sword, die by it.

    Those who preach, cant teach, those who cant teach, teach teachers, those who cant teach teachers become right wing Greek members of Parliament with a death wish.

    Those who preach the Heil Hitler routine will meet their maker sooner than later.

    He looks like an old fart who ought to know better.

    Greece, pull out of the Euro Zone now, like your fathers should have.

    Oh, Mein Gott it isch noon and siesta time– for all of Greece.

    Those who dont have to shovel snow in winter are lazy curmudgeons all year long.

  9. Here’s one difference between Germany and Greece. The punitive measures by the victors of The Great War was a major cause of the economic chaos and hyper inflation in Germany. The Greeks did it to themselves. They are great people who know how to live and eat, like Italians. They are horseshit @ economics and politics, just like the Italians.

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