Worst Driver Ever?

Anyone who visits China comes back with harrowing accounts of driving habits from steering onto sidewalks to ignoring traffic lights or lane markers. However, even under Chinese standards, this driver may have set a record for accidents with one minute.

It seemed inevitable that the driver would find the hole and hopefully he survived. Of course, his fall might have been broken by some of the ooze that we saw take over a street in China two days ago (though it likely would dissolve both the man and his motorcycle).

By the way, the Chinese did not determine what the substance was or whether it was hazardous. They just used hoses to force it back into the sewers beneath the streets — the Chinese version of environmental reclamation.

Kudos: Professor Don Clarke

16 thoughts on “Worst Driver Ever?”

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  2. it looked like daytona bike week except the motorcycle rider wasn’t fat enough.

  3. bettykath, You’re correct, they’re skilled but completely reckless.

  4. Fred, Because you’re an idiot perhaps?. [Did I say that out loud? Yea, I guess I did.]

    Is it Phantoms? (1998 w/Peter O’toole!)

  5. This is a joke sequence, right? The driver is really Jackie Chan doing some of his stunts? Maybe a funny auto insurance commercial where the company says you will get fabulous rates if you drive better this guy?

  6. Either the man didn’t have a clue on how to drive a scooter or, more likely, he was impaired.

    nick, The Italian scooter drivers are a bit nuts, but they really do know how to drive. I wouldn’t consider riding with them though. Set up the drive-off. I’ll watch.

    Fred, careful. comments like that shows ignorance.

  7. Falls…. Yeah right…. He was glided into the abyss…..

  8. I propose an Italian v Chinese scooter death match! The ooze looks like Chinese noodle dough..yeast gone wild.

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