Full Moon or Just A Waning Crescent? Virginia Mother Sentenced To Jail For Disorderly Conduct In Allegedly Mooning School Bus Driver

Image.aspxA recent story caught my eye out of Suffolk, Virginia. A bus driver was shocked when a mother allegedly mooned the bus after a confrontation last November with roughly 45 students onboard. The mother, Lisa Grant, 34, admits that she was upset that the driver sent a note home with her middle school son for misbehaving. She apparently thought yelling at the bus would be an appropriate response to the claim of misconduct. However, the videotape below shows the bus driver as equally irritated and loud in the confrontation and there remains a controversy over whether a true moon appeared along the roadside.

First, it is clear that what Grant did was wildly inappropriate and bizarre. It also undermined her own son since most people would conclude that he is coming from a troubled household by the conduct of his mother. It was also damaging not just to the children on the bus but her own son who will have to face these kids in the schoolyard with a mother behaving in this manner. Grant insists that she only gestured and told the driver to “kiss my XXX.” However, the confrontation was still unnecessary and obnoxious.

imagesHowever, Grant was given a six-month jail sentence with five months suspended. She will serve that time on weekends. She also must pay a $250 fine. What is curious is that she insists that she kept her underwear on during the gesture. It is obscene if someone pulls down only her jeans or outer garments? I thought a certifiable “moon” required full exposure. After all, she could lawfully have worn a bikini or bathing suit with the same exposure. That would make the gesture akin to showing the middle finger. If she was not exposed, is this indecent in your view or is this a type of half moon or waning (or whining) crescent moon?

1097001The charge was disorderly conduct as opposed to indecent exposure, but the video below shows the bus driver making as much if not more of the commotion after being confronted by Grant, even telling her to come see her after hours in the neighborhood.  I fail to see the basis for a criminal charge in the confrontation but the judge found her guilty.

From what you can see, do you agree with the use of criminal charges in this matter?

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