PETA Accused Of Pursuing Bloggers After Criticism Of Its Animal Shelter

100px-Peta.svg People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is famous for its public displays designed to shock and sometimes disgust people (here and here and here). However, PETA appears a bit thin skinned this week with legal attacks on critics who accused the organization of killing animals in a Virginia shelter. PETA reportedly is asking a court to give it the personal information, email addresses, phone numbers, and other data for three bloggers who reacted to an April 2 posting by a no-kill shelter advocate. One of the bloggers called PETA “animal Kevorkians.”

PETA has refused to discuss its efforts.

Articles have accused PETA of killing roughly 90 percent of stray dogs and cats at a Virginia facility. Critics insist PETA is not open or honest on its kill policy with donors.

I have been unable to see any of the alleged PETA filings or any response from the organization on these allegations. I find it troubling to see public interest organizations going after critics. PETA thrives on free speech and often engages in speech that many find troubling. Yet, we all defend their right to do so even if we criticize their tactics. I would be interested in seeing the filings if they are public and anyone has run across them.

Source: NY Post

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