Russian Scientists Discover Fully-Grown Mammoth With Running Blood

220px-Steppe_mammoth_sizeThere is an exciting discovery out of Siberia where Russian scientists have discovered a fully-grown female mammoth preserved in the ice. What is different is that not only does this animal have well-preserved muscle tissue but actual liquid blood. Yet, the godless scientists at the Institute of Applied Ecology are likely to be disappointed. Scientists were not only surprised to find running blood after pricking the body but found that the blood continued to run in the 10°C below zero temperature at the site. That leads them to believe that the mammoth’s blood has some type of “cryo-protective properties” previously unknown to scientists.

The mammoth was found on the Lyakhovsky Islands, the southernmost group of the New Siberian Islands in the Arctic seas of northeastern Russia. The blood is being put through bacteriological analysis while the scientists examine the muscle which has a natural red color of fresh meat. The animal is believed to have been between 50 and 60 years old. These animals lived 10,000 to 15,000 years ago. [Warning: creationists insist the Earth is only 5,000 years old so any Palinologists should stop reading at this point.]

The animal weighs about one ton and likely fell through the ice where she was preserved. Only three adult mammoth carcasses have been found in the history of paleontology. There remains a desire to bring back mammoths to life through the removal of DNA, though no live cells have been found in prior animals.

What is particularly remarkable about this story is that Vladimir Putin did not claim to have both killed and then 10,000 years later discovered the animal.

Source: RT and Live Sciences

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  1. Where is Al Gore when he could be ranting about wooly mammoth antifreeze being the answer to using oil for heat?

  2. Pete

    One would think the mamouth would get tired of the endless loop.

    Well now you’ve done it. Some conspiracy theorist is going to come out of the woodwork and here we go again. Maybe you could recruit those who believe the earth is only 5k years old point them at the conspiracy theorists so they are both mutually distracted with each other.

  3. Roger

    I can vouch for that. Not necessarily the hamburger but the food in Russia in general. Do they still have those water vending machines serving the bronze coloured “water” and your community glass available on the top of the machine?

    I was there around 1984 or 85.

  4. it turns out that the mammoth was a genetic experiment by russian scientists. chuck norris found out and roundhouse kicked it back 15,000 years and into a solid block of ice.

    the Tunguska event was just a ripple from the mammoth going backwards in time.

  5. I wonder if a mammoth steak will be served to Putin, as was served to the Tsar after a previous discovery in 1905. I believe I was served the Tsar’sleftovers in the form of a “hamburger” at the Hermitage Museum snack bar in St Petersburg (1997).

  6. It does not matter if the Earth was created a million years ago or five thousand. On the Eighth Day Dog Was Put On The Earth To Guide Humans. Dog was especially needed in Siberia.

  7. I suppose that scientists in Russia are “godless” but few in Siberia are dogless– much less topless.

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