Report: Panetta Disclosed Classified Information To Filmmaker of “Zero Dark Thirty”

220px-Leon_Panetta,_official_DoD_photo_portrait,_2011Attorney General Eric Holder recently told intelligence community lawyers that he wants them to continue the Administration’s crackdown on leakers and media sources despite calls for his termination and the controversy on the attack on the free press. The message is clear: there will be no quarter given those who disclose classified information. Well not everyone. This week it was revealed that former CIA Director Leon Panetta disclosed classified information to “Zero Dark Thirty” filmmaker Mark Boal. According to an inspector general report, the disclosure of the name of the Navy SEAL unit that carried out the Osama bin Laden raid and the unit’s ground commander at a 2011 ceremony. Some of the information was marked as “top secret.”

UnknownThe wonderful thing for Holder is that this leaker is known and there are witnesses. He made the disclosure in front of 1,300 people in a tent at the CIA complex on June 24, 2011. So Panetta is now being housed next to Bradley Manning, right? Not quite. The Administration leaks classified information on a regular basis. On Obama Farm, all leakers are equal but some leakers are more equal than others.

Notably, this disclosure helped a filmmaker who was developing a controversial film that seemed to herald the value of torture by CIA employees. Like many, I was surprised by the degree to which the movie made it look like it was torture that led to the killing of Obama in direct contradiction to what we know about the various sources used in the operation. Giving top secret information to a filmmaker for such a film does not appear to be a matter for prosecution. Now, the Associated Press or Fox News? That is an entirely different question. In that case, the reporters are viewed by the Administration as an possible criminal co-conspirator. In the case, of Boal, he was not a co-conspirator . . . just part of the creative enterprise.

Source: Politico

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  1. Bron,

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  2. I said “Enjoy being in moderation today.” Would you have preferred I chose a 24 hour day over a 12 hour day? I could have.

    And yes, I have lots of good recipes.

    Once you learn to act civilly, I might even share some.

  3. Show me where you said from 8:30a-8:30p!! Are there secret sentences along w/ the secret. Give it up, man. We’re having nice conversations about food, bees, etc. Got any good recipes, I know you like to cook.

  4. nick:

    I just cut and pasted but I did spend some time looking for one which looked good. 🙂

  5. You mistakenly attribute anger where this is none, nick. I’m incredibly slow to anger. Just so, the wasps weren’t angry either. They were wasps doing what come naturally when you attacked them. If you didn’t like the result of your actions, stop making them. I can’t state it any simpler than you reap what you sow. You violate the rules of this forum? Then you will face consequences. That your choice of violating the rules is to perpetually engage in gratuitous ad hominem attacks against two guest bloggers is ultimately immaterial. What is material is your unwillingness/inability to follow the few rules we do have.

    Believe it or not, I’m trying to get you to take a path that doesn’t end in your getting banned. We’ve only ever had to ban one person here. I’d really prefer it stays that way. But if you can’t function within the parameters of the community? In the end, you have no one to blame but yourself if you don’t like the consequences.

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    just speak your mind and ignore those with which you disagree or have a problem.

  7. Bron, I will use this recipe. No one in my family will eat tripe, lamb[WTF?] or rabbit. I ate hassenfeffer whenever I went to the many German restaurants in Chicago when we lived there. Ironically, there aren’t many here in Wisconsin, except in Milwaukee. I know a butcher that sells raised rabbits. I make a Dago version but like the Kraut one better. My wife leaves town on Wed, and I see it on the menu. Thanks for taking the time to type it out.

  8. Darren, Thanks for your response. Let me give an anecdote that is not “possibly false” it is true, as is everything I say. When my kids were young my son and a friend came in the house w/ wasp stings. I tended to them and then went out to see where the hive was. It was a ground nest of wasps, near our garden. I got a can of gas and burned the hole. Many scattered but certainly some were killed. A few hours later they were again en masse swarming around the ground nest. I then called an exterminator guy I know. I told him I had a ground nest and they were swarming. He asked, “Nick. you didn’t try to burn the f@ckers out, did ya’?” To which I meekly replied, “Yes, I did.” He said, “Well, you maybe killed 10% but you really pissed off the other 90%. “I’ll come out this evening when they’re back in the nest and bomb them w/ arsenic.”

    Darren, You are also someone I respect and will accept advice. The absolute horseshit which occurred yesterday is too fresh,,the wasps are still pissed and swarming. I will calm down. Hopefully nobody hits me w/ an arsenic bomb in the interim. I’ve seen a lot of good people bullied and run out of here. That won’t happen w/ me. Most of the days are good. I just had an agita producing one. I’ll shake it off and appreciate good guys like you helping out.

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    •2 green onions, chopped

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  10. Then it’s quite obvious you’ll end up pushing this matter until you succeed in getting banned.


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    No. I said you were going to be under moderation yesterday because your refusal to follow the rules and you were. From 8:30 AM to 8:30 PM. And the test for shame is given what I know now, would I take the same action again. Since the answer is an unhesitating “yes”, fail on the shaming issue.

    “I’ve been MUCH tougher today than yesterday. What’s your explanation?”

    I never stand in the way of someone making a mistake . . . especially when they’ve been warned multiple times that they are making a mistake.

  12. I don’t care what you think I am, nick.

    The salient issue is you cannot refrain from gratuitous ad hominem attacks in contravention of the civility rule.

    The other two rules you’ve also already been informed of. You cannot impersonate other posters. You cannot reveal personal information about other posters absent consent. Violating those two rules go straight to ban.

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    If you have questions …. As has been suggested…. Ask a higher authority…. Which has also been suggested….

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    My recommendation was not the result of having a beef with you, which is not the case at all. I was only offering a suggestion to you to try to show you the gravity of what what could happen in that I didn’t want to see you be made absent here.

    An analogy is to ask you not to shoot the bee’s nest, it’s not because I dislike you it is just to prevent you from being stun. I am not blaming the bees either. It is just their nature when they are attacked for someone breaking their rules by shooting their nest.

  15. The reason you’re not “moderating” and “deleting” is almost certainly of shame for your actions yesterday. I’ve been MUCH tougher today than yesterday. What’s your explanation?

  16. And, Your saying “Your participation is voluntary” is reaching triple digits.

  17. I’m calling you a liar. You deleted comments where I merely pointed out that you were moderating and deleting me. You also, quite curiously, deleted questions about race relations and felony laws that were in no way a personal attack, merely questions like the many you deemed appropriate and posted. I would like to see a list of the “secret rules”, not from you, but from someone w/ integrity. A simple and righteous request. Could someone other than this dissembler provide a list. I doubt it’s long. Most blogs have published rules of conduct. Obviously, w/ an illegitimate star chamber member dispensing wild west justice, its long overdue here. I know our “judge” has certainly broken some of these rules on numerous occasions. But, then he be the judge, jury and executioner…err deleter.

  18. Also, you should know you are the most proliferate commentator over the last sample space WP uses to track that data.

    Hardly the sign of oppression. As I said, every comment you made that wasn’t a personal attack was approved. That in your state of mind you might not be able to differentiate between ad hominem attack and not is another issue. Anosongosia can be a terrible thing.

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