Egypt Denies Basic Civil Liberties To Its People . . . The United States Responds With $1.3 Billion In Military Aid For Government

President_Barack_Obama220px-MohamedMorsiPThis week President Barack Obama ordered the intervention into yet another war after Syria crossed his “red line” by using chemical weapons against its own people. However, over in Egypt, denying civil liberties and free speech appears no barrier to U.S. aid. In the very same week as using human rights to justify another intervention, the Obama Administration quietly approved $1.3 billion in annual US military aid to Egypt. Both Israel and Egypt continue to receive billions in such aid every year despite the reduction or termination of basic environmental, educational, and other programs in the United States.

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki told reporters that the aid was “carefully considered” but it was viewed as necessary to “preserv[ing] important regional interests.” I almost wish it was not “carefully considered” given Egypt’s denial of basic civil liberties.

The same careful consideration has not prevented a cessation of all aid to Turkey despite that country attacking of hospitals, arrest of doctors for helping protesters, the faking of riots by police, and the use of caustic chemicals in water cannons by the government.

Secretary of State John Kerry notified Congress of the transfer of money shortly before the sentencing of 43 Egyptian and foreign NGO workers in what Kerry has denounced as a “politically-motivated trial.” That certainly showed them.

The government of Islamist President Mohammad Morsi and our other ally, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, show the hypocrisy of the United States in justifying military intervention in the name of human rights. Our credibility on such questions is further reduced by our own refusal to prosecute people responsible for the torture program and the widespread use of warrantless surveillance of our own people.

We are now supporting Islamist governments which are responsible for the greatest rollbacks on secular government in the Middle East. These same countries are responsible for the abuse of citizens seeking to exercise free speech and other basic liberties. We are sending billions to these countries that could be spent on our people who are facing weekly announcements of programs being cancelled for lack of funding.

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  1. There was a general statement on a heated discussion where Mr. Turley made a general request to turn down the volume. He mentioned no person, and there were several folks, including me, who were going toe to toe. Damn, we’ve gone over this before many times. I’ve been warned by yourself and MikeS. I would like to hear directly from others who have complaints. I’ve made this request in the past, but gotten no response. Am I not allowed to meet my accusers? That would be consistent w/ the “secret rules”.

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    The truth of the matter is as Mike states it: your persistent flaunting of the rules has been a subject of out of camera discussions, other non-GB posters have registered complaints about your behavior and the possibility of taking action to prevent you from persistently breaking the rules has been discussed.

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    As stated before, we’d prefer the situation doesn’t continue until you are banned, however, that does not mean it won’t happen if you don’t stop what you’re doing.

  4. And, I did give my views on foreign aid, that’s also on the record.

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    Hope you hear what’s being said….

  8. “I’ve made many substantive points but you seem to be obsessed w/ defending Whole Foods and their shoppers. I am a libertarian and people can shop wherever they wish. But don’t deny the customer base is pretty damn white.”


    You were the one that brought Whole Foods into the discussion as an example of how you shop where the poor people shop. I don’t shop at Whole Foods because their prices are ridiculously high and their CEO is someone I dislike politically. You and Joseph Goebbels would be soul-mates.

  9. “You have accused me several times in the past of providing “false anecdotes.” You have also said, “Sports and movies” are the only subjects about which I know anything. Until you take back those untrue and hurtful comments I’ll keep repeating them. We’ve gone over this previously, take notes!”


    Aren’t you really saying that it is your intention to continue attacking me with ad hominem attacks. Your words are there on this thread for all to see. I already made clear in my comment at 2:36pm that there was nothing directed at you and that you must have purposely read meaning into my words that were clearly not there. Others obviously thought that too. Frankly, I am becoming weary of your behavior. Which from your first time on this blog has been an ongoing series of ad hominem attacks on me and then upon Gene and then upon Elaine. You have been the subject of much discussion offline and complaints about you have come from other people who comment here, not just Guest Bloggers. The irony is that I’ve so far been against you being banned and I’ve got the sent E mails to prove it, but for me this is reaching a point of no return because you refuse to stop this nonsense.

    I have never had a problem with people disagreeing with my point of view and presenting arguments against it. In your case though you have never done that. It is always personal attacks with you, rather than delivering arguments. The example is right here on this thread. My main point, which is clear, is that I don’t believe in foreign aid. You might have responded with the fact that you do believe in foreign aid and given reasons why you do. That might have led to a productive discussion. Instead you ignored the point I was making, in order to attack me and then responded with an out of left field anecdote about you cooking spaghetti for obese poor people. I can’t help it if you don’t understand how to discuss, or argue something and I’m certainly going to respond if you attack me.

    I have tried ignoring you and I have tried reasoning with you and yet you persist in playing this ad hominem game out until I apologize to you, while you have been the aggressor. You have even said this could be settled if we “met in a bar”, which seems to be how you deal with people. In person do you really think you can intimidate me Nick? Is that how you handle things in your world?

    Now let’s clear something else up. I’ve been here for a long time and I was chosen to be a guest blogger by Professor Turley. I take that to mean that he has some confidence in me and yes he has asked us guest bloggers to assist him in the chores that need to be done in managing the blog,due to his very, heavy schedule. Most people here recognize that I am a very fair person and that I don’t use my status here to throw my weight around. However, Nick I am far from a personal pacifist and if someone keeps attacking me I will return the fire. Stop this bullshit with me or perhaps the consequences might be unpleasant. And Nick I don’t make empty threats.

  10. Again, veracity is not what makes anecdotal evidence suspect. It’s suspect because it relies upon insufficient sample spaces to claim something is a typical behavior and is subject to cognitive biases. It may be sufficient to form a hypothesis but it is in itself insufficient as evidence without objective independent (statistically valid) assessment. Even Wiki knows this . . .

  11. We all make choices in life. My wife chose to work for the Federal govt.. I chose to start my own biz. I worked 80 hour weeks. We are not wealthy. Home prices in Dane County are much cheaper than Palm Beach County. And, we don’t own a house in San Diego, we rent. San Diego is a summer resort and so the rents for such a wonderful place are cheaper than most imagine. I hope people don’t realize this secret.

    I’ve made many substantive points but you seem to be obsessed w/ defending Whole Foods and their shoppers. I am a libertarian and people can shop wherever they wish. But don’t deny the customer base is pretty damn white.

    We have a GREAT farmer’s market in downtown Madison every Saturday from April-November. You can buy local, cheap, good food from the actual farmer. The Market requires every product to be grown or made[bakeries] in Wi. w/ Wi. products. There are many Asian and Hispanic growers. I’ve gotten to know some of them and buy almost exclusively from them San Diego has an incredible farmer’s market rotation w/ a market being in every neighborhood on different days. At both the Madison and SD markets I see multicultural vendors and customers. I almost never see black customers and never see black farmers.

    Finally, I’ve never been to Egypt, but I do like to walk like one. I can take a ballbust, you’re the thin skinned one.

  12. You see, I don’t shop in yuppie stores where everyone’s white, upper middle class and eat the same food. I’ll go to a co-op or Whole Foods sometimes.

    Whole Foods and poverty:

    “Relative to shoppers in the Grocery channel, Whole Foods demonstrates
    much stronger appeal among upper income households. Note that 6 out of
    10 Whole Foods’ shoppers have incomes of $50k +, and they drive 66% of
    trips and 67% of dollar sales to Whole Foods.?”

    “Whole Foods
    Median Household Income: $63,554
    Median Age: 36.2
    Owner Occupied Homes: 62.40%
    Bachelor?s Degree or Higher: 54.97%”

    “Whole Foods is a national brand, with stores from Beverly Hills to Boston and
    1.5 million shoppers who step through their doors each week — a market the
    company hopes to leverage for its Web business by promoting the site in the

    The demographics of Whole Foods shoppers — who tend to be affluent and
    well-educated — make them ideal for Internet sales.?”

    The source for the above quotes is here:

    As far as being Yuppie goes having residences in San Diego and Madison may well qualify one for that distinction, given the median income and desirability of both areas.

    The same is true for Madison, Wisconsin.

    They are both beautiful places and yet I have spent time in each, but I frankly couldn’t afford to live in either one of them, my income wouldn’t allow me to buy a home there. You are truly clueless.

  13. “While so many Americans are starving” is what you said. Do you like splitting hairs when called on bullshit, great diversionary tactic. I deny people are starving, not that they’re poor, read my follow-up based somewhat on what Jill said

    You have accused me several times in the past of providing “false anecdotes.” You have also said, “Sports and movies” are the only subjects about which I know anything. Until you take back those untrue and hurtful comments I’ll keep repeating them. We’ve gone over this previously, take notes!

  14. People were starving during the depression. People are not starving now. In Madison there is what I considered a great program. A truck would visit poor neighborhoods once a week. It has only fruit, vegetables, fresh low fat meat, fish, etc. Food stamps can be used and the food is subsidized by the Dept of agriculture so it’s quite cheap. It bets pretty good biz in the Hispanic and Hmong neighborhoods but hardly any in the black neighborhoods. Flotus understands this. That’s why I TOTALLY support her obesity/exercise program and don’t consider it nanny govt @ all. It speaks to an actual epidemic in our country..OBESITY, NOT STARVATION! I don’t know if any of you folks shop where black folks do. I shop in one of the most multicultural grocery stores I’ve ever seen, and I’ve lived many places. Both the employees and customers are black, Middle Eastern and African muslim, Hispanic, Asian, etc. It’s a local chain called Woodman’s. Being an observer by nature and profession, I notice what depts. most people spend their time, and what’s in their baskets. The Asians are the healthiest shoppers by far. Hispanics are next but you can see as they become more Americanized[it’s ~80% Mexican here] they start throwing more processed shit food in their carts. The same holds true for the ME and Africans, although they’re all fairly new to this area so not very Americanized and quite healthy eaters. Then there are black and poor white folk. It’s virtually all junk. You see, I don’t shop in yuppie stores where everyone’s white, upper middle class and eat the same food. I’ll go to a co-op or Whole Foods sometimes. This Woodman’s grocery store has met the needs of it’s very diverse customers and employees[most are bilingual] over the years. There are much more interesting foods, spices, vegetables, fruits, etc.

    Jill does bring up one interesting point. Our govt. subsidizes dairy, corn and tobacco. They have never supported “truck farmers”, people who grow vegetables. I would fully get behind a fazing out of the current subsidies, and start subsidizing the healthy food. And, I call total bullshit on lower economic families meaning bad food being the only option. It’s about certain poor cultures being captured by the corporate food industry. I’m Italian, food is very important to me. All 4 of my grandparents were immigrants, immigrants are very important to me. And, “the truth shall make you free” I

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