Egypt Denies Basic Civil Liberties To Its People . . . The United States Responds With $1.3 Billion In Military Aid For Government

President_Barack_Obama220px-MohamedMorsiPThis week President Barack Obama ordered the intervention into yet another war after Syria crossed his “red line” by using chemical weapons against its own people. However, over in Egypt, denying civil liberties and free speech appears no barrier to U.S. aid. In the very same week as using human rights to justify another intervention, the Obama Administration quietly approved $1.3 billion in annual US military aid to Egypt. Both Israel and Egypt continue to receive billions in such aid every year despite the reduction or termination of basic environmental, educational, and other programs in the United States.

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki told reporters that the aid was “carefully considered” but it was viewed as necessary to “preserv[ing] important regional interests.” I almost wish it was not “carefully considered” given Egypt’s denial of basic civil liberties.

The same careful consideration has not prevented a cessation of all aid to Turkey despite that country attacking of hospitals, arrest of doctors for helping protesters, the faking of riots by police, and the use of caustic chemicals in water cannons by the government.

Secretary of State John Kerry notified Congress of the transfer of money shortly before the sentencing of 43 Egyptian and foreign NGO workers in what Kerry has denounced as a “politically-motivated trial.” That certainly showed them.

The government of Islamist President Mohammad Morsi and our other ally, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, show the hypocrisy of the United States in justifying military intervention in the name of human rights. Our credibility on such questions is further reduced by our own refusal to prosecute people responsible for the torture program and the widespread use of warrantless surveillance of our own people.

We are now supporting Islamist governments which are responsible for the greatest rollbacks on secular government in the Middle East. These same countries are responsible for the abuse of citizens seeking to exercise free speech and other basic liberties. We are sending billions to these countries that could be spent on our people who are facing weekly announcements of programs being cancelled for lack of funding.

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  1. Mike S.,

    If you’re selling… I’m buying… At cost you know….

  2. Of course we need to financially aid a government that needs to oppress its citizens; not all governments can do it as efficiently as our own! It costs MONEY to do it RIGHT!

  3. Mike,

    For the most part everyone here is very intelligent…. Getting the message across sometimes lays the nuances of life…. I enjoyed reading ID707 by the way…. So long as he wasn’t after me that it…. I will state that is where I did learn how to ignore folks on here…. So, yes he was a teacher…. As well…. I think his heart was in the right place….. It was just communicating without the tangical moments….

    He was open and did put his email address out there…. I did not contact him off line…. I’m glad you all did…. He will be missed…. He was very intelligent….

    1. AY,

      Ron (ID707) at times got excessive in his attacks, but rarely were they personal, except when he perceived that he was dealing with a rigged game here. He came to realize though, that as much flak as he got, he was recognized by all as a regular and part of the “mishpucha”. This was especially true when Jonathan recognized him as the top commenter in his year end wrap-up.

      Or mishpokhe or mishpucha. It means “family,” as in “Relax, you’re mishpocheh. I’ll sell it to you at wholesale.””

  4. LK…. Yep… I’m sorry to…. He became comical to read when he wasn’t after you…..

    Pete…. Maybe that’s his dob or the way he got to Sweden or the plane that dropped him off in nam….

    1. AY,

      From my contact with Ron (ID707) offline I think he led a quite interesting life that intersected with governments and the military at various times, snippets of which he exposed in his commenting here. Through most of the time he commented here he was quite ill physically and having been there I know it can affect ones mood. He had also confessed to me that being bi-lingual at times hampered his written communication. What is sad to me is that he was a very private man, yet very talented man, who worked to exorcize some of the demons from his past and was beginning to succeed. He was beginning to feel happy about himself and enjoyed being a regular here. His body appeared to betray his new found peace of mind, but perhaps his acceptance here comforted his last days, I certainly hope so. Having been close to death myself, I have some understanding of his pain and fears. I regret his loss because there is much I felt we could have all learned from him.

  5. AY: ” I’m sure you read of the passing of ID707…. ”

    WHAT! I missed that. I was thinking about him yesterday and today and was tempted to post asking if anyone had heard anything from him. Damn. Sorry to hear that.

  6. Darren,

    As a fellow around here was once known for saying, “One lives to be of service.”

  7. As a single mom with limited resources, and as an Asian, I would love to be able to afford more Asian food choices, but alas those choices are too expensive. It’s why I have to resort to processed crap more often than I’d like. I think Michelle Obama could do a world of good if she could, I don’t know, encourage her husband to steer the government ship towards subsidizing healthy foods, if she is serious about fighting obesity and its related diseases.

  8. Nice idea, Darren. Maybe JT will pick it up this week (he’s swamped getting ready for court so he may not see the suggestion). If not, I’ll make a spot for it Friday night/Saturday morning.

  9. How about we put differences aside for the moment and reflect a little on the loss of one of our fellow contributors; Idealist? A man has lost his life and he was a member of this forum.

    Maybe an article for him, so that the comments are not just jumbled around on random topics threads and there can be something for those who knew him to connect to here and have something to remember him by. Just a suggestion.

  10. Nick,

    I have no scores to settle with anyone but myself right now…..

    Reread what you wrote, Three digs or passive aggressiveness…. I don’t really care…it gets tiresome reading thrashings…. Especially ones where no ones gonna win anyway…..

    We just express ideal from our collective conscience…. That’s all nothing more, nothingness…. From my perspective everyone is equal here…. Regardless of education or work experienced…. We share it…. You have good things to offer… Offer them up… Share them…. When you think the folks you’re speaking to are fools…. You’ll soon be fooled…. Especially here….

  11. AY, Read my words, not what people say about my words. I never use foul language directed @ a person, although I swear like a sailor. There is NOTHING on the record of me doing that. Gene was fond of STFU until I called him on that and he changed that one negative behavior. I have never defamed anyone or used “fighting words.” I mentioned meeting in a bar and MikeS went all ballistic about how bars are for fighting. I guess he must hang out in biker bars. I go to restaurant bars and friendly neighborhood bars where fights a VERY rare. To me, a bar is where people share a beer face to face and are much more likely to be civil than the virtual reality of a blog, where there is no body language or even voice inflection. Finally, lets use this thread as a perfect example. I have made numerous substantive points and all the dynamic duo want to do is discuss faux civility despite my asking to discuss substance. Again, they are doing what they constantly accuse me of doing. I’m tired of this, I imagine you are as are most others. Let’s give Gene and/or Mike the last word for tonight [which they needs more than food or water], and start anew tomorrow. Good night and sleep well.

    ID I’m putting this to rest for you. We often expressed genuine affection and my prayers and tears are real, from my heart. I’ll never forget your welcoming of me and your guidance. I hope you got to eat some eggplant before you died. We discussed your love of that nightshade vegetable. Eggplant absorbs oil and flavors better than most vegetables, and it is quite flatulent. Maybe eggplant is a metaphor for you, you old fart!

  12. ID’s passing is indeed a sad note, AY.

    He did, however, follow the rules once they were explained to him and despite any differences he had with others (including me).

  13. At law, free speech does not cover defamation, fighting words, physical threats and/or incitement. They are the exceptions to the rule. This set of precedents is perfectly in line with the policies of this blog.

    Just sayin’.

  14. Nick,

    Don’t abuse it…. You really could be banned in some sort of way…. Disagree without making it personal….

    I had a different relation with ID…. So…. I’ll leave it there…. his passing to the next chapter in the souls life is not anything i understand… except to say… you aint going til its your time….

    But there are those that had a good relation with him… And for that and with that I did not interfere ….. Like has been said, suit up…. Show up…. And sometimes know when to shut up….

    Mike S., has strong opinions…. So does Gene…. Everyone had the right to be here until otherwise told…. It is the imperative last Free Speech Zone….. Where you can be known, anonymous or another vehicle…. Lets keep it civil……

    But then again…. If you read about the relationships of the Founding Fathers…. Madison was so arrogant…. But brilliant at the same time…. He alienated so many folks that Jefferson was in charge of putting down the ideals of Madison…. Research it and prove me wrong….. Though its not well documented…. Liquor, distilled spirits and Beer of some sort flowed well…. They might even have had a brawl or two in the meeting…..

    If I understand…. Someone is gong to introduce Rye Whiskey the way it was distilled at Mount Vernon….soon….and I believe it’ll be for sale….

  15. Russell, The classy and heartfelt words on the passing of ID are the most important aspect, don’t you agree? And, after reading the other comments about free speech and he being the only person who has the authority to ban[Gee, I wonder to whom that was directed???] my faith in this intelligent, judicious, and wise man was strengthened even further. Thanks for pointing out that comment from Mr. Turley about ID. ID was the first person who told me how things operate here. He mostly encouraged but a few times admonished me. ID was a person who was welcoming, and I follow his lead. I always try to welcome new folks here as ID did me. It’s on the record. I will continue in his honor. Some elitists passed ID off as a clown, I saw him as an iconoclast. I love people who are different, always have.

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