Deranged Man Shot After Kidnapping 2-Year-Old Girl At Oklahoma Walmart

mwc-walmart-kidnapping-tape22633102_BG1 The video below is an unnerving video that shows a man, Sammie Wallace, walking through a store clearly looking for a child and then snatching a two-year-old girl. The clearly deranged man then held a knife to the little girl and told the terrified mother to call police. In the end, the officer walked up and shot Wallace point blank in the head when he moved the knife to the girl’s throat and started a countdown.

The tragic scene unfolded in a Walmart in Midwest City, Oklahoma. You can see early in the tape how Wallace spots the girl in cart as the mother and her older daughter do the family shopping. Wallace is clearly not shopping for food as he pushes around an empty cart.

After snatching the girl, Wallace handed the mother a cell phone and demanded that she call a Dallas police officer. What follows is a 30 minute standoff during which the store was evacuated. Wallace reportedly talked about being the wealthiest man in the world and the Illuminati, which is wrongly identified in some publications as a “Satanic group.”

He is given a chair but kept a knife at the girl’s stomach. He then began a 60-second countdown and when he moved the knife to the girl’s throat, Captain David Huff walked up and shot the suspect point blank in the head.

His actions were ruled justified by the district attorney. It is hard to argue with that view. Any effort to wing Wallace in the leg could have resulted in the girl’s death. It was her life that was the priority. A point blank shot also allowed the officer to direct the round away from the girl.

I have to agree with the district attorney on the shooting. What do you think?

Source: Oklahoma City

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  1. Thankfully he was stopped and the child wasn’t hurt!!! A good guy with a gun took out a bad guy with a knive.

  2. With my understanding of tasers, it could have caused the man to involuntarily to stab the child. That cop had nerves of steel.

  3. I have to agree with the DA.

    I’d also be interested in knowing if there was a history of mental illness present here because as Dredd touches on, this smells a lot like suicide by cop.

  4. nonparieldolls:
    There are certain scenarios you listed where I would agree that leaving a child is significant risk. But I think the main thrust of your post is wrong. Stranger abductions are incredibly rare. I suggest you take a gander at We are turning our kids into dependent sheep who can’t think for themselves and think that death is lurking around them at all times. Our kids are safer now than they’ve ever been.

  5. Not very controversial as the what the cop did. For a change it was justified.

    Also not suicide by cop, you don’t need a little girl as a prop for that. Even a toy gun can get a cop to shoot you.

  6. nonparieldolls, I agree w/ much of what you said, but your timing is horrible. WTF could this woman do even if her hands were on the cart. This maniac was looking for a child. There are ample opportunities to say what you just wrote. Not on this thread, however.

  7. This is the WORST nightmare video for any parent. And the taser folks don’t realize THE KNIFE WAS @ THE GIRLS THROAT. There is often a violent twitching resulting from a taser which could have been deadly for the girl. This guy needed a double tap.

  8. I disagree that a taser would have been equally effective. For one thing, because of the physical contact, the taser would have shocked the child as well. Also, electrical shock causes contracture of the muscles, and if he had a knife to the child’s throat, that could have been fatal. Very cool action on the part of the officer.

  9. I have to say one thing — how many times did mom walk away from her child in the shopping cart? Would she walk away from her purse in a shopping cart? Just a wake-up for all mothers. We get busy, we have so many things we have to get done, but let’s keep our most precious possessions as safe as we can. Never, never walk away from your baby in the shopping cart. At the very least, a small child can stand up and topple out, head first (it happened two months ago at our supermarket. Luckily, the child ended up with a bump on her forehead, not a broken neck.) I see kids left alone in the car while mom runs into the drugstore or is standing at the Redbox forever while she picks out movies. As this video shows, we live in a world where you can’t just leave your child alone. Period. And yes, I wholeheartedly agree the shot was the right call and yes, he most definitely wanted to be killed, else why hand the mother a phone to call the police?

  10. This appears to have been some sort of suicide by cop. I don’t know that the police had any other alternative.

  11. Paul is absolutely correct. Besides, a taser may not have entirely incapacitated him from harming the child

  12. I totally agree! Considering it was an off duty cop, no taser was available. I have a CC and if it were me, I’d don’t the same shot!

  13. And a taser would have left him free to do this again. The shot to the head was appropriate.

  14. Although I do agree with the shot to the head, (it sends a message), a taser would’ve also stopped him.

  15. Swift Justice…. I like it! All perverts should be removed from society in the same manor….

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