Fourteen Onlookers Mowed Down By “Supercar” In Poland’s Gran Turismo

The most amazing thing about this video is that no one died.  A report of nineteen injured but no deaths.  This video however does raise a question of negligence by the organizers and not just the driver of a Koenigsegg CCX supercar at a car rally in Poland. [Warning: graphic images]

Two children are among the injured at the Gran Turismo Polonia motor rally in Poznan.

The driver clearly lost control but there remains the question of the safety of having onlookers so close to the road without any barriers. This is an event where drivers show off their rare sports cars. The driver in this case was Norwegian. That also means that a high percentage of the drivers may have little racing experience and the chances for such accidents is much higher.

If there is a lawsuit, there is a deep pocket somewhere since that street legal cars cost $4,850,000 each.

On the other hand, should this be just a case of assumption of the risk for onlookers?

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  1. They may not have in body died but the atlas on top of the spine shifted significantly more than it was. Wait several days before being measured after an incident such as this. All need this UCS practitioners on upcspine or upper cervical health centers.

  2. Assumption of Risk seems very appropriate here… It’s not like they were being forced to stand there…

  3. Jason is right about rally races in Europe. The safety measures taken to protect the crowd is unacceptably low and has been the entire time races have been held there. Given that how do the victims seek relief in the courts where the safety abuse is so wide spread? I don’t know this answer. But what I can hope for is some authority there makes a fundamental change happen to address these risks once and for all. It is a century overdue. Yet admittedly how does an organization muster the will to mandate these changes when many Europeans want to get inches away from the race as spectators, and others are indifferent to their choice.

  4. The NSA told YouTube to censor it..National Security, don’t you know.

  5. I think the assumption of idiocy applies here. The video is gone, I was unable to see if there were proud parents standing close with children in their arms. WTF !!

  6. I see YouTube has censored the video already…it’s great to know that, besides the Government, I have them keeping me “safe” from shocking content…

    The only problem I have is that they censored one of my videos, that was the same as a news video, except that I revealed more information that I had found out with FOIA requests.

    Somehow YouTube also has a problem with whistle blowers….

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