Passing the Buck: Indiana Policer Officer Gives Gun To Bystander To Shoot Deer

220px-Whitetail_doe220px-GLOCK_19An Indiana police officer is under investigation in a novel controversy. Witnesses say that he gave his gun to a stranger to shoot a young deer on the side of the road because he did not have the heart to do it. It appears that the bystander may have been Associate Justice Elena Kagan or at least she claims prior experience for such a job.

After a driver struck the deer, a crowd gathered and the officer responded to the scene. A homeowner went inside to get his gun to put the deer out of his misery but returned to find a man preparing to shoot the animal. He was told that it was the officer’s weapon but that the officer said that he just couldn’t get himself to kill the animal. Witnesses said that he had tears in his eyes and handed the gun to a stranger. The stranger said that he had a gun license in another state. To make matters worse, the officer did not disperse the crowd before the shooting to protect them from mishaps with ricochets or a wounded animal.

I feel great sympathy for the officer but this was obviously a dangerous action to take.

Source: Indy Star

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  1. Darren, It’s tough to find that “Goldilocks” cop. I recall reading recently that a big percentage of people would rather spend time with animals- maybe pets- than other people so there is probably hope for this one. He may not flinch at shooting a person, just critters.


  2. From my perspective, this is all mere honesty in play. Perhaps, the cops read of the body language of the guy was valid. As to the crowd, the lessons they learned and the ones that they didn’t learn by an accident are part of the deal and how unaware people sometimes need to learn. Had I been in the crowd, I would have volunteered if no one else did. NeighborDaveSays: “Not everyone can be Hemingway”

  3. At least this cop wouldn’t kill someone’s pet dog. Although, handing his service weapon to a complete stranger is an -ahem- unwise action.

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  5. Probably a violation of department policy and also simply not a prudent thing for the cop to do. But there’s a lot worse things out there than a cop with too much compassion who makes one dumb mistake. Slap on the wrist for the cop and then move on.

  6. I would question whether this man has the psychological makup to be a Law Enforcement Officer. If he cries over putting down a deer, and cannot handle doing his duty what is going to happen if he has to use deadly force to defend himself, his parter, or a civilian? Is he going to break down then?

    As far as giving his gun away as he did that is a serious breach of policy and safety. As a LEO you don’t give a firearm to anyone outside the department or another police agency. The civilian could have stolen it or claimed they knew how to shoot the deer but didn’t. If that person mishandled the gun and someone was injured the department would be liable. Clearing the crowd? It depends on the circumstances. If you have a group of children, yes, if it is a bunch of old boy hunters, it doesn’t matter as long as the backdrop is good.

    If I was the administrator of this department the officer involved would be looking for another job. This is a serious event for many reasons. I can understand him finding the shooting to be unpleasant. But if he cannot do his duty he needs to find another line of work.

  7. Nazi Amerika,

    The only thing missing now are for these DC/state political goons to break out the Swastikas.

    more coming, it’s everywhere in our face.

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  8. **rafflaw 1, July 3, 2013 at 11:25 am

    I agree with Prof. Turley that while I understand the officer’s emotions, it was not a prudent step to give the gun to someone else. **

    I see you’re point rafflaw, none of us Slaves should ever be trusted with a weapon, after all we are all now been declared the “Enemy”.

    And that Slave down here in Tulsa never should have stopped & picked up that motorcycle off the top of the cop who had crashed.

    That Slave should have just drove on. (Sarc off)

  9. I agree with Prof. Turley that while I understand the officer’s emotions, it was not a prudent step to give the gun to someone else. An officer should never give up his gun, except in special circumstances. Maybe Darren can give us some insight into this officer’s actions.

  10. ** Dan, Stereotype much?? **


    Have you researched much of how the Nazi training worked?

  11. ** Maybe the headline should be “Shocker: Cop Found To Have Human Emotions”.**


    Those are about the same thoughts I was going to write.

    Below is an interview I found interesting of a ret guy from NASA.

  12. Dan, Stereotype much?? I think the much more interesting story is the link to Kagan and Nino “The Racist” Scalia hunting. It shows what I continually say, we citizens should take our cue from the Supreme Court. Unlike the other branches of govt., they have class and respect for each other. It was obvious to me during the confirmation hearings that Kagan is my type of woman..tough and funny. Bagging a deer just reinforces that.

  13. Oh, come on… Nothing to see here. How many people killed? How many people injured?

    Maybe the headline should be “Shocker: Cop Found To Have Human Emotions”.

  14. Yeah, unless he knew the guy, he probably shouldn’t have done that.

    As for the crowd, when are people responsible for themselves!?!?

    Not a smart thing to do, but no use making a mountain out of a molehill.

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