Proposed Findings and Sanctions Against the Government Filed In The World Bank Case

As discussed in the media (Washington Post and Associated Press), the plaintiffs in the World Bank case have filed their final proposed findings before the Special Master, including recommendations that D.C. Attorney General Irving Nathan and top aides be referred to the Bar for investigation. The case (Chang v. United States) has been going on for over ten years and involves the mass arrest of bystanders without probable cause during demonstrations against the World Bank and IMF. The case has been under investigation by Special Master John M. Facciola, United States Magistrate Judge for the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, who is looking into the loss or destruction of key evidence in the possession of the District of Columbia as well as false statements and filings made before the Court by District officials. Because I am co-lead counsel in the case with Dan Schwartz of Bryan Cave, I must remain circumspect in what I can say about the case. To relieve the burden on my secretary, I am posting the filing this week which is in the public record.

We have been getting a fair number of calls about the schedule as well as copies of the filing. There is no schedule for decision. This filing is quite lengthy and only reflects a portion of the record before the Special Master. The parties have a few weeks to response to these proposed findings.

Here is the main filing:

967 – Plaintiffs Proposed Findings

7 thoughts on “Proposed Findings and Sanctions Against the Government Filed In The World Bank Case”

  1. Not only is it blatant but the fix is/was in all the way up to and including the FBI!

    Rafflaw, the sad fact is that luck shouldn’t have anything to do with it. We now have to rely on the luck of the draw in getting Judges and Prosecutors and even Special Masters that have integrity.

  2. Big Banks Win… Of course Big Banks Attorneys never do the time for the crime….

  3. Mr. Nathan and his cohorts seemed to be dirty and should be sanctioned if not brought up on charges for the apparent loss of evidence under their control. Good luck professor.

  4. I read the attached pleadings or “filings”. Having just commented on the article above this one on the Pirate Territory of Pakistan one must initially observe that this place designated as the District of Columbia is very similar in characteristics to a Pirate Territory. I hesitate to advise the readers to flush when their planes fly over because I fear that JT might be down below.

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