Life Following Art: Bollywood Movie On Forbidden Love Between A Muslim And Hindu Is Banned In Pakistan

220px-RaanjhanaafilmposterPakistan has again shown the dangerous affiliation of religious discrimination and censorship. The Central Board of Film Censors in Pakistan has banned the movie Raanjhanaa due to a “controversial plot” in which a Muslim girl falls in love with a Hindu man.

Chief Executive Officer of IMGC Global Entertainment Amjad Rasheed, the importer of Raanjhanaa, told the media that the board objected to “an inapt image” of a Muslim girl who falls in love with a Hindu man and that it cannot be shown to audiences in Pakistan. Ironically, the movie deals with the religious barriers to the couple and at first the man hides that he is a Hindu. The girl’s family eventually sends her off to protect her from such a relationship. Now the Board will assist by barring people was watching such a movie.

In the end, such censorship will fail and I hope that the underlying prejudices will also eventually be made the stuff of retrospective movies. However, in the interim, the story plot and reality have found a sad consistency in Pakistan.

Source: Tribune

12 thoughts on “Life Following Art: Bollywood Movie On Forbidden Love Between A Muslim And Hindu Is Banned In Pakistan”

  1. dialogue as in simi valley, moores eye, nostra, or the long robe will traded for the short – should some one stop by. they are in the middle of the sacraments of their feast. I said i will party like it’s 1999 or 168 months passed…

    sew it must be rideyer mo mo mo mo moan-knee
    rodger po po po po poeknoe

  2. It would be nice to see this movie become an internet cult classic for people in Pakistan. Nothing says “strong demand” quite like gov’t censorship.

    Anecdotal but when I was in 6th grade there was this big controversy over the school’s library offering the book “Forever” by Judy Blume. Hardly anybody knew about the book before this, and thereafter everyone wanted it. Then after that Huck Finn caught big brother’s attention. Again, everyone wanted to read Huckleberry Finn.

    Hopefully some good dialogue will be fostered.

  3. Muslims say we are a religion of love and then contradict themselves when a movie comes out on unconditional love. People that follow islamic law are the straightest bald face liars on the planet.

  4. And the Princes Daughter can’t marry the marine…. Right…

  5. I say we flood the internet and Pakistan airwaves w/ American porn!! NSA, get on it.

  6. So sad that a movie about people from different faiths actually falling in love would be prevented from being viewed by those who need an example of how we can all get along.

  7. One can judge the relative merits of both countries and religions by looking at the FACT that the film was produced and can be seen in India, while Pakistan bans it. Once again we can see which is the religion of peace and tolerance, and which one is NOT. Hindus are not without fault to be sure, but on a relative scale of tolerance, and decency, they surpass Islam by a wide margin.

    1. Oh Lard….. Let it rain in Pakistan till they are all dead…………….

  8. How unfortunate….. The stinking ‘SLIME’ of religion strikes again!!!!

  9. On a scale of things pertinent to life, liberty and the pursuit of human and dog happiness, Pakistan is a land locked Pirate Territory. No other nation state should have trade, embassy, aid, or compacts and should deny their pirates the right to emigrate. Travel by Americans should be forbidden and that has nothing to do with Biden. If you must fly over, please flush twice.

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