From Brotherhood To Bombs: Ominous Signs Grow Of Potential Civil War

This video of pro-Morsi demonstrators captures the dangerous undercurrent in Egyptian politics. The ease with which these individuals talk of turning to terrorism is unnerving.

The fact is that the military just overthrew an elected government, albeit a government that was engaging in increasing authoritarian actions and imposing religious edicts on the population. As you look at these followers of Morsi, they seem eager to justify blowing up innocent people in response to the protests and takeover.

24 thoughts on “From Brotherhood To Bombs: Ominous Signs Grow Of Potential Civil War”

  1. There is only one being who likes bombs. Whoever can’t figure that out has no concept of love with a destine to die in Gog and Magog on the last day.

  2. maxcat, Exactly! And how the Obama administration didn’t understand this basic fact is alarming. Our Secretary of State is vacationing on Nantucket. Now, I don’t begrudge vacations. I never take potshots @ Presidents for golfing, vacationing, etc. They earn their time off. But, when the shit starts hitting the fan like this, the Sec. of State has to suck it up and get his ass to Washington. Take the vacation another time.

  3. Justice Holmes: That is exactly why the Muslim Brotherhood found itself at odds with the concept of democracy. They were elected because they were the only real established “party” at the time, and then thought that they had an annointment by Allah to rule. There was no thought to participatory government, competing ideas, religious freedom or the formation of other political parties.

  4. Chill and mespo are correct, frack our way to freedom. But I must say, the Obama Administration has pissed on both legs the past couple years in Egypt.

  5. I agree that we need to remove all aid to Egypt and keep our State department personnel out of there until this settles down. It was a scary video and is yet another example why religion and politics or governance should never mix.

  6. Many countries in the mideast are bubbling cesspools of religious strive just waiting to explode. Any secular or modern strain of thought is quickly squashed. The Egyptian Revolution is no exception as they traded one secular strong man (Mubarak) for another religious one (that stooge Morsi from the Muslim Brotherhood). The army realising the death spiral caused by religious extremism stepped in to do what the politicians could not do, but the army can’t quell an ideology and civil war seems a likely course. The best thing we can do is what chill1184 suggests and right along with it to develop our own oil reserves so that we have no cause to even glance across the globe at that hopeless situation.

  7. The army forced Morsi out, so I guess the Brotherhood is going to war with the military. Egypt is not a nice place to be during these times

  8. “….The ease with which these individuals talk of turning to terrorism is unnerving.” They don’t need to talk of terrorism, it’s who they already are. Until the U.S. takes Islamic terrorism seriously and deals with them militarily instead of misguided souls who simply need our understanding and money, we openly invite escalating problems (political and defense) until it is inevitable that these groups ultimately coalesce, likely with the tutelage of Iran and we end up in a global war.

    We routinely underestimate nations and peoples who are not nuclear capable(even some who are, e.g. Russia, Pakistan, N. Korea) yet waste a lot of blood and treasure while being unable to defeat them (e.g. Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan). Lesson – we had better learn to use a big stick, in the name of peace of course and U.S. security, or come up with some other plan that works in a hurry, because what we are doing is not working, with or without a big stick.

    Reality says that when others hate you and want to kill you, be it for religious or any other reason, particularly if they are more than willing to kill themselves and their children in the process, talk just doesn’t work. Sadly, attrition and a realization they are dying in vain does. Sometimes overt power is the only solution…just like dealing with a bully.

  9. While I hate the idea of a military coup, it seems like this was the lesser of two evils. I don’t know what went on behind the scenes with Morsi, my guess is that he ordered the Army to clear the protestors using force and live ammo. The military brass would in this case, NOT follow their orders since they could not be sure of the loyalty of their troops if given such an order. So they were caught between a rock and a hard place. That is one advantage of having a conscript Army since it keeps a check on such foolishness of mass murder by the military.

    The most disturbing thing about that tape is how all who are not Sunni fanatics are declared to be the enemy, worthy of death. Even though Christians had no part in the coup, the woman declares them to be worthy of mass murder into the millions. Such sentiments cannot be seen as idle threats and should not be allowed to be part of any political group. We have the conundrum of what to do with political groups who declare that the entire population is to be subjected to Sharia law or else blood will flow. The prospects for a peaceful election are basically nil since any electoral defeat will be met with violence and force have to be used against the fanatics. The real problem is the economic one, and once that is solved or mitigated, we can expect to see more of this violence.

  10. Another reason why we should leave the Middle East alone and get all of our bases out of that region and the rest of the world. Let Darwin sort them out

  11. Religion diminishes the value of this life by proclaiming it to be merely a testing ground for some fantastical, and interestingly specific, hereafter.

    Religion for many reasons is slavery and remains a threat to secularism and Western values. There is a battle to be had between these systems of governing and the ways one views the world. In a secular society, religious pluralism thrives. In theocratic societies, there is only ever-growing oppression and censorship.

    All this on top of the fact that the story of the Universe and our natural emergence within it far exceed any myths we arbitrarily impose upon the cosmos.

  12. I unintentionally have two names on this blog. I press post and then I see what name is posted. I am going to try something here.
    PS. those that know what is german for blue will figure it out. My computer skills are woeful. Though much better than two years ago when I used one for the very first time.

  13. Yup, just educate people in the ways of the Lord.
    .” Science? Science!! We don’t need no stinkin Science”

    Our 2,000 yr old book, or 1,300 yr old book contains all We need to know. Spread the Love and Respect of Jesus or Allah, and kill everybody else.

  14. Morsi’s followers cannot conceive of anyone objecting to a government that decides that they are chosen by god and no one else should have any say. Their idea of democracy is that once tney one they dont need another election. Is it their religion that causes their mania or are they just violent people, who knows. What I do know is that they never take responsibility for what happens in their own countries ; it is always someone else’s fault. It is always America or some other enemy. Any excuse to play the victim while killing as many as possible. The US needs to stop bankrolling these people in the hopes that they will LOVE us. ($7.5 billion to Morsi, was not enoght.) They won’t.

  15. I wonder to whom the first man speaking was addressing. It almost to me seemed as if he was trying to incite fear in the minds of the leaders of the western world, thinking he would stoke fear for those worried about another terrorist state.

  16. I think the islamists will be quite in the minority of public opinion there, but certainly the most ruthless.

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