Et Tu, Buddhists?

-Submitted by David Drumm (Nal), Guest Blogger

buddhaPhysicians for Human Rights has released a report (pdf) detailing their investigation of Buddhist terrorists who burned Muslim houses and killed Muslim students in the town of Meiktila in central Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). The victims, who attended the Mingalar Zayyone Islamic boarding school, included one boy who was decapitated and another who was set on fire. One Buddhist monk, in his red saffron robe, told the mob to wait until the Muslims leave the Buddhist part of town before killing them, “otherwise the Kalar’s ghosts will come here.” (Kalar means “foreigner” and is used as an anti-Muslim slur.)

On the evening of 20 March 2013 a mob of Buddhists, angered by – it doesn’t really matter, nothing could justify their actions – marched to the school. The seven teachers and 120 students fled into a nearby bog to hide in small groups in the tall grass. They remained standing in water-logged mud, filled with snakes, until about 4 am when a car’s headlights illuminated a boy hiding in the grass. The mob descended into the weeds and killed two boys. The other students fled to a nearby residential compound.

Inside the compound the students took refuge in four small buildings. The mob soon surrounded the compound and started throwing rocks and “fire sticks,” pieces of wood wrapped in cloth soaked in gasoline and then ignited. Police stood by on a nearby embankment and watched the attack. Onlookers cheered the mob.

At 8 am, approximately 15 to 20 riot police arrived and encircled the compound calling for those inside to come out with their hands on their heads. The teachers and students left the compound and went past the mob who threw bricks and clubbed the students. The riot police did not intervene to prevent the beatings. As the students neared the Muslim part of town, hundreds of people, including 10 monks, would not let them pass. When one of the boys moved to protect an elderly woman who was being beaten with a bamboo stick, one of the mob took his long knife and sliced the boy’s neck and then sliced off the boy’s face with a second blow.

Another student was beaten until he lay face down on the ground. When he lifted up his head, a man struck the back of his neck with a sword, decapitating him.burned bodies

In another incident, one of the students was attacked by two men. The first used a sword to open a gash in the student’s thigh. The second man poured gasoline on the bleeding wound and set it on fire. A 10-year-old student was beaten with bamboo poles and gasoline was poured on him and set on fire.

Member of Parliment Win Htein said the police commissioner and district commissioner were present along with 200 other police and none did anything to stop the massacre.

During the three day period, 1500 Muslim homes were burned, more that a dozen mosques and three madrasas were destroyed, and more that 100 people, Muslims, were killed.

TIME International recently feature a cover story about Buddhist monk, Ashin Wirathu, and reported that “violence is being fanned by extremist Buddhist monks, who preach a dangerous form of religious chauvinism to their followers.” This issue has been banned in Myanmar.

H/T: Howard Friedman, New York Times, globalpost, New York Times.

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  3. Eugene Volokh:

    Sri Lanka Bans Time Magazine with Cover Story on Buddhist-Led Pogroms in Myanmar” rel=”nofollow

    Customs department spokesman Leslie Gamini said they held the July 1 issue, because it carried a photo of a prominent Myanmar monk under the headline: “The Face of Buddhist Terror”

    “By operation of law these magazines will be confiscated,” Gamini said. “We did not allow this issue to be distributed in Sri Lanka because we felt it could hurt the religious sentiments of the people.”

    Buddhist-majority Sri Lanka, where tensions with Muslims and other minority religious communities have been rising, is the second country to censor the edition after Myanmar also blocked it.

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  7. And as for the subject of bigotry, I’ll leave it to another great legendary humorist, Tom Lehrer (who I’m happy to say is still with us). Lehrer is one of those amazing humorists whose politically-oriented material is still topical, many decades after they were written. (And for those who don’t know about him, the comedy and songwriting was mostly an avocation for him, and he has been a mathematics professor for most of his life.)

  8. Are they the same “scholars” that told you Nazis are Leftists, Ralph?

    If so, then you’re right not to trust them.

  9. Before I read Maccoby’s works, I held the traditional views of the mainstream New Testament scholars. But after reading Maccoby’s analyses, his writings thoroughly changed my views. He brilliantly analyzed the ancient writings and clearly discussed them with such erudition and painstaking logic, and since then I have gained insights into the New Testament that I never could have achieved from the mainstream scholars. I find Maccoby’s analyses to be particularly persuasive because he did not cherry-pick evidence that supported his positions and ignore conflicting evidence, but, on the contrary, he examined all the available evidence, including potentially conflicting material.

    I have read many of the criticisms of Maccoby’s works, including writings of some traditional New Testament scholars, but none of them carry any weight for me, regardless of the prestige of the universities and colleges they are affiliated with, because those writers refuse to get into the details that Maccoby does so well. In short, those mainstream scholars merely assert, ipse dixit, that Maccoby should be dismissed based on their say-so, without need for scholarly analyses or discussion.

    Finally, you do not have to be a Jew to understand and appreciate Maccoby’s works.

    As for the widely held conventional view that the Jews were responsible for Jesus’s crucifixion, I’ll leave it to Lenny Bruce, the legendary “rebel” comedian of the 1950s and 1960s to explain it to you. This clip is from the 1974 movie “Lenny,” wonderfully played by Dustin Hoffman and directed by the fabulous Bob Fosse.

  10. I doubt this will help the debate any but I thought I’d mention that the Quran supports, no asserts, the Judaism of Jesus. It gives a historical narrative of what we call Judaism starting with Abraham through Jesus, (although it calls each member a Muslim, as in “he who submits himself to the Lord”.) The lineage it offers us of Jesus includes Mary, up to Aaron and all the way up to Abraham.

  11. while on topic of the LETTERS of the prophets, in Nostradamus. they have been destroyed in 2009-10, because I predicted too many things. the churches threatened to arrest me when I went in to tell them them the truth, and 911 was called. ( it is a really long story that won’t fit in single posting.)

  12. sPINDEkk –

    Most of the jews that I know, and that includes half of my relatives, would
    be appalled that a fellow jew would label someone they don’t know as an snti-semiteand because they happen to question the so-called jewish Holocaust claims as being unproven and disproven.. I neither hate my relatives nor he millions of Arab semites all round the world.

    YOU are the real bigot and anti-semite because of your hatred of Muslims, and like so many others here and elsewhere, you are either ignorant of
    the evidence which disproves your Zionist propaganda claims, or else you are incapable of critical thinking – i.e. you are threatened by those who question claims made by people desperate to maintain historical lies.

  13. BTW, MIke, good morning and I hope you enjoy(ed?) your family’s visit.

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