Picture 1320We are less than 24 hours away from picking up our new puppy, a female black golden doodle. We have really enjoyed everyone’s suggestions for a name. The top three on the poll are Pepper, Luna, and Scout. Since those names generated 70 percent of the votes last week, we decided to ask for a final vote among the top three below.

57 thoughts on “LAST CHANCE TO NAME MY DOG

  1. Luna…. Since you’re getting the pup in July…. The sign of the crab and ruled by the moon…. Or as legend has it….

  2. Looks like it’s going to be Pepper, but I still vote for Scout. Putting this rogue’s gallery in charge of naming your dog is a leap of faith.

  3. My vote is to name her according to her personality. Since I haven’t met the pup, I have no clue. She’s a cutie though.

  4. Eileen,

    If you were going to vote for Pepper, you don’t have to be logged in to vote.

    If you were going to vote for one of the others, you do have to be logged in.:)

  5. I think Luna is too close to Lunacy. Or Luna, see?

    If we find a parasite, is it a Lunatic?

    I voted for Pepper; my second choice is Scout.

  6. Pepper. Duh.

    Urban Dictionary: pepper pot 1) (noun) – An assertive person who shares opinions or acts in ways that are stronger than the extant social power structure might predict.

  7. Let her pick her own name. If she’s smart and measured it’s Luna. If she’s always on the hunt for toys and noms and those invisible things cats and dogs sometimes hunt for and follow then it’s Scout. If she’s just a ball of energy and headstrong then it’s Pepper.

  8. Since ‘Cutie Pie” is not on the list, I vote for ‘Pepper’. When things get a little flat (Ha, Ha, when is that?) she will spice things up for sure.

  9. “Luna” is the name of a discount chain of furniture stores in Chicago. There commercial has one of the most annoying jiggles around. I know the good Professor is from Chicago. I would think he’d get this crappy ditty stuck in his head. Go with Scout. It’s cute. Who cares if Demi Moore thought of it first and stuck one of her daughters with it. Pepper, while cute for a black dog, will inevitably make the entire family think of Angie Dickenson whenever they call the pup. On second thought. I change my vote to Pepper

  10. Some thoughts on dog-naming follow, if it’s not too late.

    Practically speaking, a two-syllable dog name (or nickname) is always preferable to a single syllable – easier to shout effectively, easier for the dog to hear and discern. For the same reason, long vowel sounds are better than short. Sound it out yourself: Daisy vs. Becca, or Milo vs. Russell. (Worst is the single-syllable, short-vowelled name, like Dot or Bud.)

    In other words, I’d rule out Scout right off, but I’m not that keen on the other two choices either, although Luna’s long ‘u’ gives it an edge While all three names are lovely, we’re talking about naming a dog (who will frequently need to be called from a distance), not a cat or a literary character.

    Of course, it’s your dog and your vocal chords, so good luck and best wishes whatever you choose – I just know that I’d be hoarse after yelling “Pepper” a couple dozen times.

  11. I voted for Pepper and Pepper seems to be the favorite so far among those voting. That normally could mean I made the wrong choice, as the majority here is typically wrong–but that’s usually only on political issues.

  12. So much for Scout. You’ll surely want to write a book and maybe there’ll be legal issues… (-:

    The Puppy Diaries
    At a Year Old, a Few Small Lessons Are Left

    Published: May 3, 2010

    This is the final installment of the Puppy Diaries, which tracked the course of a dog’s life over her first year.

    [Photo of “one-year-old Scout, the author’s golden retriever”]

    The Puppy Diaries

    A series about the challenges and satisfactions of raising a puppy through its first year of life.

    SCOUT turned 1.

    She weighs 63 pounds.

    To the naked eye, she is all grown up, but she is still very much a puppy, and some bad habits die hard — like pulling on her leash when we are heading to the dog run. As we approach the gate, I feel as if my arm is coming out of its socket. Recently, a squirrel crossed our path and Scout came close to dragging me to the pavement.

    (Blah, blah, blah.)

    I’m changing my vote, too. You’ll know what to name her, once she’s at home with her new fam.

  13. Tony,

    That’s why I voted Scout over Luna. I didn’t want to create some kind of synchronicity that encouraged the little critter to howl at the moon.😀

  14. What is A Black Golden Doodle?! The puppy in the picture is black & curly so a Doodle could be a mutt with poodle in it, but I see no Golden in it. I dare say a partial Golden Retriever is close enough to a Black Lab to get an all black bitch? I guess I missed the earlier story on this. I don’t see any of those names fitting this dog. How about Fluffy?

  15. Gina, I am quite sure that if he were to have to yell for the dog a dozen times that the name will cease to be relevant at that point as it will have already mutated into something from a George Carlin skit or the name Fenton.

  16. Sooty

    That was the name of our mixed poodle and Labrador

    She was an incredible dog and friend for about 15 years !!!!

    You can’t go wrong….

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  17. Naming the pooch “Pepper” is like naming the kid of a black man and woman “Pepper”, or a red-haired kid Ginger. It’s a moniker based on a color. I thought we got away from that. How dare anyone recommend and vote on that name. And I’m surprised that Prof T would even consider such a thing. My recommendation would be “Moesha” which would be a color neutral name, right?

  18. Hello, if she were mine I would call her Tara Monet…..Tara for Gone with the Wind….(then you can say, heck with you guys….I’m going home to Tara). Monet is for the flowers….I like to give my dogs middle names!
    Enjoy her. Animals are such a gift from God!

  19. Geeba Geeba

    i could just see the entire Turley clan out looking for a lost dog, riding their bicycles around the neighborhood shouting “Moesha Moesha, here girl”.

  20. Geeba, there’s nothing wrong or racist about naming this sweet dog “Pepper,” even if the color was the reason. I know someone who named their orange colored cat “Pumpkin,” and there’s nothing wrong with that either. Moreover, the name “Pepper” is not necessarily associated with color. For example, my first association with the name “Pepper” is “Pepper Anderson”– the name of the character played by actress Angie Dickenson in an old TV show called “Police Woman.” Angie was a beautiful and charismatic blond.

  21. We are leaving now for Pennsylvania. Myself and three boys in a van. Five hours to pick up Pepper/Scout/Luna.

  22. Geeba: My vote for Pepper was not based on color; I just like the sound better and the implication is spicy. My neighbor has a fluffy all white small poodle she named Snowball, the dog is professionally trimmed twice a month to look like almost like it is made of snowballs.

    I don’t think that reflects any racism or bigotry. Racism and bigotry are demeaning, unless the name of the dog itself is a racial slur or is demeaning to others (for example naming a dog “faggot”), IMO naming a dog after a trait of appearance is not demeaning to the dog or anybody else.

  23. Eh, using a little sarcasm here people. Could care less what one calls their dog or other captive animal. (Excuse me, domestic pet). But don’t try to sell me the idea that naming a black dog “Pepper” isn’t based on it’s color. that’s all legalese lawyer banter.

    If you really want to get your panties in a knot look up the name of the beloved black dog in the 1950’s movie “The Dam Busters”. Oh, yes. Now you don’t even have to look it up, you know what it is right now. But you don’t believe it and the doubt compels you to research it anyway. Then you reflect on what it all means. Anything?

    And the Moesha bit – c’mon.

  24. Plus folks these are dogs; animals. Naming conventions are not as they are for persons.

    1) Dog: Fido; Fluffy
    2) Horse: Seattle Slew; Affirmed
    3) Chicken: Clucky; Barn32-row49-cage802-000912
    4) Guinea Pig: Sample-2013-539M

  25. G.Mason – That is a hilarious video – and Fenton is yet another poor (albeit distinguished-sounding) doggy name choice!😉

  26. Darren Smith – “4) Guinea Pig: Sample-2013-539M”? Aw c’mon, we’re talking about pets here. Think of the children!

  27. I voted for Luna…

    But if you want a last minute change, the golden yellow ribbon on her neck looks like the flower petals of a Black-eyed Susan flower… so I still opt for Susie! She is, after all, in a flower pot. A girl’s gotta bloom where she’s planted, right?

    She is SO adorably cute! Give her a little hug from me!

  28. I suspect that she’s naming herself and taking her time… Welcome to your new home, sweet pup. (She is absolutely adorable.)

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