56 thoughts on “LAST CHANCE TO NAME MY DOG”

  1. Ok, Ok…Just name the dog rafflaw and that will settle the problem! 🙂

  2. I suspect that she’s naming herself and taking her time… Welcome to your new home, sweet pup. (She is absolutely adorable.)

  3. I voted for Luna…

    But if you want a last minute change, the golden yellow ribbon on her neck looks like the flower petals of a Black-eyed Susan flower… so I still opt for Susie! She is, after all, in a flower pot. A girl’s gotta bloom where she’s planted, right?

    She is SO adorably cute! Give her a little hug from me!


  4. Darren Smith – “4) Guinea Pig: Sample-2013-539M”? Aw c’mon, we’re talking about pets here. Think of the children!

  5. G.Mason – That is a hilarious video – and Fenton is yet another poor (albeit distinguished-sounding) doggy name choice! 😉

  6. They must be back by now. We’re expecting pictures and a name decision tomorrow.

  7. Plus folks these are dogs; animals. Naming conventions are not as they are for persons.

    1) Dog: Fido; Fluffy
    2) Horse: Seattle Slew; Affirmed
    3) Chicken: Clucky; Barn32-row49-cage802-000912
    4) Guinea Pig: Sample-2013-539M

  8. No matter what a dog is named, I don’t believe the dog will consider itself insulted.

  9. Eh, using a little sarcasm here people. Could care less what one calls their dog or other captive animal. (Excuse me, domestic pet). But don’t try to sell me the idea that naming a black dog “Pepper” isn’t based on it’s color. that’s all legalese lawyer banter.

    If you really want to get your panties in a knot look up the name of the beloved black dog in the 1950’s movie “The Dam Busters”. Oh, yes. Now you don’t even have to look it up, you know what it is right now. But you don’t believe it and the doubt compels you to research it anyway. Then you reflect on what it all means. Anything?

    And the Moesha bit – c’mon.

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