Mao Meat Sale: Chinese Seize Chicken Feet and Meat From 1967

220px-Chicken_feet130px-Mao_Zedong_portraitIt appears that there is something worse than fake eggs. Chinese police in Guangxi raided a storage site and found decades-old chicken feet — some dating to the cultural revolution in 1967. A criminal gang smuggled chicken feet, beef tripe and cartilage from Vietnam — some 20 tons of bad meat and chicken feet that were processed with bleach and other chemicals to hide the smell.

The gang was smuggling the meat from Vietnam and using bleach and other chemicals to add weight and improve its coloring. Restaurants were buying the old meat knowingly and cooking it in ways to hide the pungent smell.

The police also seized hundreds of bear paws in different raids that are part of a booming Chinese demand for exotic and endangered animal parts.

Source: SCMP

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  1. sorry guys. smuggling is a big issue in china. don’t believe the packing label, they just do what is conveniently available at hand.
    serious problem now for smuggling out of the muslim countries to china, while the more civilised countries are more refrained from doing it. it has got into the diplomacy level that the trade promotion offices of these muslim countries deal with high officials and majors in china and get their green lights for smuggling. imagine a container for usd 5000 go-pass fee to the officials, and enormous tax evasion profit to the shipper, and the money goes to the criminals, and to the anti-western propaganda and wars. There are jihad mentality at every levels, from grass root, suicidal bomber, to diplomats who channel the funds to anti-western antivities.

    imagine, one small operator is already handling 100 container / week.

  2. From a Poll today on Yahoo:

    The CEO of Smithfield Foods heads to Capitol Hill today to answer questions about his plan to sell the meat producer to a Chinese company. Should Congress block the deal?

    Yes, I don’t trust China in the U.S. food chain (24834) – 67%

    Let free markets rule (10998) 30%

    I’m a vegetarian (1025) 3%

  3. Knowingly?? KNOWINGLY?? Yikes. “Ah, 1967…a very good year for chicken feet…they don’t get older, they just get better…”

    Oh, and Skip, I have to smile when you say Goo Goo Clusters are everywhere in Nashville but start getting harder to find around Atlanta, because I just walked into a supermarket here in the Cleveland area and found them for sale. Can’t recall ever seeing that before.

  4. Are there any dogs or cats in China? Or is it like in Seoul, where dogmeat is for sale along with beef, chicken, etc.

  5. When in China don’t buy anything claimed to be “spam”. I’d tell ya what it really is but you would get a gag order.

  6. Poignant or pungent? Police often make the same mistake when testifying as to the odor of unburned marijuana. It always makes for a good laugh in the courtroom.

  7. Who or what saves chicken feet, cow guts, and various poultry and bovine cartilage for about 46 years? And, I presume the storage would have continued but for the commercial interests of the Chinese entrepreneurs.

    Because of its enormous population, there is a market for everything and anything in China. 99.5% of the people in China may abhor something, but that .05% represents a viable market if it is concentrated in a discrete area. If the 5m. or so people are spread out over the entire country, marketing & selling becomes very difficult, though not impossible. An example is a product that commands a very high price, such as an aphrodisiac made “from” a protected or rare species.

    Think about how many products over your lives seem available or popular in certain areas. A moon pie and RC Cola in parts of the South. Goo Goo Clusters are available all over the place in Nashville, but even in Atlanta (about a 5 hr. drive) they get hard to find. I can think of many items freely available in Calgary, but hard to find in Vancouver. So, if one-half of one percent of the folks in China are buyers or potential buyers of magenta knee socks, and they are concentrated in or around, say, Chongqing (former Chungking), there is plenty of money to be made. And capitalism abhors a vacuum.

    China’s seeming disregard for human life, or more apprpriately, different view than the West, is somewhat disturbing. When the school collapsed in China with many kids being killed, the government allowed a few days of open, public mourning and criticism of government inspection, corruption, etc. Then, after three or four days, it was decided there had been time enough and shut down all dissent. And I won’t even discuss treatment of baby girls in China.

    Is China really the country we want making all our young kids’ toys, or producing essential building materials for our homes, etc., etc.?

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