Tulsa Man Arrested Inside Septic Tank As Peeping Tom

article-2358500-1AB89E59000005DC-665_306x423There are some crimes that appear to be punishment in themselves. In Oklahoma, a woman had an unnerving experience of going to the bathroom at a Sand Springs water park only to look down and see a man staring back at her from inside the septic tank. It was Tulsa resident Kenneth Enslow, 52, who was pulled out of tank and charged with being a peeping Tom.

The woman had taken her 7-year-old daughter to the bathroom when she spotted Enslow covered in human waste in the tank below.

He was pulled from the tank and sprayed off with a fire house before being jailed.

Enslow claimed that his girlfriend Angel hit him in the head with a tire iron, tossed him in the back of a 1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo and dumped him in the toilet. However, police say that they found no sign of injury. He reportedly later confessed.

By the way, the commonly used phrase “Peeping Tom” comes from the legend of Lady Godiva. Godiva’s real name was Godgifu — the wife of the Earl Leofric of Mercia. Leofric imposed terrible taxes on the people and Godiva sought to relieve the burden of the poor. Her husband reportedly refused and said that she would first have to ride through the town on market day nude. A much loved charitable person, Godiva told the people to stay in doors and not look in order to force her husband’s hand. Later the legend was changed to add a tailor named Tom who supposedly went blind after peeking at Lady Godiva as she passed through the town of Coventry in the 11th century.

However, that is still better than crawling into a septic tank in Oklahoma.

Source: Washington Post

33 thoughts on “Tulsa Man Arrested Inside Septic Tank As Peeping Tom”

  1. Ralph:

    if we look at this logically, isnt all sh*t pretty much the same? At least from the same species. Skunk feces in Missouri is pretty similar to skunk dung in Mississippi excepting for local seeds, etc. So why would you travel for a regional difference?

    Enslow doesnt look to be, from his picture anyway, all that discriminating.

  2. Oh come on now, lighten up folks. I find this crowd very hard to please, even with my crackerjack investigative reporting.

  3. I just hope Kenneth F. Enslow (from Lakewood, Washington) doesn’t google his name and find embarrassment here.

  4. Ralph, there are at least eleven people in the US by that name, and one can be sure there are more than that. In fact, none of the eleven people I found in a one minute search of the internet live in Oklahoma.

    Your research skills need a bit of work.

  5. Ralph:

    I usually find your cogent, hard hitting reportage interesting but there is more than one Kenneth Enslow in the USA.

  6. Gene:

    Some might say it is possible that a successful Washington State real estate broker would be so inclined to drive 2,000 miles to hide out in an Oklahoma Park’s septic tank, ignoring all similar ones found in rest stops along the way, just to be shat upon by unsuspecting tourists. But, I am not one of them.

  7. Pete:

    Yep, you are probably right about him running. Wouldn’t want to use a Taser either, might spark a methane fire 🙂

  8. I’m puzzled as to why a Peeping Tom’s politics would even be relevant, but Ralphie? He don’t need no stinkin’ facts, Darren! He’s got that going for him. Which is nice.

  9. Darren

    why bother ralphie with facts.

    as for the septic tank peeper, he should have run. no one would have tackled him, even the k-9 would’ve gotten back in the truck.

    maybe call the fire dept to hose him down while he’s running.

  10. Ralph.

    I don’t believe you have the right person. The septic tank suspect resides, according to the article, in Tulsa OK.

    The person you quote resides in Lakewood, WA Which has the zip code that you provided.

    In fact, here is a URL for that same information you provided.


    Might be helful to check a little more carefully next time.

  11. I know when most people read as off-the-wall story like this about some totally whacko character, they don’t typically ask themselves what kind of political views that meshugana person holds, but I do, because that’s just the kind of inquiring mind I have. I did a diligent search to find out just what Kenneth Enslow’s political views might be, and this is what I came up with:

    Kenneth F. Enslow (Self-Employed/Real Estate Broker), (Zip code: 98499) $800 to DEMOCRATIC CONGRESSIONAL CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE on 09/29/06

    Why am I not surprised?

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