Tulsa Man Arrested Inside Septic Tank As Peeping Tom

article-2358500-1AB89E59000005DC-665_306x423There are some crimes that appear to be punishment in themselves. In Oklahoma, a woman had an unnerving experience of going to the bathroom at a Sand Springs water park only to look down and see a man staring back at her from inside the septic tank. It was Tulsa resident Kenneth Enslow, 52, who was pulled out of tank and charged with being a peeping Tom.

The woman had taken her 7-year-old daughter to the bathroom when she spotted Enslow covered in human waste in the tank below.

He was pulled from the tank and sprayed off with a fire house before being jailed.

Enslow claimed that his girlfriend Angel hit him in the head with a tire iron, tossed him in the back of a 1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo and dumped him in the toilet. However, police say that they found no sign of injury. He reportedly later confessed.

By the way, the commonly used phrase “Peeping Tom” comes from the legend of Lady Godiva. Godiva’s real name was Godgifu — the wife of the Earl Leofric of Mercia. Leofric imposed terrible taxes on the people and Godiva sought to relieve the burden of the poor. Her husband reportedly refused and said that she would first have to ride through the town on market day nude. A much loved charitable person, Godiva told the people to stay in doors and not look in order to force her husband’s hand. Later the legend was changed to add a tailor named Tom who supposedly went blind after peeking at Lady Godiva as she passed through the town of Coventry in the 11th century.

However, that is still better than crawling into a septic tank in Oklahoma.

Source: Washington Post

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  1. I think he meant, his “girlfriend” IS a tire iron. This would comport well with his other fantasies I’m sure. …. And if I never think about this thread again Life will be good. :o)

  2. 😉 AY

    How in the heck could the guy even breath. It’s around a 100 degrees here.

    That guy’s sheeet has definitely slide off his shingle.

  3. I spoke with Mr Foster a few times just last year.

    He was very pleasent & nice fellow.

    He said he was fine letting his family drink “Rat Poison” aka: the Neurotoxin Sodium Fluoride even after I pointed to the 25 + peer-reviewed studies, including at least one from Harvard showing that shows sodium fluoride to be a neurotoxin, cancer causing & lowers people’s IQ by around 20%.

    It is a crime against humanity as well! IE: Forced medication…..re Nuremberg

    If you have the time call or write Mr. Foster, be nice & polite & thank him for helping bring us all Turdman!

    And thank him for the chloramine, I’m sure the people that have/will have kidney problems & the fish love him for it.

    Roy W. Foster, Manager
    Water Quality Assurance Section
    Water and Sewer Dept.
    175 E. 2nd St., Suite 890
    Tulsa, OK 74103
    Office 918-596-1344
    FAX 918-699-3533

  4. Thank You Tulsa County Sheriff’s office! From a Tulsa county resident.

    I can kinda understand sometimes when LE gets a bit to wild from seeing/smelling the kind of sheeet they have to deal with.

    Tulsa County Sheriff deputies definitely win 1st prize in the nationwide 4th July holiday fishing tournament for pulling the biggest B…Azz out of Keystone Lake.

    I’d rather be reading in the news today about something great that University of Tulsa Law did or that University of Tulsa’s Engineering Dept teamed up with small local energy company & released the blue prints to the public of a nearly free energy producing devise that will revolutionize the worlds energy production..

    Naw that’s to much to ask for because some bigger ahole keep poisoning the air with things like Neurotoxin mercury, poisoning the water here in Tulsa with the Neurotoxin Sodium Fluoride & Monsanto’s Roundup, etc.,etc…..

    No we can’t have advancements for humanity coming out of Oklahoma & the USA, instead we get Turdman!

    Geeezzz that stints.

    And yet with this news story it presents a local lawyer or better yet TU the opportunity to step up to the plate & defend Turdman on the ground that his mental break down was caused directly by City Tulsa Water Dept/fluoride, PSO/coal-fired plants/Mercury & other statewide industrial polluters.

    Naw, that’s to much work & steps on some wealthy people’s toes, so it’ll be like always, laugh & beat up the latest retard, take his lunch money & leave the rest of us taxpayers pay approx $44,000 a year to him in jail.

  5. Darren, I was thinking the same thing. Maybe they called the local fire department and hosed him off.

    For contaminated subjects, the normal routine is double-gloving. For those who don’t know what double-gloving means, it refers to wearing two rubber gloves instead of one. Just guessing, but I don’t think just one extra pair of gloves would be adequate.

  6. I wonder who got suckered into transporting this guy. I’ll bet every rookie in the county was in hiding.

  7. Maybe the man isn’t into peeping; just “golden showers” and “brown mud baths.”

  8. Wrap him head to toe in duct tape, throw him back into the septic tank, and fill it with its original intended fill….. and seal him in there FOREVER!!!!!

  9. That area of repose is not the septic tank or the holding tank. That is an outhouse and so it is merely the outhouse tank. Septic tanks are different and peeping Toms know it. A fitting response from the outhouse goers would be to obtain a lot of local newspapers with his mug shot and cut them into butt wipes and place them in the outhouse for use.

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