Picture 1320I would like to introduce the newest member of the Turley family, Luna Turley, our golden doodle puppy. A few pictures from this morning are below.

The toughest thing proved to be the name selection and we really appreciated the help of from the blog. In both polls, three names consistently dominated Pepper, Scout, and Luna. In the final vote tally, Pepper and Luna took 72 percent of the vote with Pepper the slight favorite. I personally like Scout and Pepper more. So did the three boys that I took to the Allegheny Mountains to pick up the puppy. However, when the breeder, Barbara, brought out the puppy, they all said almost in unison, “she’s looks like a Luna.” The kids then formed a unified voting block with their two cousins from Florida who are visiting to pick Luna. Of course, Luna has kept us up for the last two nights but we adore her. She loves to be outside — probably from being raised on a barn for her first eight weeks — and particularly likes to bury herself in bushes in the backyard. She is already eight pounds and is expected to be a large size dog.

We really enjoyed following the blog discussion. The whole family would read the comments. Some of the alternative names produced considerable debate, particularly Mora (Italian for blackberry). However in the end, first impressions carried the day with Luna which is Latin for Moon. She is very dark in color with what looks like a small white Moon on her chest.

Thanks again everyone for the help.




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  1. Looks like puppy Luna is in beautiful company with Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem naming their new daughter Luna too. 🙂


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  3. Luna photographs very well. We would like more photos. Does she have webbed feet and if so then she will be a swimmer.

  4. 😀 Squeeeee! Luna is adorable!

    I think once we have had a pet in our lives, we get so used to having that free exchange of unconditional love that we can’t not have them in our lives when a previous and beloved pet passes on. The ones who have left leave their imprints on our hearts where an invisible little shrine to their memory lives and can’t ever be replaced (the personalities are totally different and the love, while just as strong, is different), but that free-flowing exchange of unconditional love goes on and it can happen with more than one pet (or person, for that matter – it’s like having more than one kid and loving each just as much while still allowing for different personalities).

    May your life with Luna be full of joy and love, love, love, and more love!

    😀 We DO expect lots of pictures as the years progress….

  5. Congrats. She is a cutie. You will just have to get her a friend and name him scout! 🙂

  6. Congratulations on your cute puppy and also selecting the name Luna. Dogs frequently live up to their names. We named our current Border Collie Bronco before meeting him and he certainly lived up to his name which means “a range pony or mustang of the western U.S., especially one that is not broken or is imperfectly broken”. Anyway, after a few thousand dollars with a private trainer, Bronco is now a great dog. Definitely think you will do better with Luna rather than Pepper.

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