Tulsa Pastor Confesses To Sex With 14-Year-Old Girl At Church

StoryTulsa pastor Rev. Gregory Hawkins, 54, of Zion Plaza Church in North Tulsa has reportedly admitted to having sex with a 14-year-old girl who is five months pregnant with Hawkins’ child.

Rev. Hawkins now faces six counts of child sexual abuse. The charges state that he had sex with the child at his church Zion Plaza, a Holiday Inn, and in his Suburban at a park.

Hawkins took over the church after his brother, Neaco Padillow, was shot to death ten years ago in his car outside a Tulsa elementary school. Hawkins took over the ministry of Padillow’s Zion Fellowship Living Waters Church and then took ownership of the Zion Community Economic Development Corp.

In addition to Zion Fellowship Ministries, the shopping center contains Zion Child Care & Learning Center, which has been repeated cited for violations in the care of children from insufficient staff to no heating to unsecured areas.

Hawkins posted the $50,000 bond and was released within hours of his arrest.

w300-5ab2d355d0bfd65b3eb2186de82501ffHawkins’ arrest comes just shortly after the arrest of another Oklahoma pastor and an associate on child pornography charges. Jerry Duane Barham, 66, and Melissa Renee Loman, 33 were charged with producing child porn. Barham is the pastor at Grace Fellowship New Testament Church in Shawnee.

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  1. It is ok for a Pastor to fleece the flock but not ok to pork the youngins. This has been known for time immemorial.

  2. ** rafflaw 1, July 11, 2013 at 3:43 pm

    What’s going on in Oklahoma? **


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    And pretty sure I’m feeling heat sick again today.

  3. “These outrages are being perpetrated by tax exempt ministers enjoying tax exempt housing and tax exempt salaries.”

    I’m pretty sure that minister salaries are not tax exempt.

  4. “If a paternity test on the newborn matches rev. hawkins his goose is cooked.”

    His goose is cooked regardless as he’s admitted having sex with a 14 year old. He’ll need to work on trying to keep the punishment down now.

  5. Justice Holmes

    What is the proportion of sex offenders among legitimate and honorable clergy in the US? It would venture to say it probably not significantly different enough than the population in general population to justify denial of this tax benefit for all of them.

  6. Professor Turley,

    A friend of mine at DOJ reminded me years back the age of consent in Alabama was 14.

    I’ll take Gene H’s word that every state has went to 16 now.

    I was also told by those connections back then that sex/child porn charges were going to be used to set up & take people out that govt wanted out of the way.

    ( I don’t know the evidence in the case above, there may well be a strong case?)

    (On the other hand/cases computer hacking is easy for some)

    I didn’t read the story above for the same reason I don’t like reading/viewing tragic car wreck news.

    And yes, a lot of religious organization around here in the south/midwest share many similarity to wacko religions of the middle east.

    The only reason I’m writing here was the story mentioned Tulsa & that with the limited size of your website here I believe you are wasting to much space to these one off type legal issues.

    Notice that the dinosaur old media, CNN, FOX, CBS, etc., are all dying & losing viewers in mass & in part because of using the type of stories as above as some sort of sick entertainment & passed off as news.

    CNBC is in almost full collapse as viewers turn them off. “The Kudlow Report” is off roughly 60 percent in its key 25- to 54-year-old target audience.

    On the other hand alternative media is growing leaps & bounds, at least the ones that are posting truthful news on issues that effect us all.

    The last unconfirmed numbers I’ve heard is that infowars, just through their Internet site has grown massively & is reaching 50 million people worldwide weekly.

    Yesterday on this site there was a story regarding something about a lawyer that threw a cussing fit over I guess special needs students.

    As some of the posters here noted they have/know special needs kids.

    I noted reading the comments there seemed no talk about what is causing the massive increases in kids with mental/physical health issues. only that some guy blows a fuse.

    The real story here should have been the rate of autism has went from 1 in 25,000 a few years back to now estimated to be 1 in 50.

    So for those interested in helping society both inforwars & naturalnews site’s archives have info on what’s likely causing cancers, autism, etc., & treatments that may be helpful in easing/preventing those medical problems.

    Plus there are the legal issues surrounding autism = vaccines GMOs etc….

    Now another important direction for this here law-site is the narrative that has been coming out of DC by the Prez/AG/Demo/Repub congress & courts.

    You can start with the news stories claiming DOJ abusing it’s authority by suppling personal/funds to promote the racist public pro-Martin/anti white-latin protest.

    Remember back, these are the same people that aided Wallst against the Occupy Wallst movement & had snippers targeting to kill them.

    Do it in your mind or write it out on a piece of paper a list of the major events, political & otherwise that have happened in the past year & the abuse of govt authority related to them.

    One just the other day was the train carrying oil along the Canadian border killing an est. 50 people.

    Was it an accident or did a billionaire have it blown up for profit?

    The billionaire Koch brothers are said to want oil sands oil running through the Keystone pipeline to supply their Houston heavy crude refinery.

    On the other hand billionaire Warren Buffet wants that Canadian/Dakota oil being carried on his trains.

    Oil-well, it’s only around 50 dead in that story & not like the 1.5 million + of Iraq….. (Sarc)

    Anyway, I write this today meant only as helpful positive feedback for this site & it’s readers.

    This current political collapse will be over in a few more years, but that doesn’t mean that all of us can’t be engaged right now in correcting all of the corruption/criminality we are witnessing all around the USA/world.


    Do you mind starting my pickup? After seeing that reporter’s car blowing up a few weeks back, likely because he was speaking out about some of the type of issues I’ve been writing about, one’s mind ….. 😉

    Sorry for any poor grammer/typos if any…

  7. These outrages are being perpetrated by tax exempt ministers enjoying tax exempt housing and tax exempt salaries. It is time for tax payers to say I don’t want to pay for these criminals any more. No more tax exemptions for churches or other religious organizations.

  8. We tend to exagerate this stuff because the state takes such a high & mighty stance on having sex when they say you can’t. However, its not psychopathic or even unnatural. In some parts of the world it would not be illegal either; I think Hawaii had 14 as the age of consent; if not now, not long ago. The trouble is, when you treat statutory rape (but consenting with no violence) as a most heinous crime with the most severe penalties, you encourage forcible rape, or even murder. The average age of puberty for females is 11 years 4 months; males a couple of months later I think. That’s the average so it could be from 8 to 14. The point is that governments make all kinds of things illegal, often an affront to one’s intelligence & freedom; income tax is a good example. Personally, I think homosexuality is an unnatural act at any age, but the government says otherwise. I would not suggest criminalizing it between consenting adults, nor encouraging or permitting harassment. Its like a fat person eating Twinkies all day; or the right to take your own life.

  9. when will the people wake up and realize they can NOT learn about a higher power from a book written and rewritten and rewritten again by fanatical clergy and polietrickers ? we are born with and as we grow learn the difference between right and wrong good and bad. the higher power of my understanding does not require me to excommunicate my family for not folloiwing a religion, my higher power is a loving and forgiving power, not judgemental ,murderous,pedophilic or anything else associated with evil. my higher power is not enclosed within the 4 walls of a decorated building requiring me to tithe in order for me to be blessed.

  10. bamage – Cops violating the law is an EVERYDAY thing, too, and he posts about that.

  11. I think that the inclusion of the child center could elevate this to a higher degree of sentencing for this creep…. Position of authority not only n the church but with the children center makes not for a good day for this bad pastor…l

  12. If a paternity test on the newborn matches rev. hawkins his goose is cooked. I hope he doesn’t take flight while the prosecutor waits until the girl gives birth and the test is performed.

  13. Cases like this must represent a psychological disorder sine there is no way to align the despicable actions with the preaching.

  14. bamage, People of all professions “prey upon the gullible/vulnerable..” However, for a person of trust like a clergyman to do it puts it, on the lowest level of Dante’s Inferno.

  15. Prof. Turley, honest question here – why do you post this type of stuff? Isn’t “religious” figures sexually preying upon the gullible/vulnerable/innocent/minors a virtually everyday occurrence?

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