College Student In India Gang Raped And Set On Fire . . . Police Blame Victim And Refuse To Register Charges

India flagIndia continues to experience an epidemic of rape — and a continued alleged passivity of the police in dealing with rapes.  The latest case occurred in Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav’s home district Etawah where a 20-year-od college student was allegedly gang raped and then lit on fire by her rapists.  The men came from a wealthy area of the district and the police refused to register the charges according to her family.

The victim was burned over 80 per cent over her body. Her family said that she had gone for morning ablution when Farman Ahmed, neighbor who wanted to marry her, pulled her inside his house. The family says that the marriage was not arranged because Ahmed’s family demanded a dowry. Ahmed and three friends – Mohammad Mehmood, Mohammad Shakeel and Mohammad Sabara – are accused of taking turns raping the girl and later then threatened her with dire consequences if she told her family. She says that they lit her on fire after she said she would go to the police. Neighbors saw her running from the home in flames.

The men insist that she lit herself on fire after sprinkling Ahmed with kerosene to force him to marry her. They said that when he tried to grab the match, she ignited herself.

Critics insist that the police covered up the rape and burning out of concern for the feelings of the that the ruling Samajwadi Party’s Muslim agenda. They took the account of the men and refused all charges..

In the meantime, Ahmed and his family fled. There is no report of actions taken against the police in the matter.

Source: India Today

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  2. India is Pirate Territory. What do you expect? Don’t go there by land or sea. If you fly over in a plane, flush twice.

  3. Throughout the world, the self-entitlement and legal protection of wealth and position seem to create emboldened monsters far more often than human beings with honorable character.

  4. I just finished Mark Bowden’s book, The Killing of Osama bin Laden. Like Bowden’s other great books[Killing Pablo, Black Hawk Down], his most recent is compelling, straight w/ little or no bias, and loaded w/ facts. He’s my kind of writer. In the bin Laden book, like his others, Bowden captures not only the character of the people involved, but the tone, their personalities, and their beliefs. Bowden spends a lot of time on letters written by bin Laden, which captures just how insular and depraved a man he was. What you also get is the Muslim attitude toward women via the way he treated his wives. There were 3 in the compound when he was killed, but he had many more over his life. Women are property in the Muslim view. Some people take care of their property, others just abuse it. Actually, it appears bin Laden was more the former. But they were his property. The Pakistani girl, Mallala, gave a speech last week @ the UN that brought a tear to my eye. I have said here previously, it will be women that will change the Muslim attitudes and treatment of women. They must.

  5. Disgusting story and a disgusting trend. Time for women to leave India, post haste.

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