Florida Mother Allegedly Tells Police They Would Have To Shoot Through Her Baby And Then Throws Baby At Officer

images-1If you thought that Brittany Harris was the worst mother of the year, you have not met Ashley Taylor Wright. Wright, 32, first shoplifted, then told the police to shoot through her baby to get to her, and then threw the baby as an officer to try to escape. What is fascinating about this story is that her escape will likely result in far more serious charges than her shoplifting.

The Pensacola woman is accused of taking about $260 worth of clothing after going into a Dillard’s dressing room. When deputies approached her car in the parking lot, they say that the mother told them “You will have to shoot through the baby to get me.” They then say that she ran from the car and threw the car seat with the baby inside at the deputy. She also left two other children in the car. She fell in her flight and then allegedly fought the deputy. That rakes up abandonment, child abuse, assaulting an officer, and other charges to pile on to a simple shoplifting charge. Even if she can claim the comment was some joke, the alleged tossing of the kid was not. We have not heard from Wright for her side of this story.

Can a baby be a lethal weapon? It certainly could have been to the baby, but fortunately the baby was unharmed.

Given these alleged facts, this is a pretty cheerful looking mugshot.

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  1. Again, I skimmed the headline, skimmed the article, and immediately wondered where in Florida this happened. Pensacola, this time. FL may indeed be the Worst State.

  2. How about telling organized religion to mind their business.
    How about telling the polietrickers to stop stealing the funding for planned parenthood.
    How about allowing a woman to have a tubal ligation after 1 child if she so chooses. instead of making us wait until we’re married, 30, or have 3 kids already.
    How about acs,dhs, cps whatever name they go by in other states allow parents to return to chastising their kids, in todays society you cant yell at your kids without acs removing them from your care with the lie of eminient danger. and all to get funding. but i digress. How about parents stop being afraid to speak to their children of sex education and protection.

    YES this case is one of abuse. throwing the baby and neglect running off and leaving the other children. of which the woman put herself into the position. but i’d like to know if she was shop lifting because she has a drug habit or to try to feed her kids. i personally think the drug habit fits her behavior but im not psyshic if i were i might not be a parent today not because of the hardships of raising children but because of the horror that is passing for society today

  3. How about sex education? How about Teaching the use of birth control to the young? How about the morning after pill for free? How about the right to abortion? How about men taking responsibilty for birth control and responsibilty for child support that is really enforced? How about a country that is sophisticated when it comes to sexuality, rather than freaked out by religious fantasy?

  4. what, she has two other kids, she can afford to lose one. it was the youngest, she probably wasn’t attached to it yet anyway.

    and did they shoot the baby or just tase it.

    inquiring mimes want to know

  5. This lady needs some serious help and I don’t know if I could ever agree to allow her child back under her control.

  6. Gene H. 1, July 17, 2013 at 11:14 am
    Seriously, while I’m totally against the notion of state sterilization as a form of punishment, this story makes me understand the urge to promote such a thing.

    How about tubal ligation or vasectomies that are NOT a form of punishment? How about tubal ligation or vasectomies as something practical?

    While it doesn’t happen all that often (publicity generated in “news” outlets notwithstanding when horror such as this happens and “everyone” starts talking about the cases), there really are a certain few people who should never be parents. Period. Their children are abused, neglected, even killed when they do have them. Save children from being abused and/or sent back to those horrors of “humanity” known as the childrens’ parents. Save court time for repeated offenses against the children. Save court and social workers’ time and money to find foster care for these poor kids, as well as having to step in and sever parental rights so the kids have some small chance at happiness away from such horrible parents.

    When a person knows from teenage years forward that they don’t want to have children when they become adults, listen…! Some really do have the maturity to make those kinds of decisions as young people, and trying to talk them out of what they know is a rational decision by telling them they’ll change their minds later is a mistake (they won’t change their minds). Let them have a tubal ligation or a vasectomy if they want (the world is overpopulated as is). It will save lots and lots and lots of psychological trauma for kids, not to mention time and money in the future for courts and social services.

    For the others who don’t care, are too lazy to use birth control, and have children they don’t want, then do tubal ligation or vasectomy just for purely practical reasons like saving more little ones from being traumatized by horrors for parents and save the courts from being clogged with child abuse or murder cases, or family services from having to rescue more abused kids.

    Really, not everything is about “punishment.” Sometimes there are just purely practical reasons for doing something that is unpopular with the anti-choice crowd who love the idea of fetuses but don’t give a rat’s patootie once the fetus is a child and born, and don’t care if those children are abused or worse, perhaps tortured and/or murdered, once they are born.

    I could easily be persuaded to be very practical in a few circumstances if it saves more children from being abused or killed.

  7. She really skirted some serious charges here.

    If the baby was not her child she would be looking at a First Degree Kidnapping charge for using the child as a shield:

    Florida Statutes Title XLVI
    787.01 Kidnapping; kidnapping of child under age 13, aggravating circumstances.—(1)(a) The term “kidnapping” means forcibly, secretly, or by threat confining, abducting, or imprisoning another person against her or his will and without lawful authority, with intent to:
    1. Hold for ransom or reward or as a shield or hostage.

    I noted an interesting difference between Florida and Washington’s robbery statute. In WA the time frame includes the course of the robbery and the immedate flight therefrom. Florida only covers the actual time of the taking of property. If an assault or threat takes place in WA in the immediate flight after the theft it is considered robbery. But that doesn’t seem to be the case in FL.

  8. Seriously, while I’m totally against the notion of state sterilization as a form of punishment, this story makes me understand the urge to promote such a thing.

  9. We should forward this story to the Coen Brothers, or maybe John Watters.

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