Muslim Extremists Destroy Church In Egypt As Other Muslims Move To Protect Priest

EgyptAttacks on Christians and other religious minorities in some Muslim countries by extremists have become terribly common. These same radicals who would kill over a YouTube movie as an affront to Islam often see nothing wrong in destroying churches and killing people of other faiths. That is why this story of the destruction of a Coptic Christian church in Egypt seemed like just another outrage until I notice one detail. The priest escaped with the help of his Muslim neighbors.

There has been a series of attacks on Christians in Egypt since Mohammed Morsi was forced from office. The latest occurred in Dalga where Muslims looted and destroyed the church. The priest, Father Ayoub Youssef said that he was certain to be killed when Muslim neighbors found him and helped him escape from the roof of his house.

As with our recent blog on a gifted budding civil libertarian in Egypt, these neighbors reaffirm that most Muslims detest this extremism and violence. Out of the ashes of this church, there is a shining example of hope for people of all faiths and non-faith alike.

13 thoughts on “Muslim Extremists Destroy Church In Egypt As Other Muslims Move To Protect Priest”

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  4. “Out of the ashes of this church, there is a shining example of hope for people of all faiths and non-faith alike.”

    No there is no hope JT. The Muslim hard liners will not rest until they have secured control, introduced Sharia law and turned the country into a full blown Islamic state. These people do not tolerate christianity and have there own ways and means of supressing it. Please go and visit some of these Islamic states and see for yourself.

  5. This extremism did not begin when Morsi was deposed. While Morsi was president state clerics were threatening religious minorities. There has been a concerted effort in the region to isolate Shi’a Muslims and roll back any gains they’ve made. The decision to confront Shi’a comes from the US and is being carried out by regional allies GCC (led by Saudi) Jordan and Egypt. The first two leaders to warn of a rise of Shi’a crescent were Abdullah of Jordan and Mubarak when he was in power.

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  7. The Coptic Christian faith is about the best you can get….. They were just returning the kindness probably…… Total acceptance….

  8. Many people from Iraq live in San Diego. Almost all are Christian. They own virtually all the convenience stores near the beach. They have horrible stories of their life in Iraq as a Christian. These people love the US. They are gregarious, people w/ great senses of humor. That is certainly key to their moving out of Iraq, and moving on w/ their lives. They do not allow the atrocities define them.

  9. Those we like to call Fundamentalist or Extremists in Egypt are fighting for their share of political power. Unfortunately, their view of their share is pretty much 100% It does seem they are outnumbered by those who disagree and I, for one, hope the majority rules in the end.

  10. It is nice that the neighbors helped save the priest, but I worry that the overthrow will bring more of this extremism into play.

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