Florida Mom Arrested After Leaving Kids In Car During Lil Wayne Concert

r-BRITTANY-NICOLE-HARRIS-large570220px-Lil_Wayne_in_ConcertBrittany Harris, 25, is the latest parent to be arrested for going to a concert or casino and leaving kids in the car. In this case, Harris went to a Lil Wayne rap concert and left her two children — ages 3 and 5 — in a parking lot with hundreds of strangers milling about, including a large number of drunken people.

harris was arrested Sunday on two counts of child neglect after an employee spotted the children left in the car for hours. The kids are now in the custody of the Florida Department of Children and Families.

These case always raise a difficult question over the proper level of punishment for the parent and protection for the children. Should the children be placed in foster care temporarily (that seems clear) or permanently. It is a huge punishment to take someone’s children away from them even though this is an outrageous decision. are there any mitigating factors that would be to leniency in such a case? Would it be mitigating to learn that she was a single mother? For a young single mother, child care can be difficult to secure. That does not excuse this dangerous and foolish act. However, what would you order as a judge in such a case?

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  1. Based on these facts alone, it would probably be unconstitutional to remove the children permanently without providing a reunification plan and reasonable opportunity for the parent to comply with the plan. I don’t know the specifics of how Florida implements these requirements, but either substantial physical harm or a parental inability to take advantage of such services is required before the state is excused from attempting to reunify the family.

  2. According to sources, these children were roaming the parking lot

    “Due to the fact the children were left unsupervised for several hours without necessary shelter by allowing kids to roam a busy parking lot with an estimated 9,000 patrons, numerous vehicles and intoxicated persons, Brittany was arrested for two counts of child neglect and transported to the [Palm Beach County] jail,” the report stated.

  3. Probably a few parenting classes would be helpful but I suspect the mother is by nature irresponsible and selfish so how well she retains her life lessons from the classes would be debatable.

    I would have to know if there had been incidents like this before with the mother before I would consider permanent removal and it would have to be via a judge rather than a child protective services organization.

    And as some others have commented, this type of behavior is more common than people realize.

  4. “The welfare of the children will be best served by providing support”

    How was the car situated? This incident could have been deadly if the car was exposed to the sun.

    Did her children have water or other fluids? Even parked out of the sun, the inside of the car an become pretty hot, possibly leading to dehydration of the children to a dangerous degree.

    Incidents like have the potential for real disaster.

    I think I would want to know more about the mother and what she was thinking before I made the assumption that a course in parenting skills would protect the children.

  5. It hurts just a bit more when a woman w/ infertility, unable to have kids, sees this. However, nobody ever said life was fair, at least nobody ever told me.

  6. The State has a terrible record as a parent. Removing children is a last resort, only where it is not possible to ensure their safety at home. And punishment for the mother? What do you want here? The welfare of the children will be best served by providing support, not punishment. Compulsory in-home parenting support and counselling. Keep an eye on things until she grows up a bit – she is not the only parent who needs to do that.

  7. After ignoring the headline and diving right into the story, my very first thought was “where in Florida was this?” Sure enough.

  8. This was a horrible decision made by a mother who was old enough to know better. I would hope that the DCFS personnel will check into the home situation closely and check to see if this mother has made other bad decisions. Scary.

  9. This is truly selfish and stupid … and almost ordinary except that it is not done for a casino visit. Temporary custody to the local CPS unit for about 3 months while mom gets some counseling. Followed by 12 months of probation including more counseling and a social worker in the meantime will assist the mom in looking for appropriate baby sitting in community facilities.

  10. I won’t leave my little ones alone in the house to go to the mailbox. What in the world is wrong with people?

  11. Juliet,

    No disagreement from me…. Stupid is as stupid does…… And this is stupid….

  12. This woman’s skin color doesn’t have anything to do with anything. Black, white or whatever color in between, this is dangerous neglect. I might buy the “it’s hard to get child care” if she had been going to work or had been ill. But a concert? No.

  13. Oh my…. You are insensitive to the plight of the black woman…. Guess what, I bet a lot of grandparents black or white, Hispanic or whatever…. Would be enraged regardless of the color of the skin….. But then again… We won’t be seeing the supporters defending this mothers right to endanger theses children…..

  14. That is a clear case of child abuse. She deserves severe punishment as the sole caretaker of the child.

    Concert halls, on the other hand, may create a fully supervised nursing room so that single mothers could also enjoy social lives such as concert events. 🙂

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