Catholic Priest Told Boy That He Could Guarantee This Grandfather Would Go To Heaven In Exchange For Sex

imagesJust when you thought priest abuse stories could not get more horrific, this case pops up. Catholic priest James Martin Donaghy – currently serving a ten-year jail sentence for 17 sex offences in Northern Ireland — was sentenced last week for coercing a seven-year-old boy to have sex with him in return for Donaghy guaranteeing that his grandfather would get to heaven. However, he told the boy that if he told anyone, his grandfather would stay in purgatory.

Donaghy pleaded guilty to four counts of indecently assaulting the boy and one of common assault between January and May 1989.

Here is what shocked me almost as much as the crime. He was sentenced to only two additional years to his prior ten-year sentence. That is it. Ten years as a serial child rapist who used his religious office to coerce children. The court said it found evidence of “remorse.”

He preyed on this little boy who came to him to be trained for his upcoming first confession and communion when the abuse began.

The boy was worried about his grandfather and Donaghy told him that this was the way to get his grandfather to heaven. When the boy went to confessional to discuss the incident, he found Donaghy as his confessor.

The victim, now 31, never told anyone until many years later when he confided in his wife. Donaghy at first insisted that he did not remember the boy.

JohnwaynegacypogoArrested and interviewed Donaghy denied the allegations, claiming he did not even remember the boy. He later pleaded guilty. His defense counsel later asked for leniency because, despite repeated rapes of children, many people came forward to say how Donaghy had given much pastoral care to many parishioners and families. That is like saying that John Wayne Gacy may have been a murdered but he was actually a great clown at parties.

By the way, remember that ridiculously low sentence. It will run concurrently so he will not have to do any extra time for raping a boy by threatening his grandfather’s eternal soul.

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  1. Since I am a devoted Catholic, will that mean that my comment will be biased and not count? It shouldn’t!
    These disgusting things that some priests have done is flat out evil. The priest are the”wolves in sheep clothing”.
    After watching a documentary on a fireman who had been sexually abused by a priest when he was younger, I stopped attending church for over 3 months. (Why I went back shortly….)
    I know priests who have been accused of pedophilia. One in particular, I find hard to believe he is guilty.
    Do you realize how easy it is to be accused of this crime & be innocent?
    As a Catholic School teacher with Junior High & High school students, 2 girls came to me one day to tell me that an elderly male teacher was trying to engage them in sexual acts.
    Of course, I took this seriously! Even though I was shocked! No one is allowed to do this!
    As soon as the girls saw my concern & I advised that we sit down with their parents & principal …. They hesitated but tried hard to agree.
    Then, the snickering, not nervous, but snickering giggles came out of them.
    Bottom line, it never happened. They thought it was cute to try this little prank.
    On the flip side, I became aware that at one of the Catholic schools I taught at, the boys were being sent to the rectory for poor behavior.
    One boy, in particular, was sent there frequently by one particular, female teacher.
    One day, this boy was acting up in my class.
    I wasn’t going to send him there, but I said, “Gee! How would you like to visit Fr…….. at the rectory?”
    He, who was kind of a tough kid, became silent.
    At the end of class, he came up to me after the room was empty…. crying.
    He asked that I NEVER send him there.
    Because I had suspicions about this priest, I asked him what was going on.
    He asked me to PEASE not go there! He wouldn’t talk about it.
    To this day, I am still trying to find this “now adult” police officer & see if he will tell me.
    So! Here is one Catholic that has seen it from both sides!

    Back to the 3 months of not attending Church and why I went back stronger than ever…….
    I realized that there are rotten eggs in every single walk in life and their acts are inexcusable!
    Is it just Catholic priests? NO!
    How many ministers or Rabbi’s are guilty?
    How many teachers, lawyers……and doctors!!! I had a doctor try things in me!!!!
    We live in a world filled with EVIL!
    Catholic priests are most numerous and since the Church is under such scrutiny…. it is being watched more heavily.
    The apostasy is horrendous!

    I had to put things in perspective because my roots are in this Church & I believe in it!
    Things should not have been thrown under the rug for so long…. I agree. But, now, this s all that many people think of when they think of the Catholic Church!
    I will continue to watch and disclose any criminal behavior I see here and ANYWHERE!
    But, I believe the Catholic Church goes far beyond those human beings who
    defame it & use it to trap innocent kids.
    These priest WILL be punished either here and/or for sure, by God.
    In the meantime, I will keep watch, as I said, and continue to share in the Sacraments and beliefs of a 2000 year old Church.

  2. Didnt i just speak on this the other day on another article about the church banning same sex marriage? i do believe i did and i do believe i pointed out. how many of the lgbt community are ex altar boys and girls

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