Meet Carlos Danger: Man of Mystery and Messaging

15.pngNew York Democrats must have the weakest bench of leaders in the country. Otherwise, it is hard to see how two disgraced politicians in sex scandals could be leading in the polls to resume power. On one hand you have Elliot Spitzer who, while Governor, used call girls with regularity. He now appears to be praying himself into the comptroller’s office at churches and synagogues. Then you have Anthony Weiner who sent out disgusting pictures of his genitals to women, lied to the press and public, and engaged in conduct that would be at best considered sexual harassment and at worst stalking. Yet, he is leading in the polls for a race for mayor of New York. Now, Weiner is again before the public asking for forgiveness — this time for new pictures and messages sent after his resignation and the birth of his child by his ever forgiving wife. Some as recently as last summer. By the way, Weiner now appears to go under the nom de guerre of Carlos Danger. It is not clear if he will use that name as mayor or just use it when he sends women pictures of himself in various obscene poses.

The most recent disclosures involved text messages with an unidentified 23-year-old woman that took place on the social media website Formspring in August 2012. That date is important because it is a full a year after his tearful apology for lying to the public, attacking the media, and effectively stalking women with pictures of his genitalia and naked shots of his body. It was seven months after the birth of his child with Huma Abedin, former aide to Hillary Clinton and half of this political power couple. She insisted “What I want to say . . . I have forgiven him, I believe in him” and said that Weiner made “horrible mistakes, both before he resigned from Congress, and after.” That’s it? Sure he made horrible mistakes while in office and then did them again after being forced out of office, but I believe in him. I am not sure why voters would care that this power couple is so self-perpetuating or self-forgiving but then again I did not understand so many Democrats defending his return to politics. [The same phenomenon is evident with Spitzer who served as New York State Attorney General while committing crimes that others were being jailed for. Yet, Democrats still insist that such hypocrisy should not bar him from office. It is once again an example of the ruling elite on America’s Animal Farm. It does not matter that these were crimes and that Spitzer was putting others in jail. While many of us have questioned the prosecution of prostitution, Spitzer was the chief law enforcement officer and held others to a different standard than himself.]

Weiner told the public “I want to bring my vision to the people of the city of New York. I hope they are willing to still continue to give me a second chance.” This would seem a third chance, but if you were willing to consider him after the first chance, I suppose the number will not matter much. It is clearly not a deal breaker for Abedin.

CNN Chief Congressional Correspondent Dana Bash noted that Abedin appears to have been trained by the best for the life of the power couple and ruling elite: “she learned at the knee of Hillary Clinton, somebody who most famously stood by her man politically. And so she’s following in those footsteps.”

As for the woman who Weiner offered to help find a position and a condo, she now feels betrayed. A curious position for a woman who engaged in phone sex with a married man but she stated “I just want people to really know he’s lying when he acts like he has changed.” It is a morality play without a single moral player or concluding moral message. This is truly becoming Felliniesque. If you want to see why our leaders treat us with such open contempt, consider the one in four polled New York voters who want to make this man mayor of their city.

The tweets also involve Weiner offering to find the woman a job, condo in Chicago for their encounters and requests that she delete the messages. This included using his influence to secure a job for the woman as a blogger for Politico. The woman was in this case a willing recipient of the messages and said that they had phone sex and exchanged nude pictures. One site said that Carlos Dangers was corresponding with a Sydney Leathers in late July, described as a “progressive activist” from Indiana. Dangers and Leathers. No wonder the New York Times (only now) is calling for Weiner to leave the race.

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With Abedin at his side, Weiner just repeated his earlier heartfelt apologies almost verbatim: “As I have said in the past, these things that I did were wrong and hurtful to my wife and caused us to go through challenges in our marriage that extended past my resignation from Congress. While some things that have been posted today are true and some are not, there is no question that what I did was wrong. This behavior is behind me.” Well not as far behind you as we thought. As for the timing, Weiner said “Some of these things happened before my resignation, some happened after.” For most of us, that is more than a simple timing issue. It means that after the whole act about contrition for attacking reporters and lying to everyone, he went back to photographing himself in the nude and sextexting.

Abedin immediately said that again she forgives him and indicated that she thinks the world of him or Carlos Danger or both.

As for the woman he was going to get a condo in Chicago for, their relationship “fizzled” in November 2012. She says “even post scandal, I thought he was misunderstood. Until I got to know him. I thought I loved him. Pretty pathetic.” Yes it is but not quite as pathetic as New York democrats pushing Anthony Weiner for mayor of New York. Of course, now if you elect Weiner, you get his raunchier more edgy personality as Carlos Danger as a bonus.

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  1. I think if Carlos Dangers wife forgives him, then its really not an issue for me to decide…… Moral hypocritical people injecting themselves in another’s life….

  2. Electing Anthony Weiner Isn’t As Funny As It Sounds
    By Matt Taibbi
    POSTED: July 25, 2013

    Headline from a New York Daily News article a few weeks ago:

    Nathan’s Fourth of July champ backs hot dog Anthony Weiner for mayor

    Rim-shot! The event was the pre-Independence Day weigh-in for the annual Coney Island Hot Dog eating contest, and improbably contending New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner was there to secure the “endorsement” of perennial dog-pounding champ Joey “Jaws” Chestnut. “Joey Chestnut obviously has an affinity for Weiners,” cracked the candidate, in a Twitter-ready sound bite.

    Chestnut’s actual endorsement must have been made off-camera – I can’t find him quoted in any of the campaign stories – but we can take Weiner’s word for it, right? It’s not like the guy’s ever lied before. “I can no longer say I don’t have the support of any famous people,” Weiner gushed, after scoring the endorsement.

    Now, weeks later, the inevitable has happened: yet another sexting scandal has popped up involving Weiner and, surprise surprise, this one was still live a good year after he resigned from Congress promising never to flap his hose across the face of the Internet ever again. Predictably, a series of really gross, genuinely Favre-ean dong shots showed up on some Scottsdale, Arizona-based website called

    It turns out that Weiner was pursuing his usual creepy Internet rubfest with some poor sap of a woman from Princeton, Indiana (which the Daily News noted is “one mouse click and 850 miles away from Weiner”) using the nom-de-wank of “Carlos Danger,” a preposterous title destined to be adopted by a whole generation of hackers and trolls justifiably tired of the whole “Emmanuel Goldstein” meme.

    I don’t mean to sound like a prude, but what the hell do you have to do to be disqualified from high-level politics in this country? When someone told me a while back that Weiner was running for Mayor, I thought it was a joke. This married politician sent unsolicited pictures of his penis to female strangers on the Internet! It’s not a crime, I guess because indecent exposure laws haven’t been updated for the cyber age, but basically, he’s a 21st-century flasher who used the U.S. Congress as a raincoat. Then he got caught, had to resign from Congress in what normally would be shame and disgrace, only to turn around and start doing it all over again pretty much immediately.

    I’m not saying the guy can’t have a career after what happened, but his options should be pretty limited – a rodeo clown, maybe, or one of those guys who hands out fliers for strip clubs in Times Square. In an absolute best-case scenario, a guest panelist on some gross-out/embarrassing-video-footage compilation show on cable like Manswers or America’s Dumbest Criminals.

    But Mayor of New York City? I know the bar was set pretty low when Mike Bloomberg bought the office outright in 2001, but we can’t have sunk this far. And it’s not just that he’s some poor guy who got caught jacking off on the Internet. He’s also increasingly tone-deaf and belligerently nuts in an inappropriate-Thanksgiving-guest sort of way.

  3. Prediction: Weiner’s not going to be the mayor and will return to Winnie wagging, His wife is an enabler.

  4. Maybe I shouldn’t but I feel sorry for the guy. That he continued after his mea culpa and while obviously contemplating coming back says to me that he is a psychologically impaired man who needs help.

  5. The man has major problems. He’s an exhibitionist…and it appears that he is also a pathological liar. I could never vote for a man like him to represent my city.

    John Oliver on Anthony Weiner (The Daily Show)

    While the insatiable coverage of Weinergate Part 2 has been pretty damning for the NYC mayoral hopeful, comedian John Oliver may have delivered the most withering commentary on Anthony Weiner’s compulsive sexting during last night’s “Daily Show.”

    Equal parts juvenile glee and razor-sharp criticism, Oliver spent most of his first segment (above) focused on the epic ridiculousness of this “deja ewwww” scenario. “Anthony Weiner’s alter ego is a Bolivian action hero slash porn star,” he explained.

    But in part two (below) he lays out the timeline of events – with the aid of dildos, naturally – in a way that’s so damning, we half expect to see Weiner exit politics for good later today.

  6. of course anthony weiner takes pictures of that, it’s his namesake. the pictures you really don’t want to see are jimmy scrotum’s.

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