Precious: Victim or Villain? Kansas Town Debates Death Of Yorkie

article-0-1AF5F554000005DC-942_634x473It is something of a doggie whodunit. Citizens in Olathe, Kansas are debating the killing of a six pound Yorkie named Precious. Carl Henrichson is accused of killing Precious by standing on her while he claims that he was protecting his larger Labrador dog from a neighborhood menace.

Certain facts are not in dispute. Precious got loose one morning and ran barking and yipping at Herichson’s dog. Henrichson says that Precious had previously attacked him and his dog. Henrichson stepped on Precious he said to keep her down. However, some witnesses said that he put his foot on her and then lifted the other foot to crush her. She suffered from lung and brain injuries and had to be put down.

Precious’ owner Donna Limbaugh has complained and police are investigating. She has also asked for a restraining order on Henrichson who she fears. Working in favor of Precious is her weight and size. However, people are usually given the benefit of the doubt in confrontations with dogs off the leash who are barking or snapping at them. Here Henrichson will claim a history of aggression and a miscalculation as to his weight and the impact on the dog.

Limbaugh has been given citations for a dog off a leash and other violations. She denies that Precious ever threatened Henrichson or his labrador and notes the diminutive size of Precious.

What do you think? If Henrichson stood on the dog, is it excessive force even if Precious was snapping at his dog?

Source: KSHB

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  1. What I object to and was disclosed in testimony and in statements to the police, Mr. H repeatedly called to Mrs. Limbaugh to get her dog, she stood and did nothing to come to Precious’s aid, I feel deceived that Mrs. L did nothing and places all the blame on Mr. H
    If your dog attacked another dog would you step in and pull your dog away or do nothing?
    What kind of owner would do nothing to stop the attack and then blame the other person?
    Mrs. L had the choice of paying Vet bills to save her dog, instead she elected the expense was too much. In other words the dog would have lived but she elected it was cheaper to euthanize Precious and replace her, which she has since done getting two dogs, so much for grieving!
    Precious deserved better from her owner!
    I am animal lover and followed this case because I live in Olathe, I was surprised when attending only hearing to that Mrs. L’s testimony under oath differed significantly from her TV interviews. I can understand why some took her side based on her TV interview, but can now understand why the judge sided with Mr. H as did the city prosecutor.
    I doubt Mr. H will take you up on your offer. Maybe you can call Mrs. L and allow her new dogs to attack your dog and then blame you.
    To answer your question, I am not Mr. H’s squeeze and offer no apologizes only the facts.

  2. I wonder if sheri and Sharon Barton are Carl Henrichson’s squeezes? They both seem to be apologists for his murder of the dog.
    As for the bribed judge, I wonder how the dog got its injuries? Did the Lab step on it?
    Carl and I are about the same size so I invite him to come over and step on my dog. Since we are the same size and he only seems to pick on women and little dogs, I will turn my back on him so that he gets the courage to act.

  3. Mrs. L has her day In court, her claims for protection are denied by the court. Mrs. L admits she is taking drugs for a mental condition she suffers from. A community mislead as are the people who supported her.

  4. The media has been outrageous in this incident. The man did not STOMP on the little Yorkie – he was protecting his 17 year old timid black lab and was stepping around to get in between the yorkie and the lab – he got off balance and accidentally stepped on the “off leash” yappy hyper yorkie – the person is not a teenager but an older gentleman as well so suffice it to say he is does not possess panther like skills to avoid an attacking hyper yorkie! GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!

  5. Real Story I believe Mr. H admitted he kicked Mrs. L’s dog to prevent it from biting him and his dog. No information has been released from the witnesses. Mr. H says he accidentally stepped (as you describe it) on the dog, while Mrs. L claims he held the dog down and then lifted his other foot off the ground placing all his weight on the dog, squashing it like a bug. Some posters list him at 6 feet and 230 lbs. Yet the dog ran back to the owner, highly unlikely he squashed it like a bug as Mrs. L has stated or finished it off as you claim. It appears Mrs. L did nothing to get her dog away from Mr. H and his dog. What is her responsibility to remove her dog?
    I believe more information is needed and less speculation.

  6. There were eyewitnesses that saw him kick the dog several times that is why he was able to step on it to finish it off.

  7. Curious, does anyone who has waded in live in Olathe? Anyone have personal knowledge of what actaully happened? I live in Olathe and more information is coming out. As we know Mrs Limbaugh was cited for the attack, not having control of her dog and not having her dog licensed. This was not based on Mr Henrichson’s statements but her own admission to the police under which she was ticketed. She also admitted to the police she did nothing to pull her dog out of harms way, or was that Mr Henrichson’s responsibility too? I have a cat and just at home I cannot recall the number of times I have accidently stepped on him, not intentionally but by accident. Mr H has been described as being 6 feet tall and 200 + pound so accidently stepping on a little dog would cause some damage, but if he stood on the dog as Mrs. L claims he did the dog would have been dead on the spot and unable to ran back to its owner. I am amazed at how many people run to convict people without knowning the facts. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Should the owner bear no resposibility for control of her pet and standing around doing nothing to retieve it?

    1. Thank you for some relevant info on this. Facts and thought tend to disappear in the first blush of reporting. I hope that Ms Limbaugh is no relation to Rush. If she is then she needs some prison time for lying to police and animal cruelty.

  8. randyjet, ” would agree with you if the dog was simply running around and just barking, but I doubt that happened since it is near impossible to put ones foot down in that situation. So it can be fairly assumed that dog was attacking him and had hold of his leg.”

    You’re making quite the assumptions. The story indicates that the guy kicked the dog several times. It’s quite easy to imagine this small dog being kicked, knocked off its feet, and stunned while laying on the ground and then the man steps on him.

  9. And there are a lot of people who understand the concepts of (dis)proportionate response and bad judgment.

    1. No question about that one Gene H. I could walk around all day with a Yorkie holding on to my pants leg and it would not slow me down one bit. I have also been in fist fights in which I was not the winner, yet I did not wish to kill the atacker. What is shows is that the laws need to be more specific and precise in the use of force of all kinds.

  10. Destruction of property, Randy. It can be either criminal or tortious depending on the nature of the property and/or the circumstances surrounding the destruction.

    1. I would agree with you if the dog was simply running around and just barking, but I doubt that happened since it is near impossible to put ones foot down in that situation. So it can be fairly assumed that dog was attacking him and had hold of his leg. Thus self defense would seem to be a reasonable defense legally. From a common sense point of view, it does not. Sort of like acquiting Zimmerman for using a gun to “win” a fist fight. There are lots of people on this blog who think that was a reasonable defnse, as did the jury.

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