Putin’s Pike: Vlad’s Latest Fish Story Leaves Russians Laughing

225px-Vladimir_Putin_official_portrait250px-Esox_lucius1In his embarrassing quest to become something of a Russian action figure, Vladimir Putin has been featured a race car driver, great white hunter, jet pilot, oceanologist, martial artist and Hell’s Angel. During one such stunt Putin was shown as a scuba diver where he retrieved perfectly preserved ancient jars from the Ocean floor. His aides swore to a skeptical public that nothing was staged. Of course, it was shown later that the whole thing was staged. Now, aides are wondering why no one seems to believe them that Putin caught a record-setting pike. Professional fisherman cried foul at the latest Putin fish story.

Putin’s people insisted the pike was over 46 pounds. The weight was important because Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu committed the infraction of pulling in a large pike while fishing with Putin. Since that pike was estimated at between 26.4 to 33 pounds, no one was surprised when Putin had to pull in an even bigger pike.

Fear not, his aides (you know those aides who admitted that they lied to the public earlier about the planted ancient vases) insist that they personally saw the pike weighed.

Source: LA Times

15 thoughts on “Putin’s Pike: Vlad’s Latest Fish Story Leaves Russians Laughing”

  1. Is there a picture of Vladi and the fish? People could photo shope (sp?) it next to the photo of Obama’s Skeet Shooting. I wish I had photo shope.

  2. Ha, you all will laugh from other side of face when Vladimir solves einstein’s unified field theory.
    and impregnates five women, at once
    after b*tch slapping chuck norris.
    and making clint eastwood talk to empty chair (wait, that ones been done)

  3. He does these little charades to obtain infortainment like this blog has given him today. He is a despot. Russia is not among nation states which respect human rights (or dog rights). It is close to being characterized as a Pirate Territory. Call him Vlad if you wish. Next you will be calling Adolph (Hitler) Adlophie and show photos of him playing with kittens. Vlad is former head of the KGB.

  4. There is nothing here outside the parameters of Russian History in general. Americans should be very wary of Russia. Despite being a demographic disaster, I do not believe Russia will be happy in the permanent separation of the Ukraine and Belarus. Thereafter, I suspect attention to the Pacific region and Caucuses will outweigh interest in the Baltic states.

    This will not be an overnight transformation, but Russia has changed appreciably in the past 10-12 years, and will continue to do so.

  5. “or arranging for a direct flight for Edward to another receptive nation”

    For maximum brownie points, Putin should go along on the flight.
    There would be great photo opportunies as Snowden gets off wherever they land for whatever reason.

  6. Maybe President Putin can become a real hero by either granting Edward Snowden asylum or arranging for a direct flight for Edward to another receptive nation. That would be a great photo shoot. And, if he wants to sign the asylum papers without wearing a shirt, that’s cool with me.

  7. You shoulda seen the one that got away!

    It was 400# and could play chess.

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