Just When You Thought The Weiner Scandal Could Not Get Creepier . . .

250px-Creepy1220px-AnthonyweinerOk, after seeing these high resolution pictures of narcissism on parade, I have decided that Anthony Weiner and Sydney Leathers are made for each other.  Leathers is now reportedly considering a porn career.  In the meantime, there appears one group that remains enthusiastic about Weiner. Believe it or not, it is women aged 18-36 which give him a 78 percent favorable rating according to a poll by a dating site. Putting aside the skewed population for the poll, it is still pretty disheartening.

We have also learned this week that Anthony Weiner used thousands of campaign dollars on a private detective to investigate the “hacker” who framed him with those revealing pictures when he was in Congress. If you recall, in addition to sending the revealing uninvited pictures to women, Weiner called his accusers liars and attacked the media. In appears that he also decided to use over $43,000 of campaign money to investigate the fictitious hacker for the photos that he knew he sent to the women.

Weiner previously found a woman with his unrestrained ambition. Now, with these pictures, however, Weiner appears to have finally found a woman truly as creepy as he is.

I will say it again, it is a morality play without redeeming character or moral ending.

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  1. we dont hear a peep about this from the sin of ommission…selective
    amnesia crowd………………..

  2. Carlos is free to have a personal life of Danger. We are free to vote for him or someone else. Great country!

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