Russian Legislator Promises To Arrest Gay Olympic Athletes Under New Anti-Gay Law

220px-From_Russia_with_Love_–_UK_cinema_posterRussian Lawmaker Vitaly Milonov is promising to arrest Olympic athletes found to be in violation of the country’s new abusive anti-gay law. The “gay propaganda” law has led many to call for the games to be shifted from Russia since the host country would arrest athletes who are openly gay. In the meantime, a boycott of Russian vodka has picked up steam around the world in protest of the crackdown on gays and lesbians.

Milonov says that he does not know any gays and insisted that Russia is merely “defending children from the propaganda of non-traditional values.” He added that “I’ve spoken to US politicians, and they support my stance.” That might have been Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID) who already maintained a wide stance on such issues.

The greatest moment however came with Milonov explaining that the government has no choice but to arrest athletes since it would be selective prosecution not to. So the crackdown on journalists, protesters, and lawyers is not selective prosecution? It is just uniformly prosecuting critics of Vladimir Putin.

Milonov appeared to stress that being gay is not needed for some sports like figure-skating: “I can say that the best figure-skating in the world is the Soviet school of figure skating . . . All of our people have been brought up in a very traditional way.”

The Russian law is not only discriminatory but absurdly written to cover any act or effort “to spread information about non-traditional sexual behavior” to minors (under 18).” What that means is anyone’s guess but, since these games have many children interacting with athletes, an openly gay athlete would be at obvious risk. The law is part of an unholy alliance between Vladimir Putin and the Russian Orthodox church.

267px-Bundesarchiv_Bild_183-G00630,_Sommerolympiade,_Siegerehrung_WeitsprungThe comments by the way contradict an assurance from the International Olympic Committee that athletes would not be subject to the law. It certainly sets up a perfect repeat of the Berlin games with Jesse Owens and another authoritarian leader. In this case, it will be homophobia rather than racism but the scene has not changed much otherwise.

Source: IB Times

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  1. Russia is not a Pirate Territory. It is an uncivilized fascist dictatorship run by a dick. We are not talking Dick Cheney here or Dick Nixon. So, if you are in Russia and have a choice and not an echo then pull out now like your father should have.

  2. The Russian attitude towards gay athletes is history repeating itself. The US threatened to boycott the 1936 olympics but lost its spine and showed up anyway.

    It wasn’t just the jews as mentioned on the linked site. In the years leading up to the 1936 olympics, gay cabaret clubs had been targeted by the Nazi and shut down. Many were allowed to reopen prior to the olympics, but those who did were rounded up after visitors left and were sent to the death camps.

    And let’s not forget how in 2008 countries not named China threatened their own athletes with punishment for any symbols, signs, clothes or anything else promoting human rights. Unlike the Russians, the Chinese didn’t have to threaten anyone into silence, their debtors did it voluntarily.

  3. The IOC failed miserably by not moving the Olympics elsewhere the day this latest Russian pogrom began. This really is boycott and send messages time. And i had better hear of medal winners displaying support for their second class brothers and sisters.

  4. blouise,kraaken,nick,dred and lottakatz thanks for the laughs.. @ bigfatmike and darren thanks for the common sense that some people seem to forget or maybe they’ve bumped their heads one time to many.

    rofl@ the busybodies. isnt it amazing how people can think how i decide to live my life is their business? who i decide to love is their business!? maybe we in the lgbt community needs to begin yelling about all the abusing being done by married heterosexuals to one another? how about how high the divorce rate is among them is? i can name a number of things that the phobes should be more concerned with. then whom it is i love.

    I’m a out lesbian with 4 kids 3 of them adults and my lifestyle never ever affected my kids. they were raised to respect everyone no matter their lifestyle,color,creed or anything else….
    My kids were taken to the parades and as everyone knows since nyc began the parades we have the raunchiest of them. and yet none of my kids are gay? go figure?
    now my son did recently beat a guy up for trying to bully a gay young man in our area who bothers no one. but with that said my son didnt just beat the guy up for no reason. he witnessed the much bigger guy punch the gay young man in his face for no other reason then being gay. so my son decided to show him how it felt to be bullied. i guarantee that kid wont be trying bully anyone else ever again.

    i wonder how much the busybodies would like it if someone were to discriminate against them for any number of reasons? i mean you do have to realize NO ONE IS PERFECT?? especially since with you being judgemental about how others decide to live their lives.

  5. on one hand we have this stupid stuff and on the other we have this stupid stuff below in another news article.

    im just sick of the gay agenda one way or the other. Its nobodys business what happens between consenting adults. At the same time we do not need it shoved in our faces either.

    the feminazis are beyond annoying and tiresome also. This story is a mix of the two progressive nazi agendas.

    School In Sweden Trying To Get Rid Of Gender Stereotypes

    A school in Sweden is trying to get rid of gender stereotypes by banning the use of pronouns like “him” and “her.” The pre-school, called Egalia, is located in Stockholm. In addition to the avoidance of designations that might betray the gender of the child, Egalia also plans out the kind of toys the kids play with, the books they read, and the different colors they are surrounded with, all with the goal of removing stereotypes.

    Some of the school’s methods include:

    Placing lego’s next to toy kitchens, “to make sure the children draw no mental barriers between cooking and construction”

    Making almost every children’s book center around homosexual couples, single parents or adopted children

    Placing emphasis on tolerance of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people

    Experimenting with “new ideas” like more than one “mother” during roleplay

    Using the word “hen” to refer to a visitor instead of “han” or “hon” (him/her in Swedish). The use of “Hen” is genderless

    1. get real – Did you see how the Toys R Us catalogue is done in Sweden? Boys with dolls and girls holding guns. Is this what we want in America in order to move us closer toward true gender equality? Is this even what gender equality is suppose to mean?

      It seems like they want us to deny the truth of gender diversity that is innate in every person.

  6. Kraaken: “I would be very interested in knowing what this ‘Gay Agenda’ you people constantly talk about actually is. Having been gay all my life and having been ‘out’ for several years, I can tell you I have never seen nor heard such a thing (unlike the Tea party agenda, the Conservative agenda, etc.) Face it David2575. YOU and your ilk are on the wrong side of history.”


    Can no one tell me what this much vaunted “Gay Agenda” is? I have been waiting and waiting for an explanation for years, a point paper or the slides from a PP presentation, but nothing is forthcoming except the sloppy frothing of bigots that seemingly hate the idea of universal civil rights. I fear that I will never learn the particulars of the gay agenda. So tell me this: is there a secret handshake one might reveal to me? I’d settle for the secret handshake. Please.


    1. lottakatz wrote: “Can no one tell me what this much vaunted “Gay Agenda” is? I have been waiting and waiting for an explanation for years…”

      All you have to do is go to and browse around. 🙂

      It is not that hard to find someone to define the Gay Agenda. However, it is a bit like defining the Tea Party Agenda. They clearly have one, and in simple form we might say they want to lower taxes. In the same way, homosexual activists have an agenda, and in simple form it is to cause society to approve of homosexuality. In both cases, however, there is a lot more involved with defining the agenda than just these simple definitions.

      The following link might help you get a handle on how the term is used by Conservative Christians.

      Homosexual Agenda

      Wikipedia has an entry for the Homosexual Agenda, but there are many homosexual activists involved with editing articles like this one, so it is impossible for the article to be objective. It presents a slanted view that is dismissive of the validity of using the term, and implies that using the term is derogatory. It defines it in the most extreme ways to create a negative mindset about the usefulness of the term.

  7. Darren Smith 1:34 pm “Two of the event winners should perform a Gay Pride salute akin to the Black Power salute during the ’68 Olympics.”

    They ALL should, while wearing, I don’t know, a sequined glove or a rainbow scarf. How dare Milonov threaten to disrupt the Olympics with a discriminatory policy, the Olympics is the Olympics, Russia is only a venue. Just f*** the power.

    I find it hypocrisy in the extreme that (Russian) figure skaters are seemingly exempt from scrutiny. I’m sure that exemption extends to Russian ballet dancers, or at least the top tier ones. Milonov seems to be the wanker in chief and like most rabid anti-gay politicians, probably so far in the closet he can see Narnia from his hiding place.

    But then to me, from what I know of it, the Olympics have always been a political tool so I don’t see a problem with a boycott either.

  8. Pete:

    Yep. They ask “why” and you think to yourself “Because I can.”

    Glad you had that experience.

  9. Darren
    it does make you wonder where gay people came from when they just now allowed them to marry.

    back in the 80’s was involved in building a drug pursuit car for a local pd. chevy monte carlo ss 388 with cross ram and two 4’s. had a problem with high speed fuel starving. thought i had the problem solved and was pulled over by a state trooper. he saw the blue strobes and radio’s and i started explaining. he took my licence and went back to his cruiser. came back 5 min, later and threw my licence back to me and told me to slow the hell down.

  10. Pete:

    Yeah my memories of P.E. were basically bombardment (dodgeball to some), baseball, 4 square, kickball, some game involving a parachute and fleece balls, jump rope, and red-rover. Parades were not one of them. But that was in the 1970’s in grade school so maybe things were different then. There was no recruiting drive for gay kids that I remember. Despite this lack of recruiting were at least 4 gay folks in my class of 250 that I knew of later in life. How does this happen????? 🙂

    People are going to be the people they are. And that’s just the way it is.

    I don’t think if someone wanted to recruit me to be gay it would have worked. If someone wanted to recruit me to be a race car driver that certainly would have worked but a race car is a whole different thing than a sexuality that one is not a part of.

    Yeah, give me a 2013 Dodge Charger Pursuit model, emergency lights, and the open road; I will be a happy man. You haven’t lived until you responded code-3 for 21 miles in 9 minutes in a Charger. That is a superior patrol car.

  11. Squeeky:

    I did not see what caused the spam filter to be triggered. It’s a bit sensitive at times. I don’t know what the algorithim of the spam filter is but we occasionally grep through those posts marked as spam and approve them as needed.

  12. Squeeky Fromm:

    There were a couple of your posts I resurrected from the spam filter. They are visible above.

  13. It is analogous to how many parents might not want homosexuals to hold gay parades in the P.E. classes at high schools

    don’t know what high school you went to (or care) but i don’t remember parades of any type in P.E.

  14. bigfm:

    You said: “I think it is non responsive to point to clear criminal behavior where there is no controversy and claim that somehow that reflects on whether consensual adults should be required to adhere to cultural norms.”

    Hmmm. I disagree. This is not a “Is Gay Sex Ok?” thread, which would be a very fun food fight, but instead a, “Lookie What Russia Did!!!” thread. Personally, I admire Putin and the rest of the Russian who put their foot down on the Gay Activism silliness. The country has REAL problems, including a weak birth rate, and alcoholism, and the last thing they need is a bunch of narcissistic drama queens out prissing around trying to further weaken the societal fabric.

    I think Putin is right to be less concerned with whether Poor Misha finds Natasha less enticing than Dimitri, the Ballet dancer, and more concerned with Misha and Natasha hooking up and producing some more little Ruskies. I think maybe Americans, and rest of the West are overly preoccupied with some sort of Cosmically Harmonious Advanced Orgasmic State. Which, based on the length of most Gay relationships, seems to last until the new wears off.

    What Russia needs is more married couples, and babies. Dudes hooking up with other dudes in the city parks? Russia don’t need them at all. Worthless, from a societal view point, and even detrimental in large numbers. So in Russia, yeah, it does matter what you do in your bedroom.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  15. Nick, I think that if your neighbor is correct, it would be enough to turn me straight! (I think I just lost my lunch with that mental picture!). 🙂

  16. “Uh, didn’t you ever hear of Jerry Sandusky??? Or all those Catholic priests???”

    I think it is non responsive to point to clear criminal behavior where there is no controversy and claim that somehow that reflects on whether consensual adults should be required to adhere to cultural norms.

    If you believe that consenting adults of sound mind making their own decisions regarding life style or behavior in their own home “presents unwarranted risks to society” then make the argument.

    If you have any real objections to consenting adults of sound mind making their own choices regarding what they do with each other I would be delighted to give serious consideration to your remarks.

    But lets be clear about this. Conflating the abuse and criminal activity of Jerry Sandusky with decisions made by adults of sound mind regarding with whom they form personal relations is an outrageous slander.

    When you make such a remark you do not enhance your credibility. You present for everyone to see that you have no real arguments.

  17. Go Bloycoytters against Russia for their anti gay abusive laws!

  18. There’s cash in bumper stickers, Dredd. But they need to go viral.

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