Videotaping Police Is Not Always A Crime . . .

We have seen the reaction of police in the United States to being videotaped by citizens in arrests and destruction of equipment. It may therefore be instructive to see how police in other countries respond to such videotaping like this officer in Sweden.

It helps to be a good dancer of course, but a dance number is so much better than a beat down.

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  1. Carol

    It might be the case where you come from and yes it it different everywhere I suppose. But in my view real sheriff’s deputies must have the following attributes:

    1) Their boots must be covered with either mud, dust, snow, or scuffs. No desk jockys here.
    2) They must be able to run Code-3 while eating lunch and handling radio traffic.
    3) They can work a 12 hour night shift, go to court in the day, and return for another 12 hour night shift on three hours sleep.
    4) They don’t drink lattes or frap drinks
    5) They can talk about an unattended death or fatal traffic accident scene over dinner.
    6) They can round up four horses loose on a highway.
    7) They can handle two phone contact calls while transporting a prisoner to jail.
    8) They can work a 500 square mile patrol district with no backup and answer any call they are dispatched to.
    9) They never give up
    10) They will always back-up another officer for any agency.
    11) They will take a bullet for another deputy or LEO.
    12) They will do ANYTHING and risk EVERYTHING to save another officer of civilian from harm.
    13) They take an oath to protect the constitution of the United states and the State whey work in.
    14) They are available 24 -7 to help a rookie they are training and they will be there for any deputy who is in need.
    15) The will be dÅmned if they will let criminals ruin the lives of decent people.

    That is what it takes in my book.

  2. @RWL: if you do not realize what is going on with law enforcement in this country, then your mind is exactly the opposite of inquiring

  3. Now I see why Idealist lived in Sweden. I know it wasn’t for the food.

  4. OS,
    I love the traffic cop video. That is one way to have some fun on the job.

  5. I have read that the Swedes are some of the happiest people in the world – one report lists them in the fourth spot behind Denmark, Finland and Norway. All are countries with high tax rates and extensive citizen supportive government provided programs. Swedes are generally healthier, live longer, are better educated, experience a smaller gender wage gap and lower income inequality levels, make more money, and work fewer hours that other developed countries, including the good ol’ US of A. And, these countries are still counted among the richest and most prosperous countries in the world. Interesting combinations and outcomes, eh?

    And now they can also lay claim to the happiest and coolest policemen around.

  6. Sadly, if the same thing happened in the US, the officer would more than likely be disciplined… Leaving car unattended, unsafe handling of weapon, behavior unbecoming an officer…

  7. Darren, it’s not true Deputy Sheriffs only shave once a week. They shave their heads almost daily.

  8. RWL 1, July 31, 2013 at 1:54 am

    Is it me or has Professor JT been on a rampage against law enforcement and/or police misconduct?

    I was hoping for a jig too.

  9. Twinkle twinkle “Liddo Starr”

    Urr duh very best “Post” what R*!*

  10. Is it me or has Professor JT been on a rampage against law enforcement and/or police misconduct?

    More like the police have been on a rampage, abusing people….and it seems to be getting worse, especially around larger cities.

  11. I’m glad to see on the Swedish video at 0:24 something good for the Swedes. With guys: in the U.S. real sheriff’s deputies shave only once a week. And they drink their coffee black.

  12. Is it me or has Professor JT been on a rampage against law enforcement and/or police misconduct?

    Your majesty, Professor JT, did you recently receive a speedy ticket? Or are you trying to see if the O’Bama Drones are still in operation? Inquiring minds want to know…………

  13. Providence, RI has a traffic cop with a sense of humor and style too.

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