16 thoughts on “Bear Gets Take Away”

  1. Berra was simply sharing observations about the destruction that humankind inflicts on the planet. Let’s have a discussion about this; let’s not shut down dialogue about the impact humans have by insinuating that the trait of empathy towards animals is somehow maladaptive.

  2. This must be in Wisconsin. Governor Walker is hiring bears to bust the refuse collection union. Bears work for peanuts AND they poop in the woods (yes they do!!!) thus saving wear and tear on the municipal sewage system.

  3. Mac, certainly, your thought is logical, but stops short of complete evaluation of the benefit that occurs, or is precluded, by (mere) evolution. For instance, what might be next? 🙂

  4. ‘”Bears are extremely efficient foragers and so intelligent, resourceful, and adaptable,” he (Mitchell) said. “They’ll figure out a good food resource almost instantly and make the best use of it as quickly as they can.”

    Mitchell added that urban bears are not lazier than wild land bears, just more efficient. Since they live in a garbage-can-rich environment, they expend less energy than do bears that have to forage in untamed lands for hours to get the same caloric intake. …

    Urban bears have also become night owls, whereas wild land bears are active during the day.’


    From what I understand (I watch a lo of nature shows) leopards are also able to adapt to changing environments … especially of the human kind.

  5. emw1, Where is that restaurant? With the bars on the window I surmised it was not a rural area, that’s almost always urban. What kind of food? Does the bear like Thai food?

  6. Bears are very interesting creatures. And Mac, that is one of the most interesting comments I’ve ever read here.

  7. I’ve been to this restaurant, and it’s pretty far from where the bears habitat is…he had to make quite the trek to get there, but I understand why he’s there, the food is pretty darn good!

  8. It is an evolutionary dead end the individual member of a species that sees its own species as ‘the worst creature on earth’…..that kind of misanthropic thinking that is en vogue among some really is adaptatively cancerous.

    But the ‘very cute’ statement probably illustrates its roots…..humans evolved an extreme empathy response to protect young children, and over our development we have extended that ‘how cute’ reaction to other animals who share those traits…..it’s an example of how adaptive traits that evolved can be applied in non adaptive ways….and like every other trait that evolved for an evolutionary purpose, we rationalize it as being about ‘morality’.

  9. Very cute.

    It is very unfortunate that those creatures, aka the human beings, take away and intrude upon the habitat of animals and causing their death. These selfish beings, increase their numbers very irresponsibly, taking resources, and polluting the earth. Worst creature for Earth.

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